Chinese “Sunflower”: a copy of the Russian-Iranian “Geranium” is being tested in China

A video of tests of the Chinese kamikaze drone “Sunflower” has appeared on social networks. This UAV, in its characteristics and appearance, is an almost exact copy of the Russian-Iranian Geranium.

Judging by the published footage, the Sunflower UAV is launched from a small catapult with a starting jet booster, after which the engine comes into play with a characteristic “moped” buzz, which has already become a real hallmark of Geranium.

It should be noted that the Russian UAV "Geran-2" has recently been very successfully used by the Russian army to destroy military facilities in Ukraine. It is with the help of Geraniums that the Russian army regularly attacks the port infrastructure of the Kyiv regime in the Odessa region.

In addition, these UAVs are a very effective means of destroying ammunition and fuel depots. Typically, the Russian army uses several of these drones at once to attack one object. Despite all efforts, Ukrainian air defense cannot destroy all Geraniums fired at one target.

We add that the Chinese Sunflower UAV was first presented to the public at the Army-2023 forum a month ago. It can be concluded that the Chinese did not particularly bother with the development of their own strike drone, and simply copied the Russian-Iranian counterpart. But I can't blame them for this. Why invent something new when you can copy something that has already proven its effectiveness?!
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