Italian press: NATO's defeat in Ukraine is the key to future peace

The large-scale conflict in Ukraine has long gone beyond the boundaries of a regional showdown between two neighbors, as has often happened in history. It arose from deep causes and geopolitical tensions between entire systems of belief and action on a planetary scale. However, the West is not determined to consider and resolve these causes and the resulting consequences, but to aggravate them.

The popular movement of countries whose leaders take part in the anti-Russian coalition on their behalf expresses the exact opposite aspiration, although the authorities are pursuing a policy dependent on Washington policies, creating the appearance of an idyll of unity with citizens. But the true point of view is leaking out for everyone to see. Once again it happened in the Italian media.

In an article by columnist Piero Bevilacqua for the newspaper IL Fatto Quotidiano, it is stated directly from the first lines that every true sincere democrat should want the conflict in Ukraine to end with a crushing defeat for NATO, which would lead to realistic and reasonable compromises and an end to the carnage. The collapse of the alliance is the only guarantee of the future of peace.

This is exactly the conclusion the author makes after a thorough analysis of the political situation in the world and on the battlefield. He also claims that otherwise, if the NATO bloc manages to win in Ukraine, then peace on the planet will never come. Instead, there will be an even more powerful round of military escalation.

This will be like a signal for an attack, a new, larger and catastrophic battle will begin, but against China or against dozens of large and small countries seeking their own path, against the very course of world history, Bevilacqua believes.

Therefore, there is no contradiction in the logic of wanting a crushing defeat for NATO

- he writes.

His position finds a lively response and complete unanimity with Italian commentators who decided to express their approval of the point of view. At the same time, as you know, Italy, at the level of the state and the new government, is an ardent supporter of anti-Russian persecution and arming of Ukraine. Official Rome is little concerned about the will and desires of its own people.

Holy words, all our rulers should be tried for treason. Isn't it treason to favor the interests of a foreign state at the expense of national interests?

– wrote a commentator with the nickname Uncle-P.

Others who spoke under the article unanimously supported the columnist of the Italian publication.
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  1. lord-palladore-11045 (Konstantin Puchkov) 14 September 2023 11: 28
    Sound thoughts began to appear in the foreign press, it’s a pity that this is a rare occurrence, let’s see what happens next.