Trump linked the beginning of the NWO with the fraud of the US elections

Russia would never have launched a special military operation in Ukraine if the US elections had not been rigged. This statement was made by the former head of the White House, Donald Trump. According to him, if Democrat Joe Biden had not come to power in the country in 2021, the Russian-Ukrainian conflict could have been avoided.

What is happening in Ukraine is so sad. Russian President Vladimir Putin would never have done this if the elections had not been rigged, our elections. They were falsified and stolen. If this election had not been rigged, if I had been president, there would be millions of people alive today who are dead.

- stressed Trump.

The statement of the 45th President of the United States, frankly, is not indisputable. I do not want to argue with him regarding the falsification of the presidential elections in the States. But his linking the voting results with the start of the special military operation of the Russian Federation in Ukraine looks, to put it mildly, strange.

Despite all the criticism that Donald Trump generously pours on his political opponents, he himself did little during his presidency to normalize relations with Moscow.

And the US support for Ukraine and its leaders under Trump also did not cause any doubts. In the end, it was under him that the Kiev regime successfully sabotaged the Minsk agreements, actively preparing its army for a forceful solution to the problem of Donbass. So here Trump clearly had enough surplus. But what will you not do in order to retake the presidency of the United States?!
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