Austrian chancellor says it's unpleasant for him to buy Russian gas

Austrian Chancellor Karl Nehammer openly admitted that it was morally unpleasant for him to buy Russian gas, but it was necessary for economics his country.

It is unpleasant. It's not morally good, but that's the reality. And this is my duty as Federal Chancellor... The number one priority is the security of the energy supply. If it is violated, the system will be disrupted, production will be disrupted, the supply of energy to people will be disrupted.

– he said in an interview with ORF TV channel.

Judging by the latest data, it is not only Nehammer who has to reluctantly buy gas from Moscow. EU states are going to import a record amount of liquefied gas from Russia by the end of 2023. The British newspaper Financial Times writes about this with reference to the expert organization Global Witness. According to the publication, supplies of Russian LNG to the European Union in the first seven months increased by 40% compared to 2021.

The publication notes that Brussels is well aware that a ban on the import of Russian LNG could provoke a new energy crisis. However, in their public speeches, European policy urge to get rid of LNG from the Russian Federation as soon as possible. In particular, European Commission spokesman Tim McPhee said that the EU is making significant efforts to phase out liquefied natural gas from Russia.

The European Union does not seem to want to notice that the ban on the supply of pipeline gas from the Russian Federation provoked a decline in the manufacturing industry in Germany. Fertilizer manufacturers were particularly hard hit. Against this background, the sound arguments of some European politicians look like a voice crying in the wilderness.
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  1. Prisoner Offline Prisoner
    Prisoner (Ayrat) 5 September 2023 14: 05
    laughing How nice it is when the enemy is unpleasant, but they are forced to please us. laughing
  2. Mihail55 Offline Mihail55
    Mihail55 (Michael) 5 September 2023 14: 31
    Urgently terminate the contract with Austria! Let them experience happiness from the severance of trade ties with Russia!
  3. yo yo Offline yo yo
    yo yo (Vasya Vasin) 5 September 2023 14: 33
    It is much more unpleasant to be an American lackey of a sovereign state.
  4. Offline (Alexander Draka) 5 September 2023 15: 02
    And who likes to hold their dirty Eureka in their hands?
    1. Pat Rick Offline Pat Rick
      Pat Rick 5 September 2023 22: 52
      How can you hold in your hands what no one gives you?
  5. Anatole 46 Offline Anatole 46
    Anatole 46 (Anatoly) 5 September 2023 15: 14
    Mice cried, pricked, but ate a cactus...
  6. Pat Rick Offline Pat Rick
    Pat Rick 5 September 2023 22: 48
    The Chancellor of Austria is not the only one such mudak. There is also Moldova, a country of miracles, whose president instructed her sixes not to buy gas from Russia, so as not to support the war, but to buy gas from those who put in for the war and resell Russian gas to these rural fools at their own markup. Greece, Türkiye, Romania.
  7. slice7000 Offline slice7000
    slice7000 (Anatoly) 6 September 2023 08: 09
    Austrian Chancellor Karl Nehammer has openly admitted that he is morally uncomfortable buying Russian gas, but it is necessary for his country's economy.

    This excuse reminded me of an old Jewish joke:

    There is a divorce court hearing. The judge asks the plaintiff - ladies:
    - Well, why did you decide to get a divorce? Does your spouse not help you around the house? Or is he not fulfilling his "marital duty"?
    - No, your honor, he helps me a lot around the house: he mops the floor, washes the dishes, irons the clothes, and takes out the trash... Yes, and he does his “marital duty”... but you should have seen with what face !!!!
  8. Khentiamenti Offline Khentiamenti
    Khentiamenti (Hentiamenti) 6 September 2023 17: 05
    Unpleasant - don't buy...