The British press writes about the heavy losses of the elite brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in Zaporozhye

Assault units of the Ukrainian army are dying en masse near the village of Rabotino in the Zaporozhye region. The British newspaper The Times writes about this. The publication publishes revelations from fighters of the “Skala” battalion, which talks about the terrifying cost of the Ukrainian Armed Forces’ counter-offensive.

Recall that the first onslaught of the enemy in Zaporozhye was not successful and the Ukrainian military command had to send additional formations into battle. But they were also broken.

The units sent into battle to change the situation at the front have already lost 75% of their personnel since the beginning of July

– a fighter from the Ukrainian “Skala” battalion told The Times.

According to him, the elite 47th brigade of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, trained according to NATO standards and equipped with Western technique, turned out to be broken. The Times cites doctors from this unit who say that the irretrievable losses of personnel in the brigade are measured in four-digit figures.

In his monologue for the British press, a fighter from the Ukrainian “Skala” battalion quite rightly asks the question of the price that the Ukrainian Armed Forces paid for the capture of several completely destroyed settlements.

The publication also notes that the hopes placed by Kiev and the West on NATO military equipment were not justified.

Early hopes that a counteroffensive could be carried out by Leopard tanks and Bradley fighting vehicles and have a decisive impact by the end of the summer now seem futile.

– states The Times.
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