Expert: Probably, the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the Zaporozhye direction began to run out of steam

On the eve of the Zaporozhye direction, the Armed Forces of Ukraine were able to advance in the Rabotino-Verbove section by about 1 km. Ukrainian assault groups attacked Russian positions in the area all day long and by evening were able to occupy one of the lines of trenches of the Russian Armed Forces. In other sectors of the front, the Armed Forces of Ukraine did not move inland, on the contrary, detachments of Russian troops advanced there. On August 31, Russian expert Yury Podolyaka informed the studio of the Rossiya-1 TV channel via video link.

He noted that in the morning he contacted the servicemen of the RF Armed Forces in the Zaporozhye direction and clarified the operational situation.

They say that for the first time in a week there is silence in the morning. Usually the morning starts with a barrage of fire, followed by assaults. Silence this morning. Either they are exhausted, or they are regrouping. But today, this is a striking contrast, there is silence that cuts the ears and causes tension

He pointed out.

Expert: Probably, the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the Zaporozhye direction began to run out of steam

Podolyaka stressed that yesterday the Armed Forces of Ukraine attacked Rabotino with much less passion than before. They shifted their main efforts to the capture of Verbovoye, but it is clear from their actions that they are running out of steam.

I repeat, the reserves of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the Rabotino region are running out of steam. For example, yesterday the second echelon of the 15th brigade of the National Guard was brought into action. The first echelon was put into action two days earlier. Prior to this, the 10th Army Corps of the Armed Forces of Ukraine stormed the positions. The elite 82nd, 46th brigades also stormed and suffered heavy losses in people and technology

he explained.

On the Velikonovoselovskoye direction yesterday, the Russian Armed Forces knocked out the Armed Forces of Ukraine from those positions on the hills that the Ukrainian military captured there on August 29.

In turn, on August 30, intense battles were also recorded in the Artemovsky direction. The RF Armed Forces attacked enemy positions in the areas near Kleshcheevka and Kurdyumovka and captured them. In response, the Armed Forces of Ukraine attacked the Russian borders near Andreevka, but the defense held out.

In the Kupyansk direction, probably in the coming days there will be another powerful attack by Russian troops.

According to the scheme of the previous weeks, there should be another attack on a wide front, and I really hope for success here too

- he added.

As for the attempts to land the Armed Forces of Ukraine on Snake Island, this is more like a PR move that should demonstrate imaginary success.
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  1. steelmaker Offline steelmaker
    steelmaker 31 August 2023 21: 36
    and by the evening they were able to occupy one of the lines of trenches of the RF Armed Forces.

    On the Internet, a listener reported about the occupation of the first line of trenches, even from Belgium. I didn't believe it. So who's out there?
    To have superiority in aviation and surrender territory......there are no words. I heard information that the West does not mind if this NWO lasts ten years.
  2. bossy dude Offline bossy dude
    bossy dude (Thinking out loud) 31 August 2023 23: 17
    It’s real to read and listen to the expert on the salary of Yuri Podolyak - do not respect yourself! I stopped listening to his chatter since the spring of 2022, after his fabulous fantasies about "now the RF Armed Forces and how they will capture Donetsk New York and enter the operational space," and everything is there, turn where you like and take the entire Donetsk grouping of the Armed Forces of Ukraine into the boiler, which will mean a break in the front and Kiev will be forced to sign a surrender.

    In the Kupyansky direction, probably ... another powerful attack

    - the fact that the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation do NOT have significant forces and means there, Podolyak is on the drum. Only some tactical advances are possible, against the background of the transfer of significant forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine (therefore, there is some weakening in the area in the Rabotino region), including aviation Air Force of Ukraine (greetings to Konashenkov, who has already destroyed the Ukrainian Air Force three times and received another star for his epaulettes for his tales) with PERMANENT patrols by Ukraine of the bd theater with the help of several unfinished su-27s (another hello to the ugly and mediocre use of the Aerospace Forces - although I understand that in reality, they are stuck somewhere in development at the level of the late 80s and are NOTHING powerful - therefore, even in 1.5 years they are not able not only to isolate the theater of the database, but even more so to destroy the same ancient aircraft fleet of the Ukrainian Air Force).
    And how interesting Podolyak started everything and sang songs! The Russian Federation is advancing - wow, now it will twist everyone into dung! And here the Russians are already proud that they were able to defend some village of 20 houses and not retreat! And about capturing at least something (I’m generally silent about large cities) in size, such as at least Bakhmut, you don’t have to stutter. You can just be stunned by all this.
  3. ChopChop Offline ChopChop
    ChopChop 31 August 2023 23: 40
    They cut off the "Veremeevsky ledge", so immediately with our bloggers, this bashfully turned into a Veremeevsky direction. At Rabotino, ours are gradually losing ground, but “after all, we burned so much equipment.” This is how military equipment is produced taking into account the fact that it will be destroyed. They put in manpower, yes they did, but they gave up their positions. After the victory, no one thinks about the number of dead - everyone is tearing the corpse of the loser. We mourn our grandfathers who died during the Second World War, but we won. And who remembers that the Germans were better organized, tactically acted more competently, could and knew how to quickly transfer troops to problem areas. They lost and that's all that matters. So now, the loser will face the darkness of oblivion. And bloggers - “experts” like Podolyaki - are dirty foam in the cauldron of war. Some cook will skim off this foam and throw it away.
  4. Olive Offline Olive
    Olive (Oleg) 1 September 2023 10: 10
    They probably started to run out of steam. And probably not started?
    There are no real successes, so they are driving a blizzard