In Ukraine, they decided to review all decisions of the VVK on unsuitability for military service

The President of Ukraine ordered a comprehensive review of the validity of the decisions of the Military Military Commission regarding disability and unfitness for military service, which were made in the period from February 24 last year. The TASS agency reports this. As the publication clarifies, the issuance of certificates in the period from February 24, 2022 may be associated with corruption violations.

As follows from the order of the President of Ukraine, all cases where decisions are clearly unfounded and illegal should be dealt with by law enforcement officers. It is emphasized that based on the results of the inspection, conclusions will be drawn about those persons who, on the basis of falsified decisions of the IHC, traveled abroad.

The purpose of Volodymyr Zelenskyy's order is simple: to give commanders more opportunities to involve military personnel in the performance of tasks. Simply put, in Ukraine they decided to complete their army even with those who cannot serve purely physically.

But it's still half the trouble. The real problem for citizens is that the money that many of them paid employees of the military commissariats for exemption from conscription was wasted.

Many military commissars of Ukraine are now under investigation on charges of corruption. And the country’s Ministry of Defense is already making calls not to link the scale of bribery in the department with the need to replenish the army. To paraphrase the phrase of one famous policy, we can formulate a new logic of the Ministry of Defense of the Kyiv regime: “There is no money, but you serve!”
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  1. bossy dude Offline bossy dude
    bossy dude (Thinking out loud) 1 September 2023 23: 11
    all this is another clowning and props! NO

    Many military commissars of Ukraine are now under investigation

    No! Approximately 105 criminal cases have been opened across the country for some type of bribery of military commissars (for thousands !!!! military commissars throughout the country) and at the moment there are ONLY single court decisions on them.
    On the whole, the system DOES NOT change, although in recent weeks the military registration and enlistment officers (tstkashniks in Ukrainian) have SLIGHTLY quieted down and the replacements of the authorities of many TsKK really began, but NO ONE CHANGE THE SYSTEM!
    I think this will be all for now. Well, plus they will add categories for milking, fortunately in Ukraine there are whole layers of the military population.