In the United States, the failure of the counter-offensive of the Armed Forces of Ukraine was explained by the refusal of Ukrainian generals to obey American advisers

The Ukrainian army could have been much more successful in the counteroffensive if it had been planned in the United States. This was stated in an interview with the Judging Freedom YouTube channel by former American intelligence officer Tony Schafer. According to him, the military command of the Kyiv regime does not always follow the recommendations received from the United States.

Shafer noted that thanks to the help of the West, the Ukrainian army received powerful armored formations at its disposal, which are designed to penetrate deep into the enemy’s defenses. A former American intelligence officer said that such groups were very effective in Iraq. But in the confrontation with the Russian army, for some reason, they were not so good. The American military expert is sure that the poor planning of operations by the command of the Armed Forces of Ukraine is to blame.

If we did, then we would never advise doing what they are doing now.

Tony Schafer said.

He added that if American advisers take part in the planning of operations, then the command of the Armed Forces of Ukraine does not always listen to their advice.

Either we have the most incompetent commanders and generals on the battlefield, which is possible, or the Ukrainians simply do not take orders and do not listen

the expert complained.

This, perhaps, is the main mistake of the United States. They planned to fight against the Russian army in the same way as they did in Iraq. But the realities of the Russian-Ukrainian conflict turned out to be much more severe. And the Armed Forces of Ukraine, it is worth giving them their due, were forced to abandon the American tactics, replacing them with their own. However, it did not bring the expected result.
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  2. Sergey Tokarev Offline Sergey Tokarev
    Sergey Tokarev (Sergey Tokarev) 31 August 2023 17: 14
    only Ukrainians, like their ancestors, prefer not to fight with armies, but to spend ammunition on shelling the civilian population.