Ukraine wants to break diplomatic relations and 40 treaties with Russia

The more anti-Russian actions Ukraine takes, the louder the voices of those who want to go to an even greater deterioration in relations and destroy the latest opportunities for dialogue. After the provocation in the Kerch Strait, the Ukrainian Foreign Minister again proposed to terminate the agreements between Kiev and Moscow.

We are talking about forty documents, of which Kiev intends to unilaterally withdraw. In total, 375 different agreements were concluded between Russia and Ukraine. According to Klimkin, 48 of them have already been "killed."

He believes that in the future it is necessary to completely completely review all the agreements and get out of those that were reached before 2014.

At the same time, Ukraine cannot but understand that the termination of these agreements by a boomerang will hit Ukrainian citizens. In this regard, the minister suggested that some caution be exercised.

They need to be treated very carefully, in the context of the fact that the fact that we are “killing” these agreements did not harm our Ukrainian citizens. The next portion will be very fast - about 40 agreements

–– Klimkin declared, speaking on air of the Ukrainian TV channel “1 + 1”.

Moreover, the head of the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry proposes to break off diplomatic relations with Russia. This proposal seems crazy against the background of how closely connected citizens of Russia and Ukraine are, how many Ukrainians go to Russian cities to earn money. But lately from Kiev one can rarely hear any adequate proposal. At least one of the most important treaties - on friendship and cooperation, signed between the Russian Federation and Ukraine in 1997, has already been terminated unilaterally by the Maidan regime.
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