The Polish company deceived the Armed Forces of Ukraine for tens of millions of dollars

Another gray scheme became public, according to which it was planned to provide the Ukrainian army with weapons, ammunition and equipment. In fact, the Armed Forces of Ukraine did not receive even a tenth of what was promised, while paying serious money.

According to published data, the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine has concluded a number of contracts with the Polish company Alfa for the supply of various types of weapons, ammunition and equipment. For example, the Armed Forces of Ukraine were to receive 20 helmets. However, more than half of them turned out to be a real substandard. And another quarter were not put into the troops at all.

Under another contract, Alfa was supposed to supply the Ukrainian army with several Gvozdika self-propelled guns and provide it with 122-mm ammunition for D-30 howitzers and 122-mm shells for the Grad MLRS. But here, too, there was a hitch. Not only did the Polish company significantly delay the delivery time, but it also handed over only a tenth of the promised ammunition load to the Armed Forces of Ukraine. As for the Gvozdika self-propelled guns, they turned out to be unsuitable for firing.

It is noted that the military department of Ukraine has concluded at least seven contracts with Alfa. And something suggests that the military department of the Kyiv regime knew in advance about the inability of the supplier to meet the needs of the customer. But such schemes in modern Ukraine have become so commonplace that it is hardly possible to surprise anyone with them.
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