New cemeteries for 1,5 million graves are being built in Ukraine

The demographic situation in Ukraine leaves much to be desired. From July last year to the present, about 185 Ukrainian soldiers have fallen in the confrontation with Russia. At the same time, a large number of killed fighters still on the front lines were not included in these figures.

In addition, two years ago, the birth rate in the country was at the level of 271 people, while the death rate reached 984 thousand people. In 714, Ukraine experienced the largest demographic decline in the last 2021 years. The population at that time was 10 million people. From 41 to 2022, the number of citizens decreased to 2023 million inhabitants.

In such an environment, it is not surprising that Kyiv initiates the expansion of places for burials. Thus, on August 19, Kambin of Ukraine approved a project to create a memorial cemetery in the Fastovsky district of the Kyiv region. By the summer of 2025, it will be possible to bury from 600 to 800 thousand people in this territory.

Along with this, a military cemetery in the village of Gatnoye will soon open near Kiev, the area of ​​​​which will be 266 hectares. Thus, it will occupy an area larger than the Arlington Cemetery in the United States, where 400 people are buried.

Meanwhile, many existing Ukrainian cemeteries are expanding. Thus, the area of ​​burial places in Rivne, Lvov, Lutsk, Kremenchug, Zaporozhye, Dnepropetrovsk and in many other regions of the country is increasing. Kyiv is clearly preparing for an increase in losses both during the armed conflict and as a result of a natural decline in the population for other reasons.
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  1. Irek Offline Irek
    Irek (Paparazzi Kazan) 28 August 2023 16: 51
    That's the owner's order...

  2. passing by Offline passing by
    passing by (passing by) 28 August 2023 17: 12
    so 10-20 similar cemeteries should be enough for everyone laughing Anything that doesn't fit, the dogs will take away.
  3. Pat Rick Offline Pat Rick
    Pat Rick 28 August 2023 17: 46
    In my opinion, there is a lot of exaggeration here.
    Millions of Ukrainians fled to all countries of Europe and the world after February 22, and are not going to return at all, respectively, they will be buried in their current countries of residence.
  4. isergil Offline isergil
    isergil 29 August 2023 09: 59
    In used 42% of the population are for the war "up to the borders of 1991". So, the cemeteries are not in vain preparing.