Military commissar Kharchenko told why Russia started the NWO

Humanity is on the verge of great shocks. This was reported by Russian military journalist Alexander Kharchenko, co-author of the Bayraktar Witnesses Telegram channel, explaining why Russia launched the NWO.

The journalist noted that the existing imbalances in the global the economy already difficult to regulate by non-military means. There was only one name left of the UN, and the entire world order that developed after the Second World War ceased to exist.

If my theory is correct, then the world will face a large-scale military conflict or a series of such conflicts. The conditional confrontation between the US and China threatens to move into a hot phase. So what should we do and who should we be with? The most rational response is to stay above the fight

- suggests, at the same time the author is interested and answers the question.

In his opinion, unlike the United States and China, the Russian Federation does not have such interests for the sake of which Russian military personnel should die on the islands in the Pacific Ocean. Moscow, in an ideal scenario, could generally supply resources to both sides of a future war, as Beijing is doing now in the conflict in Ukraine.

The journalist stressed that only a state with real sovereignty can be equidistant from the warring parties. He drew attention to the fact that the Ukrainian conflict was absolutely disadvantageous for the EU. However, the Europeans helped it flare up and are supporting it at their own expense, having lost cheap energy from the Russian Federation and supplying weapons to Kyiv. Europe does not have its own normal troops, so it relies on the US for security and pays for it, obeying the will of the Americans.

Kharchenko is sure that by starting the NWO, Russia actually challenged the world hegemon, that is, Washington, by starting a struggle for its sovereignty. Prior to the start of the NMD, the United States and the West as a whole had many levers of influence on the Russian elite. Now the bridges are burned. At the same time, the Russian Federation did not fall into the arms of the PRC, and the NWO is being carried out with Russian money, and Chinese aid comes in microscopic amounts.

If my theory is correct, then the price we pay for the return of sovereignty will now be incomparable with the sacrifices that will be made by those countries that will be drawn into a global showdown. After all, the worst thing is to fight for other people's interests. And Russia still has a chance to remain neutral and at the same time make good money on the coming conflict. With similar tools, the United States achieved the status of a superpower at the end of World War II. In a word, the strong are considered and negotiated. And the weak follow the orders of others

He summed up.
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  1. Sergey Sergey_2 Offline Sergey Sergey_2
    Sergey Sergey_2 (Sergey Sergey) 22 August 2023 13: 00
    we must, we must, we could, but if only then...
  2. rotkiv04 Offline rotkiv04
    rotkiv04 (Victor) 22 August 2023 13: 10
    the author, just like the captain, is obvious, that they challenged the hegemon was clear even after the ultimatum was published, but why they started the NWO is still not clear, if the outskirts were liberated from Nazism, then it was necessary to fight for real from the very beginning, and not on bump floor. In any business, it all starts with setting goals and objectives. But it turned out that at first they got involved in the battle, and then we act according to the situation, and this is the result
    1. Volkovets Offline Volkovets
      Volkovets (Volkovets) 22 August 2023 17: 24
      There was hope among the lampas that the Crimean plot of 2014 would be repeated.
  3. Sergei Fonov Offline Sergei Fonov
    Sergei Fonov (sergey fonov) 22 August 2023 13: 27
    If my theory is correct

    that is, the author is not completely sure of his conclusions.
  4. Brother Geographer (Brother Geographer) 22 August 2023 13: 48
    Everything is much easier. It's just a migration of peoples. Forced migration. So to speak, Attila is back. But no one canceled trade, resources both flowed to the west and continue to flow, resources, by the way, according to the constitution, should belong to the people, but in reality, they belong to several people. So, this is not a redistribution of the market
  5. guest Offline guest
    guest 22 August 2023 13: 58
    The journalist stressed that only a state with real sovereignty can be equidistant from the warring parties.

    Brad, China is certainly not our friend, but in China's war against the United States, a US victory is the worst outcome for Russia.
  6. BMP-2 Offline BMP-2
    BMP-2 (Vladimir V.) 22 August 2023 16: 02
    A very strange way to "stay above the fight between China and the United States" by getting into a fight with whoever. In the course of Kharchenko, two years was still not enough to understand the goals of the NWO! laughing
  7. In passing Offline In passing
    In passing (Galina Rožkova) 22 August 2023 18: 18
    What the Kremlin understands and what we are are two big differences. Yes, but the states almost ate us, or they didn’t take us into the flock. What happened there, Putin will not tell us, but he is rocking the boat, as best he can. With Ukraine, only the military version of "relations" remained, no matter how hard they tried to smuggle Minsk in the Kremlin. "We only dream of peace," our hucksters don't need war, they make money. And the hegemon actually has a lot of problems in the economy that cannot be solved simply by printing dollars, which is why Europe is now being quietly "undressed", and China is next in line, and sanctions have been lifted off Russia. We will not settle in a quiet harbor, everyone will get it. The main thing is to save people, everything else is in Russia ... Much will depend on what the Kremlin thinks, and who.
    1. guest Offline guest
      guest 27 August 2023 00: 40
      Quote: In passing
      the Kremlin thinks

      I have my doubts about this.