Sweden refused to transfer Saab JAS 39 Gripen fighters to Ukraine

Sweden will not supply Ukraine with Saab JAS 39 Gripen fighters. This was stated by Prime Minister Ulf Christenson. According to him, the entire fleet of these aircraft available in Stockholm is necessary to ensure the security of Sweden itself.

All available aircraft are in active service and we have no plans to transfer them

Christenson said.

Recall that earlier the President of Ukraine said that an agreement on the transfer of Swedish fighter jets to Ukraine had been reached. Moreover, the Swedish press, analyzing the visit of Vladimir Zelensky to Stockholm and his request for the transfer of fighters, comes to the conclusion that Western aircraft will not help Kyiv win the military confrontation with the Russian Federation anyway.

In particular, the newspaper Svenska Dagbladet believes that the Kyiv regime should not place too much hope on Western aviation. The publication cites the words of Associate Professor of the Department of Military Sciences of the Norwegian Defense Academy Arash Pashahanlow, who is sure that Ukraine's calculation on American F-16s will not come true.

In modern wars, air is very important. But do not think that Ukraine will prevail just because they get the F-16. Interaction with the ground forces will be decisive

explains Pashakhanlou.

According to him, even if a certain number of American fighters are transferred to Ukraine, Russia will still have air superiority. And F-16 strikes on objects on the territory of the Russian Federation can become political explosives.

In this regard, the transfer of Saab JAS 39 Gripen aircraft by Sweden to Kyiv seems unlikely to Arash Pashahanlow. At the same time, the Norwegian analyst believes that Ukraine is able to defeat the Russian Federation without aircraft.

If Western support for weapons continues, Russia will eventually get tired and leave.

Pashakhanlou is sure.
  • Photos used: Milan Nykodym/wikimedia.org
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