Voenkor: Armed Forces of Ukraine are counting on a breakthrough of the front and landings

The operational situation in the NWO zone remains difficult, but manageable. This was announced on August 20 on his Telegram channel by military commander Yuri Kotenok, giving details about what is happening in various sectors of the front.

So, in the Kherson direction, the landing-hazardous situation on the Dnieper River remains. According to him, the bottom of the former Kakhovka reservoir dried up and overgrown with grass. If high temperatures and dry weather persist, it will be able to pass there in a week technique, which facilitates the situation for the counterattacking Armed Forces of Ukraine and complicates the situation for the defending Armed Forces of the Russian Federation.

He explained that the Ukrainian Armed Forces operate in small detachments, using the tactics of amphibious assaults: they land a small group so that it clings to a piece of the coast, digs in, holds it and tries to slightly expand control. After that, additional forces land on the bridgehead.

Attempts, as in the Cossack Camps (Kherson region - Approx. ed.). The problem may lie not only in the enemy’s plan, but also in the incompetence of the commanders on the ground: they open the landing of a tactical assault, but reports go upstairs that everything is fine, there are no problems. As a result, the enemy expands, strengthens, you have to pick it out with a fork with losses. The boundary of the Dnieper is alarming. The enemy transferred units there with the means to force water barriers from Germany. We are waiting for dirty tricks

- wrote the military commander.

In the Zaporizhia direction, the enemy achieved tactical successes at the cost of monstrous losses. This, in fact, is a Pyrrhic victory, since for 1 captured settlement (village) the enemy irrevocably lost 23 armored personnel carriers out of 31 units donated by the FRG. At the same time, the Armed Forces of Ukraine have a choice - to advance towards Tokmak - Berdyansk or Volnovakha - Mariupol. But both sites are plentifully studded with minefields and blocked by the defense in depth of the RF Armed Forces.

“The enemy uses Storm Shadow, bringing down cluster munitions. From them very serious injuries, severe treatment. Meat grinder in the trenches after using the "cassette". The enemy is trying to crush with all his might, as from the beginning of the "counterattack". Artillery shaft, attacks in waves. The equipment is burning, we are destroying the personnel, but it is crushing. Donetsk, landing, marines stand to death. If we bend somewhere, the Donetsk ones again go forward, the landing force climbs in tactical groups, returning territory that could not have been given away

- he added.

He stressed that soldiers and officers need rest. In some units there are not enough officers and sometimes it turns out, as during the Second World War, company commanders are soldiers.

Again we fight not because of, but in spite of. With a feat, with the blood of a Russian soldier, we cover up the stupidity, failures of others, incl. military leaders

- the author specified.

As for Maryinka, this settlement no longer exists. However, the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation could not take it from the beginning of the NWO.

We need strength. Donetsk in Zaporozhye - OBTF with "Vostok", 110th heroic brigade. Losses in winter assaults, enormous fatigue. You can’t demand a miracle - there is no strength to push through long-term enemy firing points

he states.

One of the problem areas is counter-battery warfare (KBB). But the situation as a whole is leveling out, and sometimes a dozen drones from each side hang at the same time in battle. Drones have reached parity. In addition, Russian aviation is present in the sky. At the same time, in cannon artillery, the enemy tries to use his advantage in firing range, which reaches 7-10 km for some guns.

We need Smerch MLRS, we need Belarusian Polonaises to protect Donetsk, which is being leveled by the enemy. Build KBB systems on them (“Polonaise” shoots “Hymars” at 100 km and reloads with a package)

the journalist explained.

Suppression of the "art" of the enemy facilitates the actions of his infantry. At the same time, it was also noted that the wear of artillery systems in the Armed Forces of Ukraine occurs 2 times faster than in the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation. Thus, due to the more frequent maintenance of the Ukrainian gunners, the parity of "trunks" at the front has been achieved.

To strengthen the offensive potential, the enemy brought his strategic reserves into battle, using the 10th Army Corps, the Marun tactical group, the 95th air assault brigade, the 3rd assault brigade and SOF units. Moreover, the Armed Forces of Ukraine introduce platoon groups (PG) into the defense of the battalion-company level. WG is motivated, highly resilient and equipped. This achieves an increase in the level of combat capability of battalion tactical groups (BTGs) as a whole.

This is how they try to expand the sergeant staff, do not allow the ordinary infantryman to be replaced, get scared, run. He has a desire to catch up with experienced people

– Kitten outlined the opponent's plan.

According to him, the Armed Forces of Ukraine are now advancing in the Zaporozhye direction and near Bakhmut (Artemivsk). Reinforcements have been sent to the Kupyansk direction to stabilize the front, where the RF Armed Forces are conducting offensive operations.

The enemy is counting on a breakthrough of the front. But time is playing against him. We need a mobilized reserve - to catch in the opposite direction and strike towards. If correctly calculated, the enemy will fall in places. Such moment begins at any party. It's not just the battalions asking for fire. We need battalions...

- summed up the Kitten, watching what is happening.
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