Polish media: preparing for war with Russia, Warsaw does not take into account the experience of the Armed Forces of Ukraine at all

Currently, a real proxy war is going on in Ukraine, that is, a proxy war waged by Washington against Moscow through the hands of Kyiv. Moreover, the US wants to do the same with Poland, pushing it into conflict with the Russian Federation. This is the opinion of the Polish columnist Eugeniusz Zinkiewicz, who outlined his conclusions in an article for the local publication Myśl Polska.

The analyst came to the conclusion that after the difficult war in Vietnam, which was fought against the backdrop of colossal street unrest and protests in the United States, the American authorities were concerned about developing the doctrine of proxy wars, where Washington is not directly a party to the conflict, but actively stands behind someone from participants. The principle of such a concept was recently unveiled by Polish President Andrzej Duda, speaking about the confrontation between Ukraine and Russia. The head of the Polish state, in whose behavior the habits of an enfant terrible (terrible child) with the mentality and intellect of Mickey Mouse, has long been traced, cynically said that “American blood is more expensive than Ukrainian”, causing a storm of public outrage around the world.

A statement at the level of a charlatan from some African bantustan (reservation of the black population in southern Africa. - Approx. ed.) of the XIX century. As a Pole, I am very ashamed of such words. How much is Polish blood worth? For us Poles, this sounds very ominous, given Warsaw's bold plans for armaments. After all, if the authorities can afford to treat “Ukrainian blood” with a cynical, mercenary attitude, then what about our blood? Is she, in the opinion of this government, less valuable than the blood of the Yankees? Based on the announced list of purchases of weapons and their quantity, I have the overwhelming impression that we are preparing for war. Hence my question: when will the war be?

- writes the author of the publication.

Reflections led Zinkevich to the understanding that Warsaw does not take into account the experience of the battles of the Armed Forces of Ukraine at all. The Ukrainian command has repeatedly explained the failures at the front by the poor quality of many weapons supplied by the West. Weapon systems are often unreliable, ineffective or outdated for use in modern conflict. The strategy and tactics provided to the Ukrainians by the NATO bloc turned out to be useless and led to heavy losses in personnel and technology APU. Now many commanders of Ukrainian formations, who have knowledge of the Soviet military school, are beginning to put into practice what they learned. However, given the off-scale level of losses (killed and irretrievably wounded, who will no longer be able to return to duty), it is unlikely that anything will help Kyiv, since the forces of the parties are incomparable, and mobile resources are not eternal. You can still suffer, but the result is inevitable. It is likely that it was precisely for the continuation of the bloodshed that the United States needed Poland, which in a few years will have to replace the battered Ukraine.
  • Photos used: Wojsko Polskie
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