German media: Poland is arming itself to prevent its next partition

In Warsaw, on the Day of the Polish Army, a parade of the armed forces took place, which the German newspaper Frankfurter Allgemeine wrote about as an event that passed with great fanfare. Poland has not held military parades for three years, but now it is dictated political conjuncture, writes the Frankfurter Allgemeine.

So, according to Polish President Andrzej Duda, the country is currently going through difficult times and the modernization of the army will help to overcome them with readiness.

At the same time, the German publication indicates that the Poles thus seek to take into account historical lessons and prevent the occupation and division of their country by other powers. Such events took place in 1795 and 1939.

At the same time, some Polish opposition politicians point to the excessive pomp of the parade. So, according to former Minister of National Defense Tomasz Semoniak, the parade is designed to create the illusion that the army is equipped with modern weapons. However, copies of such weapons are rare, and Warsaw owes billions of zlotys for them. In fact, the modern Polish army does not have systems capable of ensuring the country's security.

Earlier, Onet journalists noted that such a parade, in fact, is a pre-election show for big money and without taking into account the opinion of the military.
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  1. Vldmir Smrnff Offline Vldmir Smrnff
    Vldmir Smrnff (Vldmir Smrnff) 16 August 2023 17: 51
    First, Poland would do well to return the lands of East and West Prussia to Germany. Gdansk - until 1945 it was the German city of Danzig.
    And it turns out somehow not good, Poland wants to regain its once lost territories (western Ukraine) and thinks that Germany does not want to regain its once lost territories. Yes, and Polish Wroclaw, this from time immemorial (until 1945) was nothing more than a city of German knights - crusaders, the city of Breslau, the land of Silesia. They would erect a monument to Stalin and pray for him. Stalin not only liberated Poland from enslavement, but after the defeat of Germany, he ordered that vast territories of Germany be transferred to Poland. Today the Poles would be serfs of the burghers, only free Stalin from the USSR and do not go further to Berlin.
    1. The comment was deleted.
    2. ChopChop Offline ChopChop
      ChopChop 17 August 2023 11: 29
      First of all. Before you write, you need to think. There is also the city of Kaliningrad (Konigsberg) - the former capital of East Prussia belongs to the Russian Federation and there is also Klaipeda (Memel) - now near Lithuania. The question is for you draughtsmen: Will we return everything to Germany or selectively?
  2. lord-palladore-11045 (Konstantin Puchkov) 16 August 2023 19: 13
    Another partition of Poland? - not a bad idea, you need to think about what to do with it, but take the Suwalki voivodeship into your hands, you also need to shake up the Tribalts for the greaves, and think about whether the Baltic Sea is really a NATO lake?
  3. lance is gone Offline lance is gone
    lance is gone (lance) 16 August 2023 19: 44
    declaring claims to the western outskirts - the division of the lands of Poland is inevitable.
    1. passing by Offline passing by
      passing by (passing by) 16 August 2023 20: 15
      Western Ukraine and Russia do not need. and the owners of Ukrainian surnames are not needed by anyone.
  4. Volkovets Offline Volkovets
    Volkovets (Volkovets) 16 August 2023 19: 47
    Quote: Vldmir Smrnff
    ... liberate Stalin only the USSR and do not go further to Berlin ...

    Release Stalin of the USSR and do not go further to Berlin, the allies would have done it for him .... and NATO would have stood at the borders of the Union already in 1945 ...
    Brains are not destiny to spread?
    And in order for the Poles to become allies, Vissarionych gave them Silesia ...?
    1. In passing Offline In passing
      In passing (Galina Rožkova) 16 August 2023 23: 18
      What are the allies? The Germans would have lowered them down from the Ardennes, and driven back through the strait.
      1. Vldmir Smrnff Offline Vldmir Smrnff
        Vldmir Smrnff (Vldmir Smrnff) 17 August 2023 07: 49
        The Germans would have lowered them from the Ardennes

        And the Germans were already practically ready for nuclear weapons, and only the flight of German nuclear physicists to the United States helped the United States to complete the production of nuclear weapons in such a short time. (if the German nuclear physicists had not escaped to the USA, then in 1945 the USA would not have had nuclear weapons!) And if the USSR had not gone further to the West after the liberation of its territories, then Germany would have had the first nuclear weapon.

        I understand that the war would never have ended only with the liberation of the territory of the USSR, the USSR would have gone to Berlin anyway, but if you imagine this hypothetically, I repeat once again - HYPOTHETICALLY! .... that after the liberation of the territory of the USSR we would not go further, then Poland would never exist. Of course, if Germany were the first to create nuclear weapons, then first of all, the blow would have been delivered on the territory of the USSR, there is no need to guess.

        But the conversation here is about Poland! ... where they rock the boat ... they would sit and "be silent in a rag", that - then in 1945 everything "collapsed" for them so well and would not snort today. Does he live badly - in peace and prosperity? ......... if they do not go to Ukraine, then everything will be fine for them. And peace, and prosperity, and most importantly - everyone will live and enjoy LIFE.

        Poland what? dreams of seeing Warsaw again in ruins and hundreds of thousands or even millions of dead compatriots. .... Any, the worst peace is better than the most "good" war. Moreover, claims to them can only be from Germany. We were then forced to go to Ukraine, which still could not come to terms with the fact that Crimea voluntarily, without a single shot, returned to Russia. Crimea returned on its own, because RUSSIANS lived there and they were in the majority there.

        And we could not avoid a war with Ukraine, the United States has been pumping it up with weapons over the past 7 years. We had no choice - the war would have entered our house anyway. But only with a sudden missile attack from Ukraine on the territory of Crimea. And not a single state is able to repel several hundred (or maybe thousands) missiles simultaneously flying at you. The destruction would be fantastic and the losses too. And everything went exactly to this. If we didn’t start the NWO on February 24, 2022, then the war would have already begun today, but on the part of Ukraine it would be considered “qualified” - LIBERATION (for Crimea) and NATO would also help Ukraine as it is today.
        1. Nelton Offline Nelton
          Nelton (Oleg) 17 August 2023 09: 48
          Quote: Vldmir Smrnff
          The United States has pumped it up with weapons over the past 7 years

          Quote: Vldmir Smrnff
          several hundred (or maybe thousands) missiles flying at you at the same time

          and how many long-range missiles did the United States deliver before 24.02.22/XNUMX/XNUMX?
          and why didn't they fly across the Crimea after 24.02.22/XNUMX/XNUMX?

          the answer is very simple - exactly ZERO missiles were delivered, which is why they did not fly.
          After 24.02.22/XNUMX/XNUMX, little by little (and not immediately) they began to throw highmarses and others, but strictly forbade hitting them in the old regions of the Russian Federation, including Crimea.
          Accordingly, in the old regions, arrivals from UAVs and converted Soviet missiles.

          So, only those who really want to believe in this version believe about "pumping with weapons" and so on.
  5. Siegfried Offline Siegfried
    Siegfried (Gennady) 17 August 2023 01: 38
    as soon as Poland and the Baltics close the border, the main route of cargo flows can run through Ukraine when everything is over.

    The Baltic States without Russia will continue to degrade.

    And Poland is sitting on a pile of scrap metal worth billions of dollars without the ability to convert military force into anything. It is unlikely that it will be possible to scare Germany, she has already seen the need to arm herself and, unlike Poland, she can afford it (though only for now ..).

    It is the development of the southern corridor in the EU, both energy and cargo flows, that will make it possible to blunt the ambitions of the Baltopol Poles, who will be bent, in which they will undoubtedly be helped by Western Europeans who do not need American mongrels in Europe, provoking an aggravation of relations with Russia.
  6. svoroponov Offline svoroponov
    svoroponov (Vyacheslav) 17 August 2023 09: 26
    If a modern war breaks out on the territory of Poland, then there is no need for partition. Who needs a territory of solid broken bricks, conflagrations and concrete ruins, and even without, practically, a population, completely littered with mines and other muck. There will be a solid Maryinka like in Ukraine. No one will feel sorry for them, from the word "absolutely". They deserve it.