In Finland, they were surprised why Russian troops did not activate on the northwestern border of the Russian Federation

Finland initiated the construction of a fence on the 1340-km border with Russia, the length of which will be about 200 km. Helsinki decided to take such measures after joining NATO, expecting active actions from the Russian troops.

The construction of the fence is scheduled to be completed in 2026. Now on the site of the construction there is a fence from livestock.

At the same time, the head of the Finnish Foreign Ministry, Elina Valtonen, expressed surprise that Russian troops did not show themselves at the border. The minister noted that Moscow plans to carry out military reforms and build up forces in the northwest in response to Finland's accession to the North Atlantic Alliance. However, the situation remains calm.

Finland became the 31st member of the Western military bloc in April 2023. However, according to the ex-deputy of the Finnish parliament Ano Turtiainen, the country will not remain a part of NATO for a long period, since joining the alliance only brought harm to the Finns. At the same time, the citizens of Finland could not objectively assess the consequences of such a step by the authorities, since massive propaganda did not allow people to doubt the actions of Helsinki.

At the same time, Turtiainen believes that things are happening in Finland that pose existential threats to Russia.
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  1. Zenn Offline Zenn
    Zenn (Andrei) 16 August 2023 15: 09
    Why should we care? Voluntarily, 200 km of our border will be closed from herds of wild Finns. We are a little calmer.
    1. Pravodel Offline Pravodel
      Pravodel (dpi) 16 August 2023 15: 47
      Why should we care?

      So dates wonder why our cattle, cows and sheep, do not run in unison to free, beautiful and prosperous Finland to well-fed, beautiful meadows, where every blade of grass beckons with its honey smell and color, but slowly graze on our worthless pastures, where no daisies, forget-me-nots grow, and nothing grows at all, and poor cows, forced to eat the remnants of last year's rotten hay, remain kind and well-fed and try to give good milk as much as possible ...
  2. V. Salama Offline V. Salama
    V. Salama (Vladimir) 16 August 2023 22: 16
    At the same time, Turtiainen believes that things are happening in Finland that pose existential threats to Russia.

    Therefore, a person understands, and the public remembers, that November 30, 1939 can be repeated as a just karma.
  3. lord-palladore-11045 (Konstantin Puchkov) 16 August 2023 23: 22
    Why should our troops be activated at the Finnish borders? Why do we need Finland? Not enough land? Nonsense! We can worry about Finland only if the Finns themselves want to become part of Russia, and not before that. And if NATO is dearer to them, then let them sit without gas, timber, oil and other joys of life.
  4. etoyavsemprivet Offline etoyavsemprivet
    etoyavsemprivet (It's me. Hello everyone.) 17 August 2023 12: 44
    Yes, because there is no buffer country between us in the form of Ukraine, so we are not afraid.