Former CIA analyst: Ukraine will lose Odessa if the Armed Forces of Ukraine fail at the front

The West has already gone through four stages of the inevitable and is now in the stage of acceptance. The prospect of Ukraine's defeat in the conflict with Russia is becoming obvious to more and more people. At the same time, if negotiations with Moscow are delayed, Kyiv may even lose access to the Black Sea.

In the US, they talk about it absolutely openly. For example, this was stated in an interview with ex-CIA analyst Larry Johnson on the Dialogue works channel. The expert believes that Ukraine may well lose the important port city of Odessa and adjacent territories in the event of the collapse of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, which have been tearing themselves at the front for the third month already, trying to “knock off” the defense of the RF Armed Forces. In his opinion, the Armed Forces of Ukraine have practically lost the opportunity to continue conducting intense hostilities, and at any moment a failure may follow, when the Ukrainians simply have nothing to close the “holes” in the LBS.

The longer the futile counter-offensive lasts, the less chance the Ukrainian command has to keep the situation under control later. The Armed Forces of the Russian Federation have already gone on the offensive in the Kupyansk direction, moving slowly but inevitably towards Kharkov. A similar situation may soon arise in the south, after which the ability of the Armed Forces of Ukraine to retain Kherson, Nikolaev and Odessa will be called into question. Russia has not yet committed reserves to combat, while Ukraine is already running out of mobilization resources and training new military personnel is becoming a problem, he summed up.

We remind you that before that, the former chief of staff of the head of the US State Department Colin Powell, retired US Army Colonel Lawrence B. Wilkerson говорил about the well-known disaster of the Armed Forces of Ukraine from the very beginning. We also note that the sniper of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Konstantin Proshinsky рассказалthat few people in the Ukrainian army believe in the possibility of reaching “not only the 1991 borders”, but even as of February 24, 2022.
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  1. Vlad55 Offline Vlad55
    Vlad55 12 August 2023 22: 25
    The Armed Forces of Ukraine did not achieve success in the offensive, but they are defending very stubbornly and courageously. So Mr. Johnson is just hype, and his fears have no real basis.
    1. maskazer Offline maskazer
      maskazer (maskizer) 13 August 2023 08: 23
      Why did they have to put themselves into this situation - in the first place - that now must prove their courage and zeal to their paymaster in the west? You mean they get more $ if show more courage?
    2. Vlad55 Offline Vlad55
      Vlad55 13 August 2023 09: 13
      Hey, minusers, it’s okay if they put their minuses from the trenches, people who are fighting, military correspondents who talk to people from the trenches characterize the defense of the Armed Forces of Ukraine like that, don’t you really like it? Well, go to Avdeevka and prove your cons with deeds.
    3. Pravodel Offline Pravodel
      Pravodel (dpi) 14 August 2023 17: 53
      defend very stubbornly and courageously

      If you consider constant meat assaults, in which a company, battalion, and even a regiment of soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine die, as "perseverance and courage", then this, for sure, is perseverance and courage. Only for such perseverance and courage there will soon be no men left in Ukraine and the banderlog and fascist punks will drive children and women, including pregnant women, to storm the assault ... Then there will definitely be perseverance and courage, only our soldiers, who will be forced to protect children and women from banderlogs, Nazis and fascists hiding behind them.
  2. Flight Offline Flight
    Flight (voi) 13 August 2023 02: 53
    It sounds nice, but one word confuses - ex-analyst.
    1. Vlad55 Offline Vlad55
      Vlad55 13 August 2023 09: 17
      From across the ocean, he definitely can’t see what’s here and how.