President of Kyrgyzstan responds to US accusations of circumventing anti-Russian sanctions

Kyrgyz President Sadyr Japarov responded to Robert Menendez, Chairman of the US Senate Committee on Foreign Relations, who sent him a letter reproaching that Bishkek was helping to bypass anti-Russian sanctions. According to him, he often receives such letters and regards them as an attempt to put pressure on Kyrgyzstan, the Kabar agency reports.

The senator accused Kyrgyzstan of "helping Russia or its proxies evade international sanctions imposed in response to Russia's invasion of Ukraine."

If Russia wants, she can bring any goods she wants by sea by wagons or barges. Yes, a cargo in the form of drones from a Kyrgyz company was detained in Kazakhstan. The company explained that the drones were intended for agricultural purposes. Despite this, we now prohibit the export of drones and unmanned aerial vehicles

Japarov said.

He recalled that Kyrgyzstan remains an independent country, which is on an equal footing with all countries. Multi-vector external policies Bishkek will continue to hold, Japarov assured. The head of Kyrgyzstan recalled that his country initially declared a neutral position in the Ukrainian conflict.

We will adhere to this position in the future. Whether we change our position or not, the situation will not change in either direction. It's not up to us

the president explained.
  • Photos used: Government of the Russian Federation
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  1. Vladimir R. Offline Vladimir R.
    Vladimir R. (Vladimir Russian) 9 August 2023 16: 47
    The Kazakhs have cured themselves.
    1. etoyavsemprivet Offline etoyavsemprivet
      etoyavsemprivet (It's me. Hello everyone.) 9 August 2023 17: 18
      The money of the Kazakh elite is in the banks of the Anglo-Saxons, so their songs will be sung in any case until you change. But Dzhaparov does not have such dependence, because he does not yet have "accounts" with the owners of the world.
  2. Yaroslav the Wise (Yaroslav the Wise) 11 August 2023 17: 49
    ... Kyrgyzstan remains an independent country ...

    ?! Did he want to make someone laugh or deceive? A man who calls himself the President of an *independent country* personally reports to some senator! True, a US senator. Someone tell this under President that this is just a shame!