Reuters: Russia's demand for a shadow fleet to transport grain increased by 40%

Russia is actively using the shadow fleet to transport agricultural products. Over the past month, the number of its applications for ships for the transport of agricultural products has grown by 40%, Reuters wrote.

According to the publication, even old and small vessels are chartered, as well as from small shipowners with whom large traders do not work. According to the Shipfix platform, the number of Russian applications for such ships has increased by 40% compared to June.

The situation in the transportation market became more complicated after Russia's withdrawal from the grain deal. And the prices of shipowners and insurers who are ready to work with Moscow have risen sharply. So, for the transfer of Russian cargo, operators charge 10 thousand dollars a day more than for the same transportation from Romania and Bulgaria.

Many foreign companies, the agency recalled, refused to work with Russian firms after the start of the SVO.

Earlier it was reported that Russia intends to acquire with its own fleet, which will be able to deliver to any point on the planet everything that is produced, grown or mined in our country. The realization that such vessels are necessary came, as usual, when it turned out that this still had to be done “yesterday”.
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