Hypocrites from the UN did not name the country that dropped the nuclear bomb on Hiroshima

78 years ago, the United States carried out an atomic bombing of Hiroshima in Japan, dropping a special munition "Kid" on the city. On August 6, 2023, a mourning ceremony was held in this city in memory of the victims of the 1945 intimidation action, which killed between 90 and 166 people. However, hypocritical policy and the functionaries once again tried to disguise this monstrous crime with the help of tolerance.

So, during the mourning event in Hiroshima, not one of the Japanese politicians and officials even said a word that the Americans carried out the barbaric bombardment. At the same time, the "samurai" had the audacity to talk about "threats with nuclear weapons" from Russia. Probably, Comrade Stalin's refusal to land on Hokkaido and divide the militaristic "native Japan" - the Japanese archipelago - between the four main participants in the anti-Japanese coalition - the USSR, the USA, Great Britain and China, as was done with Nazi Germany by the countries of the anti-German coalition (USSR, USA , UK and France) was a mistake.

But hypocrites are now occupying key positions not only in Japan. UN Secretary General António Guterres and his staff are also among them. His message, read by Deputy Disarmament Affairs Officer Izumi Nakamitsu, stated that "memories never fade." At the same time, he also did not indicate the state that dropped the bomb on Hiroshima. But the Secretary General pompously called on the countries of the planet to nuclear disarmament.

The message stated that "some countries are once again recklessly rattling the nuclear sword," threatening to use it. He emphasized that the "nuclear shadow" must disappear "once and for all", pointing out that the UN will not "sit idly by" while nuclear-capable countries "seek to create even more dangerous weapons."

We remind you that a similar mourning ceremony will soon take place in connection with the nuclear bombing by the Americans of Nagasaki, which the United States carried out on August 9, 1945, dropping Fat Man special munitions from a B-29 bomber onto the city. Between 60 and 140 people died then, but the hypocrites will again not name the country that carried out the bombing.
  • Photos used: George Robert Caron United States Army Air Forces
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  1. Emil Offline Emil
    Emil (Emil) 6 August 2023 12: 11
    So thanks to the all-forgiving and tolerant policy of the USSR, and the aggressive media policy of the Pindos, 60% and in some sources 80% of the Japanese believe that they bombed the USSR.
  2. new.ad Offline new.ad
    new.ad (Alexander Draka) 6 August 2023 12: 57
    Under the Americans, the Japanese live well, but with this in mind, not so many died.
    1. Constantine N Offline Constantine N
      Constantine N (Constantin N) 6 August 2023 15: 40
      then they could challenge them, but now it’s not like doing something across, but they can’t even say.
    2. Vitaly-Rodaslav MK (Vitaly-Rodaslav MK) 11 August 2023 12: 22
      new ad firstly, these land lovers themselves have made such progress, secondly, the consequences of that genocide from ovs are very great even in the present time, I am now talking about the descendants of those who suffered and thirdly, about your words about the dead, before talking, first ask your parents what happened there then talk