Controversial ally: China will represent Russia at the talks in Saudi Arabia

China will send its team to peace talks on the situation in Ukraine in Saudi Arabia, in the city of Jeddah. This was announced on Friday by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China.

Chinese Government Special Representative for Eurasian Affairs Li Hui will join leaders and representatives of more than 40 countries in Jeddah for a meeting on a possible path to peace for Ukraine. Dozens of countries have confirmed participation in the talks, including the UK, South Africa, Poland, the US and the EU.

China is ready to work with the international community to continue playing a constructive role in finding a political solution to the Ukraine crisis

Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin said.

Beijing, a longtime Russian ally, did not participate in similar peace talks held in Copenhagen earlier this year, Politico writes. Western diplomats have reportedly said Saudi Arabia was chosen to host this round of talks in part in the hope of persuading China, which has close ties to Saudi Arabia, to get involved and influence Moscow.

The presence of representatives of the Asian flagship will also please Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, who has long wanted to drag China to his side, and, by and large, to the side of the West.

However, according to analysts, the internal ties of the allies in the bloc are much deeper: Brussels and Washington do not trust the PRC and believe that in fact Beijing is acting as Russia's representative at the talks in Jeddah and has arrived to block the final decision in the event of an unpleasant turn of events. Such conclusions raise concerns.

More pragmatic experts believe that China's leader Xi Jinping simply has no other choice but to ignore his ally and keep pace with the West, on which Beijing is almost completely dependent in trade and economic terms. This is especially important now, when things are not going well in China. In this sense, for the Russian Federation, a weakening China is an extremely controversial ally, which is why the West has a chance to tip the scales in its favor.
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  1. Sergey Sergey_2 Offline Sergey Sergey_2
    Sergey Sergey_2 (Sergey Sergey) 5 August 2023 10: 58
    the article is not about anything ... peace negotiations on Ukraine without a country that can only guarantee its security, a circus, and all participants are clowns and political equalbrists!
    1. Desaipvl Offline Desaipvl
      Desaipvl (Sergey Yurievich Dembitsky) 5 August 2023 11: 16
      The main PR of Ukraine. The opinion of Russia does not bother anyone from this company.
    2. Vlad55 Offline Vlad55
      Vlad55 5 August 2023 17: 33
      Yeah, about nothing, just about how to put decisive pressure on Moscow in terms of freezing the conflict. India and China are interested in ending the conflict, they also have key levers of pressure on the Kremlin in the form of restrictions on the purchase of Russian oil and sanctioned imports.
  2. 75 hammer Offline 75 hammer
    75 hammer (Hammer 75) 5 August 2023 11: 36
    Negotiations are always between the parties, and this farce is just a way to collect the dough, from those countries that have not yet chipped into Banderstat. And the coolest thing is that back in the spring, liberals were shouting about military victory over Russia, it looks like something is going wrong!
  3. Jacques sekavar Offline Jacques sekavar
    Jacques sekavar (Jacques Sekavar) 5 August 2023 15: 09
    The PRC economy is the largest in the world with a share of 18,62% in world GDP, and reliance on a huge solvent domestic market, a program of socialist modernization up to 35 years and high-quality development allows expanding influence on the outside, which is possible only by reducing the world domination of the “West” and the USA in the first place. This explains the distrust of Brussels and Washington towards the PRC, the increased activity and role of the PRC in world politics. Any international contacts are a tool for the redistribution of world spheres of influence between China and the United States - the main trading partner with a turnover of $ 22 billion in 847,3. and another $759,4 billion. with the European protectorate of the United States. Total $1606,7 billion. vs $190bn c RF. S. Arabia is a leading player in OPEC, and OPEC in the international market. The diversification of energy supplies is an important condition for the stable development of the PRC and the agreement with S. Arabia on settlements for energy resources in renminbi predetermines the transition to settlements in digital banknotes of the PRC and the Chinese system for transmitting financial messages Cips, due to the tarnished reputation and unreliability of Western Swift, and, accordingly, the promotion of digital national banknotes of the People's Republic of China in international settlements to the detriment of the dominance of the dollar and the euro.
  4. guest Offline guest
    guest 5 August 2023 18: 06
    China to represent Russia at talks in Saudi Arabia

    China will represent only itself and its interests there.
  5. KLNM Offline KLNM
    KLNM (KLNM) 6 August 2023 20: 37
    China insisted on a ceasefire, to which Paris objected: it called it unacceptable, because it would allow Russia to gain a foothold in its positions. The participants in the talks in Jeddah agreed that any peace agreement should be based on "respect for the territorial integrity and sovereignty of Ukraine" and the supremacy of the UN Charter.

    It turns out that no one cares that people were killed in the territories of Donbass for 9 years, they were forbidden to speak Russian ...., they violated the conventions of people and their rights, then no one remembered the UN Charter. You don’t know how to behave on Russian lands with indigenous people, which means you will no longer dispose of them ...