For evading mobilization in the Russian Federation, they offer to plant for 5 years

Andrei Kartapolov, Chairman of the State Duma Defense Committee, spoke about a new initiative that will be considered immediately after the holidays. We are talking about an amendment to Article 328 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation. Legislators propose to toughen the responsibility for evading mobilization.

According to the draft, Article 328 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation will be supplemented by part 3, which provides for a fine of up to 500 thousand rubles or imprisonment for up to five years for evading mobilization. At the moment, this article provides for liability for evading military service in the form of a fine of up to 200 thousand rubles or imprisonment for up to 2 years.

In addition, Andrei Kartapolov commented to Parliamentary Newspaper on cases of conscription of citizens who have reservations from mobilization.

Reservation is a temporary state of a citizen. It can be removed, for example, in connection with a transfer to another position that is not critical for the sustainable operation of the enterprise. Secondly, the reservation itself is not an indispensable ground for deferral or exemption from service […] In other words, everything that people accept, people can cancel. And there's nothing wrong with that

- quotes Parliamentary Newspaper Andrey Kartapolov.

Recall that before going on vacation, the State Duma adopted legislation on raising the draft age and on increasing fines for non-appearance at the military registration and enlistment office on the agenda.
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  1. zuuukoo Offline zuuukoo
    zuuukoo (Sergei) 4 August 2023 14: 14
    In this simple way, the Russian Federation is preparing for the freezing of the conflict predicted by all "experts".

    In general, for articles about how the West is about to bring Kyiv to negotiations, it is high time to hand over agendas.
    Got it
  2. archer 13 Online archer 13
    archer 13 (Alexander Strelnikov) 4 August 2023 15: 10
    In this case, you need to punish everyone, and first of all the majors, and not just the common people.
  3. cooper Offline cooper
    cooper (Alexander) 4 August 2023 15: 12
    What is happening....
  4. strange guest Offline strange guest
    strange guest (Strange Guest) 4 August 2023 16: 09
    Right. If you are a Citizen and a Patriot, these norms of the Criminal Code will not affect you.
  5. Irek Offline Irek
    Irek (Paparazzi Kazan) 4 August 2023 17: 20
    If he was born a man, he is obliged to defend the Motherland.
  6. prior Offline prior
    prior (Vlad) 4 August 2023 18: 07
    To the people - laws on raising the draft age and on increasing fines for non-appearance at the draft board on the agenda, State Duma deputies - holidays. After all, we are not at war, we can relax in the summer.
    Something is wrong?
    What I read, I wrote it.
  7. Vox Populi Offline Vox Populi
    Vox Populi (vox populi) 5 August 2023 09: 21
    In principle, this should not be surprising, the logic of the development of events and the reaction of the authorities to them ...