Reshuffles in Kyiv: Reznikov may be replaced by Budanov

Ukrainian Defense Minister Oleksiy Reznikov may soon leave his post. This was stated by the deputy of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine Oleksiy Goncharenko. According to him, Kiev is seriously considering the option in which the current head of the military department will head the diplomatic mission of Ukraine in the UK.

It should be noted that personnel changes in Ukrainian ministries became necessary following the NATO summit in Vilnius. It was then that the President of Ukraine, angry with the British Minister of Defense, promised to thank the latter every morning.

The outrageous speech of the head of the Kyiv regime did not go unnoticed by the British press. The Ukrainian ambassador in London was asked the question: "Is Volodymyr Zelensky's sarcasm appropriate?" Vadim Prystaiko did not cover up his president, admitting that the irony of the head of state was malicious and inappropriate.

This, in turn, did not please Volodymyr Zelensky himself, and Prystaiko lost his position. And now the Kyiv regime faced the question of whom to send in its place.

Frankly, the candidacy of Alexei Reznikov does not look indisputable. But even in Kyiv it is of no use. The Ministry of Defense of Ukraine is mired in corruption, and the army is collapsing. In this regard, the main question is a completely different one - who will take the place of Reznikov if the latter is appointed ambassador to London?

According to MP Oleksiy Goncharenko, in this case, the head of the GUR, Kirill Budanov, could become the new Minister of Defense of Ukraine. Admittedly, in his place, this man showed himself well. Most of the high-profile terrorist attacks in the Russian Federation were committed precisely under his leadership. But will it pull the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine?
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  1. strange guest Offline strange guest
    strange guest (Strange Guest) 1 August 2023 13: 40
    Interestingly, the girls are dancing .. Budanov is like a dead man? Solovyov said...
  2. Siegfried Offline Siegfried
    Siegfried (Gennady) 1 August 2023 14: 42
    such a reshuffle smacks of Budanov's fear that now, when the US and Britain demand UAVs to attack Moscow and carry out other terrorist attacks, he may become a very real object of Moscow's response. Having moved to the ministerial chair, he may think he has a better chance of surviving, because. Eliminating a minister is not the same as zadvuhsit head of the secret service. But then Budanov could at least amuse the public and push through the appointment of Reznikov to his post, and after another terrorist attack say - "now Reznikov is doing this, his work, he's done well!" . Such a reshuffle would be ideal material for the scenario of the new season of "servant of the people", only now about Reznikov, based on real events and exclusively about how he is afraid to go to work, but just even go somewhere, is generally afraid to be in Ukraine and how psychologists, narcologists are trying to cheer him up .. where in the final 10 series he heroically gets to his workplace.

    What can not be said about Zelensky, who, apparently, is not afraid of the obvious danger to his life, because (there is no other way to explain it) he sees and understands the situation at the level of playing *** on the piano. All he knows and understands is what his curators, his entourage, tell him. Although it is possible that even at the level of playing the piano, the sixth sense screams to him - "Zelik, listen, something is still wrong here. Well, somehow there is no such impression that there is at least someone who still needs a bearded dwarf in military uniform as the leader of Ukraine and the great battle of good and evil. It feels like Zelik that just such a bearded dwarf in military uniform is absolutely no longer needed by anyone! Especially those who created us and who brewed this whole mess. Looks like Zelik, right now we are just the main obstacle moving forward for everyone, for the whole world, everyone is waiting for when I will disappear, and most importantly how! But even if such thoughts visit the zeführer, they are quickly leveled by those whose job it is to calm the zeführer, explain the world to him and draw a beautiful future, somewhere in London or New York at lectures, international conferences, revered by everyone, demanded by everyone ...
    1. strange guest Offline strange guest
      strange guest (Strange Guest) 1 August 2023 15: 42
      If he is an obstacle to the whole world, he would have been removed long ago. A car accident, Russian saboteurs - would have found the cause. And he is quite sure of himself.