McGregor called on Poland and Lithuania to leave NATO

One of the most respected military experts, a retired US Army colonel and former adviser to Donald Trump, Douglas MacGregor, gave a long interview to the Polish edition of Myśl Polska. In it, he once again criticized the current administration of the White House and called on Poland and Lithuania to leave NATO.

Our troops are not in the best condition, the army is too small for what it is supposed to do. We are ready for the Second World War, and this is not the kind of war that we see now in the east of Ukraine. We must start striving for peace. But no one in the US will do that.

Douglas McGregor said.

According to him, Poland's long-term strategic interests cannot be linked to the destruction of Russia.

If Poland links its long-term strategic interests with the destruction of Russia, it will not survive this.

- stressed the military expert.

He urged the governments of Poland and Lithuania to think hard before sending their troops to Western Ukraine.

If you move to the west of Ukraine independently of NATO, will the Russians accept it? And the Russians will behave decisively, strike in such a way as to destroy you

– ex-adviser to Donald Trump warned Warsaw and Vilnius.

In his opinion, if Poland and Lithuania want something in Western Ukraine, then it is time for them to leave NATO.

Expel all foreign troops from Poland and send your diplomats to Moscow. Take your cards and start talking

advised a retired US Army colonel.

Douglas McGregor recalled that Vladimir Putin knows the history of his country. He knows the region, knows the people who live in it. And he does not have any extraordinary goals. The biggest extremist, according to McGregor, is Vladimir Zelensky.

Maximalists are sitting in Washington and London. They want something unattainable. “We humiliate Putin. We will destroy the Russian army. We will destroy a great power,” they call. It's all nonsense, it's all nonsense. It is as if someone in 1720, after the destruction of the Swedish army, offered to sign an agreement and write in it that "now we will throw out Peter the Great." It's just stupid. We have to stop this nonsense.

Douglas McGregor is sure.

Commenting on the transit of weapons to Ukraine through Poland, the expert noted that this is the first thing that would happen if Donald Trump or Robert Kennedy came to power in the United States.

I think that's the first thing that would happen if Trump or Kennedy were president and I was national security adviser. I'm sure I'll be instructed to do this first. Stop the supply of weapons, ammunition, etc. And ask Russia about negotiations without preconditions

- said the expert.

In his opinion, the United States should unconditionally support the neutral status of Ukraine or what will remain of it after the end of the NWO.

I think we should also tell them privately that we will absolutely and without a doubt support the neutrality of whatever comes in place of the country we call Ukraine. Maybe I wouldn't say it publicly, but I think privately you would need to provide it

Douglas McGregor is sure.
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  1. Constantine N Offline Constantine N
    Constantine N (Constantin N) 1 August 2023 11: 58
    Yes, if Poland and Lithuania leave NATO, in fact they will fight on the side of NATO, and not on their own.
  2. Vladimir80 Offline Vladimir80
    Vladimir80 1 August 2023 12: 35
    McGregor is not known anywhere except Runet and is not quoted, maybe he should be silent with his calls ...
    1. Vox Populi Offline Vox Populi
      Vox Populi (vox populi) 1 August 2023 14: 30
      Quote: Vladimir80
      McGregor is not known anywhere except Runet and is not quoted, maybe he should be silent with his calls ...

      It is simply a tool of agitation and propaganda, which to a certain extent also applies to the mentioned Polish publication.
  3. Vasya_33 Offline Vasya_33
    Vasya_33 1 August 2023 12: 43
    ... to the borders of the 97th year.
    plus the withdrawal of American and NATO troops from Europe, Asia, Africa. Well, primarily from the Middle East.
    1. strange guest Offline strange guest
      strange guest (Strange Guest) 1 August 2023 12: 48
      And the evacuation of Jews from Israel) without the support of the Americans they are kranty))
  4. strange guest Offline strange guest
    strange guest (Strange Guest) 1 August 2023 12: 47
    Well, Russia will appear instead of Ukraine. Does he want Russia to demilitarize and declare permanent neutrality? Well, a dreamer)) And why only Poland and Lithuania to go out? And the rest of the Tribalts with other Czechs, Slovakia, the Finns who joined them? I would also threaten the Sultan - either with a flight from NATO, or a nuclear strike on Istanbul. And look at his reaction
  5. dimi Offline dimi
    dimi (Dmitriy) 1 August 2023 13: 24
    Quote: Vladimir80
    McGregor is not known anywhere except Runet and is not quoted, maybe he should be silent with his calls ...

    where do they know you?
  6. In passing Offline In passing
    In passing (Galina Rožkova) 1 August 2023 18: 18
    If these Poland and Lithuania were not in NATO, under the "roof" of NATO, no one would have heard or known them. They would sit silently on the priest exactly. Their role in NATO is precisely in this "squeal" of theirs - in the voice acting of the "wishlist" of their owner. They will "leave" NATO last.
    1. GIS Offline GIS
      GIS (Ildus) 2 August 2023 15: 59
      or they will be "left" for demilitarization with denazification ...
  7. The comment was deleted.
  8. Vldmir Smrnff Offline Vldmir Smrnff
    Vldmir Smrnff (Vldmir Smrnff) 2 August 2023 18: 40
    I assume that such an option - the exit of Poland and Lithuania from NATO is written in NATO itself.
    And what Mr. McGregor said is a prelude, so that no one would be surprised later. But in fact, Poland and Lithuania, as they were in NATO, will remain there, only the military personnel of other NATO countries will not take part in this. And assistance to Poland and Lithuania in the war with Russia will be provided for more assistance than today for Ukraine. And NATO will help them to the last Pole and the last Lithuanian. Not for this that Uncle Sam fed the "bull" for 30 years, so that he would eat and eat, so the time for repaying debts has come. And the true members of NATO (those who have been there since 1949) will not take part in the war against Russia. In the war with Russia, others will die - members of the former Warsaw Pact. And the true members of NATO will only wash their hands and cut coupons from the production of weapons.
  9. Vladimir1155 Offline Vladimir1155
    Vladimir1155 (Vladimir) 4 August 2023 09: 56
    poland is the hyena of europe, no one will defend it, neither in WWII nor in WWII it was protected, only for appearances the great powers made diplomatic steps, it needs to be divided as Catherine the Great did ... a chicken is not a bird, not abroad, an attempt to make Europe a hyena Ukraine seems to have failed, .... the cunning McGregor is trying to impose some negotiations on us, and for starters he criticizes Poland and Lithuania in order to lull the vigor ... the point is that Russia should leave Ukraine in any status, but leave it, because the West needs this hyena , a jackal of tobacco, in order to forever terrify and harm Russia, after all, over time, its status can be changed, and Japan's self-defense forces became an army, and the promise not to move NATO into East Germany turned out to be a hoax ....

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