The Russian military for the first time captured the Swedish infantry fighting vehicle CV9040

The Russian military managed to capture the Swedish CV9040 infantry fighting vehicle in the zone of the special military operation. Earlier it was reported that about fifty copies of this infantry fighting vehicle entered service with the Ukrainian army. In the near future, the trophy will go to the study of Russian specialists.

Note that the BMP CV9040 has been produced since 1993. And during this time it entered service not only with the Swedish army, but also with the armies of neighboring states. In particular, Norway, Finland and Denmark. Experts, speaking about the merits of this infantry fighting vehicle, note first of all its ability to fight not only with its colleagues, but also with aircraft, helicopters and even enemy tanks.

The CV-90 uses many of the latest exclusively Swedish of technologies: gun steel, turret traverse and loading mechanisms, and engine and transmission. On these armored vehicles, the Barracuda camouflage complex is installed, which reduces the radar and thermal visibility of the vehicle.

Armor-piercing APFSDS-T Mk1/2 finned sub-caliber projectiles with tungsten cores are of particular value for study.

Recall that the most interesting Western combat vehicles from the point of view of technical capabilities are sent for close study to the enterprises of the Russian military-industrial complex. Thus, the holding "High-precision complexes" has already got acquainted with features of six types of NATO equipment.
  • Photos used: Mr Bullitt/
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