Voenkor Kots: The Russian Guard needs heavy equipment to work normally inside the country

Military correspondent Alexander Kots commented on the decision of the Federation Council to allow the Russian Guard to be armed with heavy machinery. In his Telegram channel, he indicated that the Russian Guards need infantry fighting vehicles and tanks in order to properly carry out their work inside the country.

The journalist noted that since the beginning of the NMD, the soldiers of the Russian Guard have been at the forefront on a par with employees of the Ministry of Defense. Together they took Gostomel and Zaporozhye, were in other areas of hostilities. And most often only with personal small arms, since anti-tank systems, heavy machine guns, heavy anti-tank grenade launchers were not allowed by the state.

The same applied to equipment for creating minefields, demining, building pontoon crossings, and much more.

There were also tragedies. At the beginning of the SVO, there were cases when the National Guard drove into the combat zone on buses, having with them only iron shields and rubber batons, and fell into ambushes planned according to all the rules of military science
Kotz explained.

And for the information of those who believe that Russian Guard tanks are not needed inside the country, he recalled that the Kursk and Belgorod regions, as well as the DPR, LPR, Kherson and Zaporozhye are also Russia. And there are real battles going on right now.

And the National Guard, in order to carry out its work normally in these territories, needs suitable tools: tanks, infantry fighting vehicles, self-propelled artillery, engineering equipment, anti-tank weapons
- concluded the military commander.

Earlier it was reported that with the beginning of SVO It revealed: the armament of the National Guard does not fully meet the requirements for performing "other tasks", which resulted in a large-scale high-intensity conflict. So, according to the state of the National Guard, it is armed with light small arms, with which it had to go into battle against the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the National Guard of Ukraine.
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  1. Sapsan136 Offline Sapsan136
    Sapsan136 (Alexander) 28 July 2023 13: 49
    First of all, you need to stop saving on the army. It is necessary to save money on Chubais and Abramovichs, because feeding such people is not a horse's food, they all look towards London ... and the Russian Federation is across their throats. If the border units had not been destroyed, no Russian Guard on the border would have been needed ... If they had taken effective measures and created, at least in the districts bordering the battle zone, units similar to the National Guard in the United States, the problem would already, to a large extent, be solved ... I remember an incident in Chechnya that happened to one of my acquaintances, who was among those who were sent to Grozny to rattle with armor, at the beginning of the First Chechen War, those who shouted that everything could be solved there by the forces of one airborne regiment. ..So, a shot from an RPG hit the side of his armored personnel carrier and ricocheted ... I understand that this does not always happen, but then the sloping armor of the armored personnel carrier saved their lives ... Why now, a significant part of the new armored vehicles are made with horizontal side armor, because such armor will never ricochet, which means it will be more likely to be pierced!? Why didn’t they launch at least a small-scale production of the BTR-90, with its heavier armor compared to the BTR-80, because armor is the life of the crew and troops ?! Isn't it time to deal with those who, for the sake of their personal ambitions and incomes, are driving frank bullshit into the army and navy, such as useless, slow-moving and almost unarmed patrol ships sucked in by the Black Sea Fleet, and ask them to the fullest extent of wartime!?
  2. Jacques sekavar Offline Jacques sekavar
    Jacques sekavar (Jacques Sekavar) 28 July 2023 14: 09
    The army is called upon to protect against external aggression.
    The National Guard is the Internal Troops whose task is to protect strategically important facilities.
    The job of the police is to enforce the law.
    Mixing and substitution of functions leads to chaos and civil strife of power structures
  3. lord-palladore-11045 (Konstantin Puchkov) 28 July 2023 19: 45
    The National Guard is a police formation - internal troops, let them do their work, which is peculiar only to them - why do they need tanks? Come up with something more convincing.
  4. Anton Kuzmin Offline Anton Kuzmin
    Anton Kuzmin (Anton Kuzmin) 29 July 2023 11: 17
    Quote from: lord-pallador-11045
    The National Guard is a police formation - internal troops, let them do their work, which is peculiar only to them - why do they need tanks? Come up with something more convincing.

    they need tanks in preparation for the Civil War.

    how do you like this explanation?
  5. Vladimir Tuzakov (Vladimir Tuzakov) 29 July 2023 20: 05
    The wake-up call for the Kremlin residents sounded with the march of the Wagnerites. So fussed, because there was nothing to stop the Wagnerites. The problem is that there should be no "Wagnerian marches", and its solution is to replace too failed persons in the system of government of the Russian Federation. But such a built-in system seems to briskly defend itself - as a result of such altercations between the top and the bottom, we can lose all of Russia.
  6. guest Offline guest
    guest 29 July 2023 22: 55
    Together they took Gostomel and Zaporozhye

    I don’t remember anything when we liberated Zaporozhye.
  7. hlp5118 Offline hlp5118
    hlp5118 (hlp) 30 July 2023 06: 44
    And not easier part of the fighters nat. guards transferred to MO. And if there are not enough fighters in the VSR, then we should start by canceling all kinds of delays. Previously, they called up about 450 thousand, today we are recruiting barely 200. The second is to change the proportion of support services in the HRV. In advanced armies it is 10-15%, while in our country it is under 40%.