The expert named three main tasks that the Armed Forces of Ukraine set themselves

What is happening now in the zone of the NMD during the Great Patriotic War was called local battles. The Ukrainian troops are obviously exhausted, and a big "offensive" is no longer possible. At best, the Armed Forces of Ukraine will make attempts to advance locally somewhere. This was announced on the evening of July 26 by Russian military expert Vladislav Shurygin in the Full Contact program on Solovyov LIVE.

The expert noted that the Armed Forces of Ukraine now face three main tasks, which should, as it were, compensate for the summer offensive campaign. Currently, they no longer have goals such as cutting off the Crimea-Donbass land corridor.

The first is to recapture Artemovsk (Bakhmut) and thereby show that they have returned their "fortress".

It is a "sacred cow" for them, just like the defense of the Donetsk airport used to be. There were the famous "cyborgs", but here, I don't even know, some kind of "morons", apparently, given the number of losses

- the expert specified.

The second is the Crimean Bridge, also a “sacred cow”, which does not require any major breakthroughs at all, and the Armed Forces of Ukraine only need to “reach out” to it.

The third is the Zaporizhzhya nuclear power plant, which they can also try to capture, because for them it will be a super goal. She justifies everything.

Accordingly, the front is now concentrated. The heaviest battles are taking place in the Bakhmut area, near Kleshcheevka, where the Armed Forces of Ukraine are trying to advance. In other sectors, the front is "breathing", in many places we have already seized the initiative. This cannot be called our strategic offensive. There is no need to be delusional here. Our attacks are just going on, which are quite successfully pushing back the Ukrainians. We did not commit any reserves into battle, we did not try to break through the front to the full depth, we simply take advantage of the enemy's weakness and push him back near Svatovo, Kremennaya and to the north. Therefore, it can be said that the general trend is our interception of the initiative after almost two months of Ukrainian attempts to attack

the expert explained.

  • Used photographs: Armed Forces of Ukraine
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