Shoigu in Pyongyang: Bloomberg talks about Russia's interest in North Korean weapons

Russia may be interested in buying 152mm artillery shells from North Korea that are compatible with Soviet-era weapons, according to Bloomberg. The agency's publication came amid a three-day visit to Pyongyang by a Russian delegation led by Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu.

The agency notes that the Russian Federation, as part of a military special operation in Ukraine, spends thousands of ammunition per day and is forced to look for sources of supplies. In this regard, the DPRK looks like a good partner, since it has countless stocks of shells.

Bloomberg admits that Pyongyang will not miss the opportunity to sell part of its reserves at a high price. How much North Korea will receive will depend on the ability of its leaders to negotiate. For example, if the DPRK sells shells for $1000 each, then sending 250 rounds of ammunition would equal about 1% of its GDP. The agency notes that this is a conservative estimate, as high demand has driven up prices, and NATO 155mm shells cost about $3000.

The Central Telegraph Agency of the DPRK (CTAC) said that upon the arrival of the Russian delegation at the Sunan International Airport in the suburbs of Pyongyang, Sergei Shoigu was greeted with thunderous applause. In the parking lot in front of the terminal, the flags of the two countries fluttered, and there was a guard of honor. One of the female servicemen of the DPRK presented the Russian minister with a bouquet of flowers.

The Russian delegation also expressed "fighting greetings and full support." She was met by the Minister of Defense of the DPRK, Kang Sun Nam, the head of the Main Political Directorate of the KPA, Chon Gyong-taek, and the chief of the General Staff of the KPA, Pak Su-Ir.

The very visit of the Russians to the CTC was called the mission of friendship between the army and the people of the Russian Federation, which "will make a significant contribution to the strengthening and development of strategic and traditional Korean-Russian friendly relations, firmly tied to the common path of anti-imperialism and independence."
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  1. KLNM Offline KLNM
    KLNM (KLNM) 26 July 2023 13: 05
    Bullshit, the enemy Bloomberg in its repertoire, casts a shadow on the fence. What the hell are North Korean ammunition and weapons, I read somewhere that ours want these ammunition, which were allegedly supplied to S. Korea since Soviet times, the expiration date has long passed there. The Russian Federation is now producing enough fresh ammunition and weapons for itself ... we are a self-sufficient country, especially in armaments. Most likely now it is exactly the opposite, it is S. Korea that is interested in the supply of our new weapons to contain South Korea, Japan and the United States. I think they definitely need to be helped, since the hostile South Korea is now helping the Ukronazis, let them scratch their heads and think, and Japan too.
    1. trampoline instructor (Cotriarch Peril) 27 July 2023 00: 08
      to contain South Korea, Japan and the United States.

      Are the damned enemies already advancing?
      1. guest Offline guest
        guest 27 July 2023 00: 25
        Quote: Trampoline area instructor
        Are the damned enemies already advancing?

        Yes, only officially for more than a month their vaunted counteroffensive has been going on.
        1. trampoline instructor (Cotriarch Peril) 27 July 2023 11: 42
          There is a quote in the title, from the previous comment, which talks about South Korea, Japan and the USA.
          You can tell with your MoCK and tell me, did the South Koreans, Japs and Americans personally shit in your soup? Or did they “counter-step” on your soup pot?
          1. guest Offline guest
            guest 27 July 2023 13: 13
            Quote: Trampoline area instructor
            You can tell with your MoCK and tell me, did the South Koreans, Japs and Americans personally shit in your soup?

            You are serious, their weapons and mercenaries are killing our citizens, and you are asking such a question.
            1. trampoline instructor (Cotriarch Peril) 27 July 2023 23: 42
              their weapons and mercenaries kill our citizens

              But not very long ago there were attacks by a certain Russian Volunteer Corps on the Bryansk and Belgorod regions. So what kind of mercenaries were killing our citizens? Were they not Russian? They also identified some kind of actor from the series ... no?
              1. guest Offline guest
                guest 28 July 2023 00: 13
                Mostly there were Polish mercenaries and completely with Western equipment.
                1. trampoline instructor (Cotriarch Peril) 28 July 2023 11: 32
                  But there were also Russians.
                  I do not accept such a definition of "mostly".
                  Were there Russians? Were.
                  Go guard your soup so that the japs ​​and amers do not spoil it :))
  2. Zenn Offline Zenn
    Zenn (Andrei) 26 July 2023 15: 38
    Shells are probably not needed, but a couple of armies, for running in a war zone, would be useful for North Korea. And if they are paid like our soldiers, then the standard of living in North Korea will rise noticeably. But here's what to do with the sanctions imposed on them by the UN. In my opinion, I would "impose" these sanctions. But our government is spinning its miners with the UN, and "they can't go for it."
    1. In passing Online In passing
      In passing (Galina Rožkova) 26 July 2023 17: 31
      Russia will help the "east wind." But the interest here is mutual. China, North Korea and Russia are the antagonists of the pro-NATO (pro-American) sixes. Another proxy war, and the states intend to sit out overseas.
    2. trampoline instructor (Cotriarch Peril) 27 July 2023 00: 11
      the standard of living in North Korea will rise markedly.

      Kaneshshna. But the standard of living, as in South Korea, they will catch up with for hundreds of years, as Russia has been trying to "catch up with the West" since the 16th century.
    3. KLNM Offline KLNM
      KLNM (KLNM) 27 July 2023 07: 10
      A couple of S. Korean armies are from the realm of fantasy, for our General Staff this is a humiliation, they are so cool that they can handle it themselves, though no one knows when, and there is nothing to pay with ...., we cannot carry out a second mobilization to replace those who have been fighting for a long time and tired, to train a decent percentage of the population so that they do not become meat in the event of NATO aggression, due to lack of money, we already have a decent budget deficit, spending on ours is huge. Member of the State Duma Defense Committee, Lieutenant General Andrey Gurulev:

      Carrying out a new mobilization is possible with an increase in the turnover of industry in the country.

      Those. we won’t pull new ones now, especially since they are so well paid ... We have one billionaire Miller from Gazprom, who didn’t allocate a penny of his money for his own, on average receives 158 million rubles a month, or 5,2 million a day . If he has a typical eight-hour working day, then Miller's hour of work costs 660 thousand rubles, and this is not counting the huge monthly bonuses for more than 20 years. That's where our money goes, which could probably provide a regiment or division, but why pay as much in an HOUR as three attack aircraft on the front line for a whole month, well, where does Miller get so much money, I don’t understand, there’s no conscience left at all ...
  3. Vladimir80 Offline Vladimir80
    Vladimir80 26 July 2023 19: 29
    If it is planned to supply weapons from the UK, then what have you been waiting for for a year and a half?
  4. trampoline instructor (Cotriarch Peril) 27 July 2023 00: 04
    If you remove the external paraphernalia, then our friends with our minister look like twin brothers.
    So will we win?