Beijing explained to Kiev the outcome of the conflict with Moscow

After the incident in the Kerch Strait on November 25, 2018, Beijing decided to express its point of view on the tensions between Kiev and Moscow. The gravity of this information is underlined by the fact that it was published by People's Daily, the official press of the Central Committee of the Chinese Communist Party, TASS reports.

So, the newspaper "People's Daily" warned Kiev that Ukraine in a conflict with Russia will always be in a losing position. It is specified that, of course, both Moscow and Kiev will suffer from the confrontation, but the Ukrainian side will lose the most.

Beijing warns Kiev against further exacerbation and escalation, which could lead to prolonged internal destabilization of Ukraine. They believe that Ukraine should occupy a middle ground between Russia and the Western countries, establishing good neighborly relations with both sides.

People's Daily is confident that the plans of the United States and Europe may not include the full reversal of Ukraine to Western states. But NATO and the European Union use Ukraine to increase pressure on Russia, and it does not matter who is right and who is to blame. At the same time, Kiev gravitates towards Western countries, but a break with Moscow threatens national unity and stability of the Ukrainian state.
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  1. The centurion Offline The centurion
    The centurion (Sergei) 27 November 2018 14: 30
    It is not for nothing that the Chinese are called the Jews of the East, a very wise people. In some periods of history, they were unlucky with leaders, but after the death of Mao, they simply had a FINE for leaders, one wiser than the other. At one time, Deng Xiao Ping skillfully played the "Soviet" card with the USA. Using the maniacal desire of the United States to surround and crush the USSR, he played along with them in Afghanistan. Moreover, China itself did not in any way climb into this hopeless "swamp", simply for American, Saudi and Iranian money it supplied the dushmans through Pakistan with weapons manufactured in the PRC according to Soviet patterns. For this and other similar services, Brzezinski, Carter and other American leaders procured an amnesty for China's past sins before the world community, and then gave permission for development, at first sluggish, and then violent. True, now they understand that they raised a monster. But even now the leaders of the PRC are at their best. They do not get into the fight themselves, but ... prudently do not interfere with the Russians getting into the fight. After all, there is no need to send the Russians, do not feed them with bread, just let them fight. And for what, this is the tenth case. Therefore, it is enough for the Russians not to interfere. Well, for example ... in Syria.
    The introduction of troops into Syria is one of the largest foreign policy errors of GDP. But this is not just a mistake - it is a mystery. Nobody wants to understand this riddle clearly and cannot understand and explain, including the GDP itself. He himself does not tell the truth, and those explanations that sound from him and he sang along are at least strange. Indeed, in Syria there were practically no Russian interests, in any case, there are not more of them there than in most other countries of the Mediterranean Sea. For example, Turkey, the European Union, Israel, the United States and the Persian Gulf have much more interests there. ISIS did not threaten Russia before the troops were brought into Syria; they also have few interests in Russia. Rumors that only Caucasians and other Muslims from the Russian Federation are fighting in ISIS are very exaggerated, although they were there. Their presence in ISIS only indicates that they are very uncomfortable in the Russian Federation, and therefore they are fleeing. The reasons why the bulk of Muslims, and especially not Muslims, in the Russian Federation, to put it mildly, are not very sympathetic to Islamic extremists, radicals, Wahhabis, etc. very diverse and this is a separate very large and interesting topic. Therefore, the extremist part of Muslim society, not finding much support among priests and flocks in the Russian Federation, seeks to find their own kind abroad, especially in the hot spots of the Middle East.
    ISIS, born in the depths of the Iraqi turmoil, rushed to the Mediterranean Sea, this navel of European civilization. Who does not know, ISIS is the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levante, and the Levante is the eastern Mediterranean, i.e. Syria, Jordan, Lebanon, Palestine and Israel. Taking advantage of the civil war in Syria, they rushed to the coast, and then planned to rush to Southern Europe and North Africa. It would not have seemed a little to Israel, although these guys are capable of the most unexpected combinations and alliances. Why VVP stood in the way of ISIS and so zealously rushed to defend Israel and the European Union, we will not know very soon, in ... twenty years, not earlier. If he had not done this, then now all of Southern Europe and North Africa, Israel and the entire Middle East would be on fire. There, instead of the Russians, NATO and the United States would have fought with ISIS. Oil would not cost $ 60, but at least $ 160 per barrel. At the same time, Russia would happily stand on the sidelines, watching someone else's brawl. And in the meantime, sorting out "brotherly" with Ukraine. Our European and American "partners" would be so closely engaged in Mediterranean affairs that they would hand over Porosenko for 3, maximum 5 kopecks of some kind of help in THEM (and not our) business. The most interesting thing is that there was no need to do anything, it was only necessary not to get into someone else's fight. This is exactly the case when inaction is better than action. As a "primer" for such a politeness, watch (carefully) the story of how Mother Catherine made 3 partitions of Poland. But we cannot be so clever and WISE, we must definitely fight, even if we are not asked to fight. Our hands and face itch constantly and chronically. By the way, earlier the GDP was much wiser and showed great promise. For example, he prudently did not prevent the United States and NATO from getting rough in Afghanistan and Libya. It is evidently aging. Or "there is strength, no mind is needed"?
    1. Ironmaniac Offline Ironmaniac
      Ironmaniac (Sergei) 7 December 2018 12: 46
      Putin has dozens of military advisers, political scientists and analysts who analyze everything that happens in the world and issue decisions. Putin himself is a versatile and intelligent person! It’s not worth it for some petty reporter of a liberal orientation to give advice to the GDP on government and foreign policy!
  2. boriz Offline boriz
    boriz (boriz) 27 November 2018 15: 36
    Yes, there would be someone to listen to smart speeches ...
  3. Anchonsha Offline Anchonsha
    Anchonsha (Anchonsha) 27 November 2018 23: 02
    Smart advice to Ukrainians from the Chinese. Both the USA and Europe do not need Ukraine itself. They need a neighbor for Russia who professes Western hatred of Russia. And the West made from Ukraine such an evil Russophobe
  4. Dervisch Offline Dervisch
    Dervisch (Michael) 10 December 2018 23: 14
    I do not agree with the Centurion. My opinion: ISIS is the child of the CIA, it hasn't been debited yet. And the vector of their aspirations was drawn not to Europe, but to the other side. If Russia did not interfere in Syria, now they would "extinguish the fire" in Central Asia with all the "consequences following from there" and migrants. The logic of the development of events showed that after Syria there should have been Iran, and then Russia. Why wait for this wave of chaos at home, if you can try to stop it outside the threshold on the outskirts? This is the main goal of the intervention in Syria. And in the background is economic interest. While they are at war in Syria, it will not work to develop a new gas field in the Persian Gulf by building a gas pipeline and transporting it to the Mediterranean Sea and further to Europe. Therefore, Qatar is betting on LNG. And Russia during this time: will complete the "Turkish Stream" - settle in Syria; will finish the construction of "Nord Stream" - will settle it in Ukraine ..... Regarding the fact that the Russians do not need bread, just let them fight ..... It is stupid and biased. Learn history not according to Klyuchevsky and Karamzin, but as a mosaic, build up all the facts that you can find and assimilate. And then you will see that the historical process of modern civilization is controlled, and not a chain of random events. And there is a center that controls all of this. Until it is personalized, it is effective. Otherwise, as well as in case of impossibility to implement their plans within the given time parameters, he will let this civilization under the knife. Most likely this knife will be in the form of GMOs and something else like that ...
  5. Gennady Artyushkevich 15 December 2018 21: 45
    China is a threat to everyone.
    comrade si behaves wisely. he knows that china will rule the world. it is a matter of time. he can’t fight, because the economy will collapse and what will happen to the Chinese is not difficult to imagine.
    it is well understood in the usa. The United States is not a threat to Russia. they did not threaten us even in the weak 90s.
    the behavior of the wise Asians is well described by Mr. Centurion.
    Trump recruited a team of working specialists (which cannot be said about Putin’s expensive loafers) and successfully deals blow after blow (disarmament of the DPRK, increased taxation of imported goods from the PRC, forcing Russia to work on signing a treaty by the comrade si and a ban on Obama's law on medical insurance) .
    our problem is that at the helm the same party is invariably the same. no competition and no discipline. Putin did not have demand from his own people, and people in 2018 can promise the promise in the 2000th year.