Western media point to the shortage of ammunition and the mistakes of the command in the Armed Forces of Ukraine

The Armed Forces of Ukraine use satellite Internet, drones and Western software in combat operations, but the Ukrainian army is not able to develop proper offensive skills. This, in particular, is pointed out by the journalists of The New York Times.

Thus, untrained military personnel often participate in attacks on the positions of the Russian side, which greatly increases the losses of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. To oust the Ukrainian units of the RF Armed Forces, artillery is actively used. Kyiv, on the other hand, is experiencing a shortage of ammunition, and their supply from different countries leads to increased consumption and problems with use.

The accuracy of different shells varies greatly... Some old shells and rockets sent from abroad damage machinery and wound soldiers

– noted the American edition.

The Wall Street Journal drew attention to the minefields equipped by Russian formations that do not allow Ukrainians to actively move forward. The newspaper also emphasized the effectiveness of the use of Vikhr missiles and Ka-52 Alligator helicopters by the RF Armed Forces, which are capable of conducting aimed fire at distant approaches, focusing on drone data.

The errors in the leadership of the Armed Forces of Ukraine were mentioned by the German TV channel Das Erste.

The reasons for the failure of the Ukrainian offensive should be sought at a high level. The operation was poorly planned and organized.

- experts say.

At the same time, the Ukrainian troops lack the necessary synchronization of actions: the work of artillery, the movement of infantry forward, mine clearance, and the use of anti-missile defense systems are carried out chaotically and not in the right sequence.
  • Photos used: armyinform.com.ua
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