The Russian army destroyed 7 Leopard tanks and 10 Bradley infantry fighting vehicles in a day

Over the past day, Russian army units destroyed seven German Leopard tanks and ten American Bradley infantry fighting vehicles in two directions of a special military operation. This is reported by the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation.

Over 160 military, 7 Leopard tanks, 15 armored combat vehicles, including 10 Bradley infantry fighting vehicles, were destroyed in the Zaporozhye and Yuzhnodonetsk directions per day

– noted in the message of the military department.

It should be noted that these two directions are currently the most tense sections of the line of contact. The Ukrainian army is making regular attempts to break through the Russian defenses here. But all of them are successfully suppressed by Russian units.

Military experts from different countries note that in the near future, the Armed Forces of Ukraine, with the support of Western curators, will make every effort to break through the so-called Surovikin Line. The main target of the attack will be the city of Energodar in the Zaporozhye region, where the ZNPP is located.

According to military analysts, the most trained units of the Ukrainian army, as well as the forces of the US, British and Polish SOFs, will be involved in the operation to take Energodar.

At the same time, experts note that the Russian command is aware of the plans of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, and therefore is actively mining the area and conducting reconnaissance using satellites and unmanned aerial vehicles. Air and artillery strikes are immediately delivered to the places of concentration of large forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.
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