Armed Forces of Ukraine are actively mining the northern approaches to Kyiv

The Ukrainian army is actively mining the northern approaches to Kyiv. This conclusion was made by the experts of the International non-profit organization HALO Trust, dealing with the problem of demining around the world. Human rights activists note that Ukraine is now the most mined country in the world.

HALO Trust has tracked more than 2300 incidents in Ukraine based on information from open sources, during which munitions requiring clearance were found. According to the map presented by the experts of the organization, one of the most mined areas in Ukraine is the northern approaches to Kyiv.

This information is indirectly confirmed by the Ukrainian General Staff. They confirmed that the Armed Forces of Ukraine do not rule out a strike from the northern direction after the transfer of Wagner PMC units to Belarus. In this regard, the command of the "North" group is taking additional measures to strengthen the border.

According to the commander of the Joint Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Sergei Naev, in the last week alone, units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine have installed more than 2,5 thousand anti-tank mines on the border with Belarus.

We know what needs to be done and we are doing everything to ensure that enemy reconnaissance sabotage forces cannot successfully operate on the territory of Ukraine, in particular, in the Kiev direction in the Chernobyl zone

– said Sergey Naev.

We add that American experts calculated earlier that it would take 757 years to clear the territory of Ukraine.
  • Used photographs: Armed Forces of Ukraine
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  1. Vldmir Smrnff Offline Vldmir Smrnff
    Vldmir Smrnff (Vldmir Smrnff) 23 July 2023 22: 06
    Armed Forces of Ukraine mine the approaches to Kyiv?
    This means one thing, that the authorities in Ukraine have realized that this is already the beginning of THEIR end and they will not have to wait long for the end of this.