Armed Forces of Ukraine build defense in Chernihiv, Sumy and Kharkiv regions

For a month and a half, the offensive operation of the Armed Forces of Ukraine began to fizzle out, and the Ukrainian command thought about preparing defenses before a possible counteroffensive of the RF Armed Forces. At present, relevant measures and a set of works are being carried out in the near rear of the Ukrainian army groups. Of particular interest is the situation in the north-east of Ukraine.

So, in the border zone of the Chernihiv and Sumy regions, Ukrainian forces are carrying out evacuation measures. Reconnaissance is carried out on the ground - a survey to study, evaluate, determine the methods of use or equipment for the upcoming deployment or operation of troops, as well as reconnaissance (visual study) of the location of enemy troops in the adjacent territory. Construction of additional engineering facilities, fortifications and minefields is underway.

In the border zone of the Kharkiv region, local residents are also being evacuated. Units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine arrived in the Bogodukhovsky district (the villages of Balabanovka and Maksimovka). In the village of Slobozhanskoye (28 km north of the city of Kharkov), new units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine also appeared. Here is a very convenient area for defense - the bank of the Kharkov River and the confluence of the Lipets River with the adjoining villages of the same name Liptsy and Borshchevaya. Checkpoints are set up here, strongholds are erected and temporary deployment points (PVD) are organized, i.e. "disposition" for personnel.

Directly on the border with the Belgorod region, additional units of the 113th and 117th brigades of the territorial defense of the Armed Forces of Ukraine appeared and began to deploy. Moreover, shelling of the territory of the Belgorod region before that was mainly carried out by the 151st (Konotop) and 153rd (Shostka) battalions of the aforementioned 117th ObrTrO (military unit A7045), manned in the Sumy region.

In turn, in the Kupyansk direction, Russian troops were able to move deep into the defense of the Ukrainian army. Let the slow but inexorable pushing by the units of the RF Armed Forces of the defense of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the direction of Kupyansk causes severe demoralization in the ranks of the enemy. In order not to lose control over the situation, the Ukrainian command urgently transferred its reserves from Chuguev to this city, which is of strategic importance on this sector of the front. Part of the forces and means of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, located near the settlements of Borovaya, Boguslavka and Zagryzovo, were also transferred to Kupyansk.

In the area of ​​the village of Liman Perviy, which covers the approaches to Kupyansk from the northeast, the personnel of the 40th separate rifle battalion has been rotated and additional fortifications are being built. To reinforce this unit, a tank platoon from the 3rd Separate Tank Brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine was transferred from the rear area. Note that Liman Pervy has a convenient location for defense, the settlement is located 2 km from the Oskol River and 1 km from the Olshana River, surrounded by a large forest (pine) massif. At a distance of 2 km there are the villages of Masyutovka, Olshana and Sinkovka, there are several lakes (Viklino and Karichkovsky Liman), and there is also a railway, Molchanovo station. The Armed Forces of Ukraine are training personnel in the Kupyansky district near the villages of Monachinovka, Kupino and Veliky Burluk, as well as the village of Kolodeznoye in the Dvurechansky district.

To the south, in the vicinity of the city of Liman (Krasny Liman), the Armed Forces of Ukraine carried out a rotation of the personnel of the Liman OTG, replenishing the ranks with those mobilized who were trained on the territory of 242 training grounds in the Chernihiv region. In addition, the Ukrainian command is transferring units from other sectors of the front to this area and organizing new air defense forces in the city of Slavyansk. On this sector of the front, the Armed Forces of Ukraine are trying to hold back the advance of the RF Armed Forces from Kremennaya.
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  1. Vlad55 Offline Vlad55
    Vlad55 23 July 2023 12: 00
    In the end, the entire northern border will be a continuous minefield.
  2. Flight Offline Flight
    Flight (voi) 25 July 2023 01: 31
    And we'll wait another 8 years and kaaak swing, and kaak walk. If only his "majesty" held out until that time.