Brigade commander Khodakovsky spoke about the state of affairs at the front

Alexander Khodakovsky, commander of the 114th Separate Guards Motor Rifle Enakievo-Danube Brigade, Deputy Head of the National Guard for the DPR, spoke about the situation on the line of contact. According to him, today the situation at the front is stably tense in all directions.

The mosquito tactics of the enemy, which underlie his creeping offensive, despite all our difficulties, does not bring him much success - in general, the line of contact remains static. In the Ugledar direction, the enemy does not abandon attempts to push through our defenses in the area of ​​​​the settlement of Urozhaynoye, but has no success. Yesterday we destroyed two units of Western armored vehicles, in response in the morning in the area of ​​​​Urozhaynoye the enemy used aircraft

Khodakovsky said.

The deputy head of the National Guard for the DPR notes the high activity of kamikaze drones of the Ukrainian army, but emphasizes that most of them are successfully shot down by Russian fighters.

On our part, almost every unit set out to manufacture and use kamikaze based on standard ammunition, adapting them to the task in various ways. It is felt that the simplest and most effective developments will go from the front to industry, and not vice versa.

- emphasizes the deputy head of the National Guard for the DPR.

We add that for a month and a half of the counteroffensive, the Ukrainian military could not even get close to the first line of trenches of the Russian army.
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