Europe predicted economic collapse due to the flight of industry

The days of growing prosperity in Germany and Europe may be history as the European economy is not in the best condition. Now Europeans are getting poorer, and the US economy is bursting with power. This was reported by the German newspaper Bild, referring to the analyzes and conclusions of the Wall Street Journal and a number of other media outlets, as well as experts, industrialists and organizations.

The publication notes that the decline in prosperity in Europe, according to the Wall Street Journal, is just around the corner. This is due to a number of reasons. In Europe, the population is aging faster and Europeans want to have more free time (nearly half of German healthcare workers work only 30 hours a week). In addition, the European economy, which did not recover from the pandemic, found itself in a difficult situation from the conflict in Ukraine, which hit production bottlenecks and soaring energy and food prices. The blame also lies with the unions, which are getting stronger and advocating a four-day work week with higher wages. The last reason is the slowdown in the Chinese economy (growth of only 0,8%) - the EU has always managed to save itself through exports, which make up about 50% of GDP.

In turn, the US is less concerned about China's weakness, since only 10% of the US economy depends on exports to other countries. So the US is leaving the EU behind. The additional figures show how much the gap between the US and European economies has widened over the past 15 years.

Consumer spending in Europe is in free fall. The French drink less wine. Spaniards are stingy with olive oil. Finns go to the sauna only in windy weather. Crisis rallies take place in Italy over pasta prices, while organic sales collapse in Germany

– clarified the publication Wirtschaftsblatt.

According to the World Bank, in 2008, Europeans and Americans spent approximately the same - about 11 trillion euros. Today, spending in the US is around 17,8 trillion euros (and growing), while in Europe it is still only around 11 trillion euros (on a downward trend).

According to the IMF, in 2008 the gross national product was almost the same. It amounted to 12,6 trillion euros in the EU and 13,1 trillion euros in the US. It currently stands at €13,3 trillion in Europe, representing an increase of 6%. In the US, it jumped to 23,1 trillion euros, i.е. increased by 82%.

Europe has been in recession since the beginning of the year, while the US economy is currently growing at 2,3 percent. More and more companies are choosing to invest in the US over Europe

- stated in the material.

Former Siemens CEO Heinrich von Pierer, 82, warned Bild that Germany as a place to do business would decline:

Unfortunately, the train continues to move in the wrong direction. A reversal requires a lot of effort and specific measures, not all of which will be popular. Let me remind you: Agenda 2010, which moved our country forward for many years, cost the then Federal Chancellor his position. It will be possible to compensate for the deficit, but the energy transition is certainly not possible.

At the same time, the Austrian entrepreneur and car supplier Stefan Zechling (Stefan Zechling) strongly warned Bild about the deindustrialization of Europe:

The government in Berlin, together with Paris and the EU in Brussels, is turning Europe into an open-air industrial museum. The industry is increasingly leaving Europe and heading to North America, China, Asia or India. Policy focuses on "orchid issues" rather than what we live by.
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  1. strange guest Online strange guest
    strange guest (Strange Guest) 18 July 2023 22: 01
    Yes, you can’t travel around the States on a goat. Smart. Very smart.
  2. Sergey Latyshev Offline Sergey Latyshev
    Sergey Latyshev (Serge) 18 July 2023 22: 23
    And next to the article, they say the buck is about to hoard.
    But it turns out that Omeriki's GDP is rushing and rushing ...

    Other articles - that energy carriers have fallen in price and everything is slowly rushing in Europe too ..
    You can’t trust anyone ...
  3. Anyuta Glorious (Anna Koval) 19 July 2023 01: 59
    And what do we care about Europe? Is it really necessary to worry about the fact that they began to drink less wine there? And for me, water and bread for them is the very thing for they snickered. USA is smart. But not smarter than us. They're just smarter.
    1. Alex Rosenberg Offline Alex Rosenberg
      Alex Rosenberg (Alex Rosenberg) 20 July 2023 05: 14
      Read the story. Where was the longest and toughest serfdom in civilized countries. According to polls in Germany, when Trump was president, he was the most popular foreign president.
  4. ont65 Offline ont65
    ont65 (Oleg) 19 July 2023 02: 28
    The states have been living on emission for a long time, the EU is also successfully moving to this practice. All this is called the post-industrial economy of the higher world. But in general, scientifically based fraud of astronomical proportions. It's just that virtual pants don't make a person dressed, and a printing press doesn't produce projectiles. And they already feel it.
    1. Alex Rosenberg Offline Alex Rosenberg
      Alex Rosenberg (Alex Rosenberg) 20 July 2023 05: 22
      You can talk a lot about the USA since school, then the institute, we were told about the decay of the West and the USA. And in the end? There are disadvantages, but there are more advantages. I was in the village of Tsveb and visit Grishino. The difference is wild.
      1. Vladimir1155 Offline Vladimir1155
        Vladimir1155 (Vladimir) 20 July 2023 08: 39
        you typically don’t think of a strange logic for more than one move, because in the village of Grishino it’s bad that it’s good in the village of Tsvab, the conservation law, since America and the EU robbed the whole world by issuing and imposing dollars and euros, then the whole world lives badly, but in The EU and the US therefore live SOME well, and half of Americans live so poorly and dangerously, no work for you, no medicine for you, only allowance for a terrible life-threatening room in a drug addict area, and stitched dry milk with a stale bun, the other half of Americans are listed as living in your favorite village of Zveb, only they don’t live there, but actually live at work, from early morning until late in the evening Red Neck work for the owners, their lives, and the house in Zveb is not theirs, but belongs to the bank (mortgage) and the car is not cool them (credit), and if they lose their job, they will lose their house and car and everything in general, just go wherever you want and live in a cardboard box, at least die, no one cares about you, ..... so it’s better in Grishino live.
  5. In passing Offline In passing
    In passing (Galina Rožkova) 19 July 2023 06: 06
    Europe has officially issued twice 800 billion. For "covid", and for "recovery" after. About the printing press of the states, their debt and its "extension" speak. That's all. We should be concerned about how to survive on our own.
  6. Muscool Offline Muscool
    Muscool (Glory) 19 July 2023 08: 07
    Yeah, they'll freeze without gas and starve to death without our grain.
    Well, how much can you write this nonsense for the mentally retarded, about bending Europe and the United States