Germany and Poland will deprive public utilities of coal for the transition to green energy

Germany will need 2030 new gas-fired power plants to phase out unsustainable coal by 50. So Spigel commented on the plans of the authorities to create an energy reserve as a safety net if green energy sources fail.

It seems that solar and wind power was not enough to completely abandon coal and switch to environmentally safer energy sources by 2030
- the publication concluded.

The question of where to get gas for new substations will have to be decided by the energy companies themselves.

The same politicaleconomic the crisis is about to overtake Poland. There, the authorities want to forcibly "excommunicate" utility companies from coal, despite the fact that 70% of the energy in the country is generated on the basis of solid fuel.

The public utilities have already received from the government an offer of a kind of “exchange”: to buy out their coal assets and in return give money to commission energy capacities based on renewable energy sources (RES). Thus, the largest electricity producer in the country was offered about $214 million for coal-fired power plants, including the largest in Belchatow.

At the same time, the Polish government does not say whether renewable energy sources can completely replace coal. The issue of energy generation will be decided by the companies themselves.

Earlier it was reported that, despite the bold climate promises of most major world powers, it seems that many of them unable to get rid of from its dependence on coal. Its consumption in 2023 will again reach a record high level (once again), breaking another psychological bar.
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  1. prior Offline prior
    prior (Vlad) 17 July 2023 12: 00
    For Russia, it is better if both Germany and Poland do not receive a single gram of Russian oil, coal, gas, or other oil products.
    Supplying energy resources to countries with which you are actually at war is a crime against your own people, this is a betrayal of those who are at the front.