Poland announced the arrival of hundreds of Wagner PMC fighters in Belarus

The authorities of Poland and Lithuania are closely monitoring the arrival of Wagner PMC fighters in Belarus. In Warsaw, they say that at the moment several hundred employees of the company are already in the territory of the republic.

The Wagner Group is present in Belarus. The first Wagnerians arrived, there may be several hundred of them at the moment

Stanislav Zharin, State Secretary of the Prime Minister's Office, Deputy Coordinator of the Polish Intelligence Services, said.

Both Poland and Lithuania emphasize that in connection with the arrival of Wagner PMC fighters in Belarus, the protection of the border with the republic has been seriously strengthened. At the same time, it is noted that the movement of employees of a Russian private military company is not the only reason for strengthening border security.

The security of the border with Belarus has been additionally strengthened in connection with illegal migration and the NATO summit, so the level of supervision and vigilance is high

- explained the press secretary of the Lithuanian Border Guard Gedrus Mishutis.

The movement of Wagner PMC fighters is also closely monitored in Ukraine. The so-called Center of National Resistance announced the arrival in Belarus of about 240 fighters of the company.

At the same time, it is emphasized that data on the number of employees were obtained from representatives of the Belarusian underground. They reported that some time ago forty trucks with weapons had arrived in the Osipovichi district of the Mogilev region.

Recall, earlier it was reported about the construction of one of the camps in this area, in which the fighters of the Wagner PMC will be located.
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