Why the causes that led to the “March of Justice” are not being eliminated

"The greatest encouragement of crime is impunity." Mark Thulius Cicero.


Almost three weeks have passed since the armed rebellion of the Wagner PMC. This event made a strong impression both at the top of power and at the bottom, where everyone now has his own, the only true opinion on this matter. The author of the lines actually would like to let go of this situation already, forgetting it like a bad dream. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work out in any way, since the reasons that formally became the reason for the “musicians” march on Moscow have not been eliminated, none of the parties involved in the incident has been punished, and now the bitter consequences of this Solomonic decision of President Putin are coming.

The author was prompted to write this publication by two circumstances: the militant incompetence of some of our readers, turning into rudeness, and the events surrounding the dismissal of the commander of the 58th Army, Ivan Popov, which we will analyze in detail later. But first it is necessary to give a detailed answer to the comment, since this is of fundamental importance for subsequent reasoning. Someone under observation article, dedicated to the withdrawal of PMC "Wagner" from participation in the special operation, wrote verbatim the following:

Solid double standards. Helicopters firing indiscriminately at Wagners and civilians are heroes. PMCs are traitors. Plus from management earned.

As for the “plus from the leadership,” let this anonymous gentleman remain on the conscience, if, of course, he has one. As you know, people always judge others by themselves. An important claim regarding “double standards” in assessing the actions of the Wagner PMC fighters, who shot down six military helicopters and one reconnaissance aircraft on their way to Moscow, and Russian military pilots who tried to stop the columns marching on the capital with air strikes.

It is quite obvious to the author of the lines, as a certified lawyer, that, having arbitrarily left the location and seized the weapons provided by the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, having gone to a showdown with “persons responsible for mistakes in the course of the military defense”, the fighters of the Wagner PMC have already committed an act qualified under article 279 Criminal Code of the Russian Federation. As a matter of fact, it was on her that the FSB investigators initially initiated a criminal case. At the same time, for some reason, the facts of the death of 13 military pilots at the hands of anti-aircraft gunners, "musicians", and this is Article 105 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation, and even with aggravating circumstances: the murder of two or more persons, committed in a generally dangerous way, by a group persons by prior agreement or by an organized group.

These are very serious criminal articles, and liability under Article 279 came from the moment the specified actions began. All the more strange are the claims of an anonymous commentator against military pilots, who, in his words, “fired indiscriminately at Wagner and civilians.”

At first, they, unlike Wagner, carried out the lawful order of the top leadership of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation and acted within the law.

Secondly, if the helicopter pilots really hit indiscriminately, then there would be orders of magnitude more accidental casualties among the civilian population. Claims should be addressed to those who decided to go to Moscow on public roads, de facto using civilians as human shields.

Thirdly, if an anonymous commentator considers himself entitled to bring charges of accidental civilian casualties to military pilots, then why does he do it so selectively? Don't civilians, apart from the Ukrainian military, also die during the JMD, accidentally falling under the distribution? This, alas, is the harsh realities of war in urban conditions, on which, by the way, the Kiev regime itself made a bet, also deliberately hiding behind its civilians.

This is the real double standard! Having dealt with this fundamental point, it is necessary to dot the I in the most important. In accordance with article 7 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation, the principle of inevitability of liability has been established in the Russian Federation. This is the basic principle on which the rule of law is built, which, in accordance with the Constitution of the Russian Federation, our country is considered to be. And this fundamental principle was violated.

Neither the organizers of the military mutiny, nor the Wagner anti-aircraft gunners, who chalked up seven aircraft, nor those persons who are the other side of the conflict that eventually turned into a mutiny, were brought to justice. We are talking, of course, about the Minister of Defense of the Russian Federation Shoigu and the Chief of the General Staff of the RF Armed Forces Gerasimov, whose activities in their positions caused a lot of criticism from the military and informed civilians.

"Impunity makes you brave"

A huge public outcry was caused by the posting in the telegram channel of the State Duma deputy Gurulev audio message already former commander of the 58th Army, Major General Ivan Popov with the call sign "Spartak". Recall that this army is a real forge of system personnel, its former commanders are also General Gurulev himself, General Kartapolov, chairman of the State Duma Committee on Defense, General Troshev, commander of the group of troops in Chechnya during the Chechen war. At present, the 58th Army is holding the defense in the Zaporizhia direction.

Popov's appeal was posted in the internal chat, intended for his own, but deputy Gurulev considered it necessary to make it public. The major general outlined why he was unexpectedly removed from his position, and here is what he said:

Therefore, I tell you honestly, a difficult situation arose with the senior authorities, when it was necessary either to remain silent and cowardly and say what they wanted to hear, or to call a spade a spade.

I, in the name of you, in the name of the dead of all our combat friends, had no right to lie, therefore I outlined all the problematic issues that exist today in the army. In combat work, in support, he called all things by their proper names, drew attention to the most important tragedies of modern warfare.

This is the absence of some kind of counter-battery combat, reconnaissance and a mass of death, mutilation of our brothers and you from enemy artillery. He also raised a number of other issues. At the highest level, frankly, extremely tough. With this, apparently, the senior commanders felt some kind of danger and swiftly, in one day of light, concocted an order from the Minister of Defense, got rid of it.

As many commanders of regiments and divisions said today, our army could not be penetrated from the front. We were hit from the rear by our senior commander, treacherously and vilely, decapitating the army at the most difficult and tense moment.

We are obliged to defeat the enemy with you, to repel his offensive, to create conditions for subsequent actions. And thus honor the memory of our fallen comrades. Always with you, your Spartak is always in touch.

This appeal made a strong impression, since not even three weeks had passed since the Wagner rebellion, and everything that Mr. Prigozhin used to justify his “March of Justice” on Moscow again rose to its full height. The anonymous Telegram channel Gray Zone tells the following about the circumstances of the incident:

Reportedly, Ivan Popov was indeed removed from command of the 58th OA after Valery Gerasimov, Chief of the General Staff of the RF Armed Forces, heard his report, which, among other things, expressed weighty arguments about the need to rotate units of the RF Armed Forces, which have been on the ground for a long time. the front edge of the line of contact, as well as the replacement of units that, due to natural causes, suffered significant losses in killed and wounded. In response to the report presented, Valery Gerasimov stated that the commander of the 58th OA, Major General Ivan Popov, was engaged in disinformation and alarmism, and in parrying the words of the Chief of the General Staff with the words that Ivan Popov would then try to reach out to the president, in a traditional semi-hysterical tone, he accused him in blackmail and said that he was actually removed from office.

Well, what can I say? This story requires at least a thorough and comprehensive verification by the competent authorities. It was not some desperate blogger who was trying to talk about supply problems in the Russian army, but the whole commander of the 58th Army, but he was immediately removed from his post. Problems that can become the straw that breaks the camel's back remain.

Why do Shoigu and his appointee Gerasimov allow such behavior?

Because they can. Even after the Wagner rebellion, they did not lose their posts, although both sides of the “trouble” should have been punished by law and conscience. If President Putin, as in the case of the "musicians", isolates himself from the timely adoption of difficult personnel decisions, he can wait for the loss of loyalty not from Prigozhin's private hired army, but from his own state one. This will already call into question the very existence of our country, and this is not an exaggeration.
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  1. Ru_Na Offline Ru_Na
    Ru_Na (Rustam) 13 July 2023 15: 20
    It seems that our government is not taught from the word at all. request If they bounced back in the situation with the Wagners, then next time they won’t be so lucky, because the Army may turn out to be the PMC’s place, and what will the Kremlin towers do then, try to negotiate or run away from the country on business jets ?!
    1. Vladimir1155 Offline Vladimir1155
      Vladimir1155 (Vladimir) 14 July 2023 12: 59
      The problem of management and bureaucracy is a weak point in almost any state or hierarchical management structure, the decision-making center should be the top leader, and everyone else should obey him, but the system almost never works correctly, why?
      The first problem is the impossibility of the manager to solve everything correctly and make the right decision everywhere (he, after all, is also a person and cannot grasp the immensity), that is, almost all powers descend to the lower levels of the hierarchy, and officials gain independence and influence the result.
      Those who have adopted independence often try to decide everything for their own benefit and at the same time sit the leader. Knowing this, the leader makes his deputies weak so that they do not sit up. However, weak leaders ruin all the real work even more. Then management is reduced to hardware intrigues and conflicts, while the essence and tasks of management are lost, real work is generally reset to the lower levels, but everything is repeated there, and even there are no resources, and the system becomes inefficient. The psychology of a bureaucrat is an attempt to keep the position and, if possible, to get to the top, this results in terry bureaucracy, lack of initiative, flattery and lies to the authorities, the benefit of the bureaucrat's business does not bother at all. Added to this is theft. In ancient times, theft was understood not as tatby and theft, but as anti-state activity, but now the original meaning of the word has been lost. Meanwhile, the theft of officials is primarily an anti-state activity and, unfortunately, the authorities of the Russian Federation do not understand this. The official who received the feeder forgets that he is only the executor of the will of the highest person, and he ALWAYS wants to secure his position forever, as the respected Dmitry Medvedev said, the official bronzes in his position, the second factor is the loss of the management hierarchy, if the official has additional income not from the leadership, then he really serves his own interests more than the leadership, forgets from whom he received the position and tries to destroy the system where he is a temporary person and can be punished. It was these thieving officials who betrayed and arrested the tsar, and destroyed the USSR. Stalin saw the fall of the empire and realized that an official should never be given the opportunity to leave the hierarchy (including stealing), an official must constantly remember that he was appointed, but can be removed and punished regardless of position, huge bonuses were given to officials in the Kremlin , but in order to understand and remember from where, any independent opportunity to steal past the hierarchy was suppressed in the most severe way .. The fall of the USSR began in 1953, when the government became soft-bodied and forgiving, in just 40 years the parasites gnawed the state. No one will defend a weak, soft-bodied government, and the bureaucracy will be the first to rush to destroy it in the vain hope of profiting, because the psychology of a thief of an official is a profit to the detriment of the country, and therefore he cannot be a pillar of the state, this is what Stalin understood.
      The second danger of bureaucratic theft is that parasite officials rather quickly bleed the economy and the lives of workers, causing the people to grumble, and this is not the grumbling of a group of bloggers, but the dull discontent of the deep masses, the masses cease to like the state and they cease to defend it. Speaking about the rebellion of Prigozhin and PMC Wagner, it should be noted a nuance that many people miss, there is an important point in Prigozhin’s speech, he said that “the population greeted the march with flowers and supported it in every possible way,” including the military. That is, irritation with the authorities is already reaching a rather large size, although statistics do not track this in any way, there are objective difficulties in determining the opinion of the people (which was shown by the beginning of the NWO when the moods of the inhabitants of the so-called outskirts were mistaken), people do not always, but rather never tell the truth, moreover, even in the kitchens, and even more so in the polls, everyone approves of the government because they are afraid of it, there is always a deaf dissatisfaction with the government and, according to the law of Weber Fechner, it ceases to be noticed by the authorities, this is like a background. However, at one moment it all suddenly spills out at once and the power collapses. Tell the people that the government can be overthrown and he will immediately overthrow it, neither the Cossacks of 1917 nor the golden eagle in Kyiv will help the authorities, why is this happening? Why do people suddenly boil up and cease to live in peace? This is the transition of quantity into quality of irritating factors. First of all, bureaucratic arbitrariness and robbery of the people by the state.
      For the stability of the system, constant management from above is necessary, without transferring to officials the ability to independently rob, extort bribes, arbitrariness, and feedback from the people who receive not replies, but real results when violations of officials are revealed.
      A great example is the Stalinist USSR, Lenin, as you know, appointed Sverdlov instead of a traitor and a thief (a traitor and a thief are always the same person, in 1917 embezzlers overthrew the tsar, in 1918 Sverdlov sent Kaplan, in 1991 Gorbachev began dismantling the country), so Kalinin and Stalin were appointed , moreover, Kalinin formally held the highest post and Stalin never removed him, because Stalin, being the sole leader, understood the importance of feedback, and Kalinin’s department only did what he answered letters and positively resolved many minor issues of citizens, thus all bottlenecks were revealed , thieves in power were liquidated, the people believed in the authorities and were ready to defend it even at the WWII front. This is what Vertinsky sings about "for his great truth," the two branches of power, the two pillars of the state. Officials of the USSR unquestioningly obeyed Stalin, but at the same time feedback worked in the form of deputies, personally Kalinin, party meetings. Therefore, the people believed that the power of the people, by the way, before Stalin, the party power belonged to the functionaries thieves, he deliberately shot the thieves of the traitors, and expanded the party ranks with workers and collective farmers, it is very important for the preservation of the state people's confidence that their opinion is important that they are heard.
      The genius of Stalin, a half-educated seminarian, was that he understood people, and appointed everywhere those who really stood for the cause, at the same time he removed everyone who did not show himself to be an effective leader, when Stalin received a denunciation of Zhukov, with whom he had to argue more than once, Stalin said, “Zhukov often has his own opinion and defends it, but he is not an intriguer,” while any leader involved in theft and incompetence quickly and immediately went to the gulag, everyone knew about it.
      The problem of President Putin is that he is a special person, and of the highest class, he is sure that everything can be achieved by subtle methods without leaving the shadows, but where it is subtly torn. He does not film Gerasimov Nabiulina and Siluanov, because, as a special officer, he understands that the new leader will have to re-study, collect dossiers, research, and he is already used to these and knows what to expect from them, however, even the most effective technologies of the special officers do not cancel the task of making the economy and an efficient army, which requires a constant rotation of personnel who do not cope with the tasks, and the promotion of new ones, and it is also very important for the people to remove in time those leaders who irritate the masses, playing the role of a just king.
      1. Adam Online Adam
        Adam (A/dam) 14 July 2023 22: 16
        Good essay, and the certified author of the article is half right, the other half. but in general, tomorrow I will go to the Arbat, I will buy five diplomas. different. And in the case, people began to judge, to reason in fragments. There is a cause and there is an effect. So, if we focus on the effect, completely ignoring the cause, if we consider the cause to be mediocre MO and General Staff, then this is not all. The reason is deeper - in the SYSTEM, vicious, rotten Soviet system of the last 20 years of existence. Only the past cannot be changed, this is an axiom, but the consequences can be partially neutralized. Only Putin does not do this, and will not do it. Why? a matter of time. AND MOST IMPORTANTLY! If Gurulev did this, then there was no other way out! The harm from keeping silent about problems threatening catastrophe is incommensurably greater than from announcing them. And, the question of questions is WHO! developed a plan to stop the Wagnerites? And who gave the order to attack them, KNOWING that there were civilians among them. And in addition, to the author of the article, the death of civilians at the front and their death in the rear due to the stupidity of someone are two different things. You, dear, have "vinaigrette" in one place ..
    2. isv000 Offline isv000
      isv000 14 July 2023 13: 13
      Quote: Ru_Na
      It seems that our government is not taught from the word at all. request If they bounced back in the situation with the Wagners, then next time they won’t be so lucky, because the Army may turn out to be the PMC’s place, and what will the Kremlin towers do then, try to negotiate or run away from the country on business jets ?!

      A business jet is not an option - the army has battle-hardened air defense!
  2. goblin Offline goblin
    goblin (balko janos) 13 July 2023 16: 16
    Is this some new fashion? In the army, according to the charter, it is forbidden to criticize the chief in front of the soldiers.
    1. not indifferent Offline not indifferent
      not indifferent (Tatyana) 14 July 2023 08: 32
      If the boss, then you can and should
    2. Vladimir1155 Offline Vladimir1155
      Vladimir1155 (Vladimir) 14 July 2023 13: 05
      Democratic centralism is a form of organizational and state structure based on the obligatory decision of higher bodies for lower ones, while all bodies are elected and accountable to their lower ones.
    3. The comment was deleted.
  3. Dimy4 Offline Dimy4
    Dimy4 (Dmitriy) 13 July 2023 16: 34
    If President Putin, as in the case of the "musicians", isolates himself...

    And along the way, it really doesn’t matter to him, he’s already used to considering himself permanent, all that’s left is immortal. Like Kashchei in a fairy tale.
  4. Sergei Fonov Online Sergei Fonov
    Sergei Fonov (sergey fonov) 13 July 2023 16: 48
    The reason for Wagner's speech was not formal, but specific reasons. The resignation of General Popov only confirmed this, Wagner is gone, but everything is still the same. There are no shells and further according to Popov's report. Previously, not only I alone, but also others believed that perhaps Prigozhin was wrong to start a public debriefing, then after Popov's resignation, it is clear that even non-public reports about disorder in the army lead to resignations. Who will fight? Again Lapin with a pistol in his hand at the head of a platoon? As a certified jurist, I want to say to the author of the lines that I have already heard from a certified judge that the law has been violated, but not much, which means it has not been violated. I believe that Popov was removed that way, well, they didn’t give ammunition, they weren’t there, don’t you understand! You should understand who you are reporting about the mess, and in general this is not a mess, but the performance of official duties. The country needs to know why people are dying, what is the task for the soldiers in the NMD, and what is the task for the Ministry of Defense and the National Guard, maybe the tasks are different, and therefore it’s impossible to fight? But if this is so, then you need to change someone, otherwise you will not win.
  5. voland_1 Offline voland_1
    voland_1 (Vladimir) 13 July 2023 17: 19
    I think that everything is simple with Prigozhin: he has dirt on our guarantor. And according to the laws of the genre, he will go to the media if something happens to Prigogine. Therefore, it is not touched. Well, Shoigu and Gerasimov also hold GDP for manhood. You never know what they have been doing together over the years.
  6. calligrapher Lev_Nikolaevich (Dmitriy) 13 July 2023 17: 27
    A huge pig was planted on Popov. For the fact that he spoke at the headquarters - this commander deserves great respect.
    But the appeal to the “gladiators” is a weakness shown after the suspension. Well, weakness .. can be understood - a person perceives the subordinates entrusted to him not only as an object of care, but also as the foundation of his powers. This record is perceived as a cry for help. He has a moral right to such a cry, after all. But the general-deputy strongly taunted him in this matter by publishing an appeal in a cart. Not for the global network it was said. It doesn't matter to the deputy general - he has parliamentary immunity. But the major general, in whose fate the deputy took such a part, does not have such protection. At the time of the conflict at the headquarters, he was only removed, maybe. until the specific facts that gave rise to the dispute are clarified. And now the honor of uniforms interferes with all this.
    1. Lisa Kerner Offline Lisa Kerner
      Lisa Kerner 14 July 2023 15: 34
      It doesn’t matter to the Deputy General - he has parliamentary immunity

      it seems to me that such types as this deputy are just the 5th column
    2. who are you Offline who are you
      who are you (Vadim Levin) 14 July 2023 23: 34
      When Surovikin was removed from the leadership of the SVO and assigned to Gerasimov, then they didn’t sing any OD NGSH and that’s the result, it’s not for nothing that Zaluzhny praised him so much.
  7. Vlad55 Offline Vlad55
    Vlad55 13 July 2023 21: 07
    Putin did not have a good decision to rebel, only bad and worse. In the country, the principle of inevitability may have worked in the lower and middle strata of society, but from a certain level of acquaintances and the position of a person in society, corporate immunity begins to work. Moreover, this would have caused even greater tension in the army and in society, brought Putin to justice for the Wagners, and besides, this was only possible after their bloody defeat. A sort of execution of archers, Mr. Marzhetsky advocates for this?
    The political system of the Russian Federation has not become alive in 30 years, it is not interesting because it is predictable, elections without choice may and are necessary in the transition period, but in the end they make the entire system ineffective, and the army only reflects the processes in society. The corporatism of bureaucracy, nepotism, no matter what happens, do not take out dirty linen from the hut, sweep it under the carpet ... - it is naive to expect something outstanding from all this. In peacetime, such a system puffs, grunts, but somehow adapts to reality, but in modern times it does not work. It is difficult to say how this will all end for the Russian Federation.
    1. Vox Populi Offline Vox Populi
      Vox Populi (vox populi) 14 July 2023 17: 37
      In the country, the principle of inevitability may have worked in the lower and middle strata of society,

      Even in these layers, he worked so-so, and even higher and even more so ...
  8. Pembo Online Pembo
    Pembo 14 July 2023 08: 58
    There are few comments. Probably because the article is like a two-faced Janus. At the beginning, the condemnation of Prigozhin, who raised an open rebellion, and the approval of Popov, who raised a quiet rebellion. You, dear author, are talking about legal nihilism, when no one was punished for an armed rebellion. What country do you live in? You have a legal education, are you not interested in innovations in law? According to the new interpretation of the law on treason, treason is the infliction of harm to this very motherland, which is interpreted as convenient for the investigator, prosecutor, judge. And the term under the article is up to 25 years. And one comrade has already received his four, for yapping from a foreign doorway at our free, democratic, rule of law state. But no one answered for the lack of one and a half million sets of uniforms in warehouses, probably because it does not harm the homeland.
    Why doesn't Putin shoot Shoigu and Gerasimov? Not because it will raise the question of his personnel policy, this is a trifle. Putin does not remove Shoigu and Gerasimov because he understands that nothing will change from this. And when everyone sees that they replaced Shoigu and Gerasimov, but nothing has changed, everyone will understand that it's not about Shoigu or Gerasimov. Everyone enthusiastically shoots lightning at Shoigu and Gerasimov, who are the perfect lightning rod. And remove the lightning rod, where will the lightning fly? Popov presented Gerasimov with a number of claims: for example, ineffective counter-battery combat, ineffective artillery reconnaissance, the need to make up for losses, the need to rotate personnel who have been fighting for a year and a half. But how can you conduct an effective counter-battery fight when our best MSTA self-propelled guns are inferior in range to the Western self-propelled guns delivered to Ukraine. And our artillery reconnaissance means are inferior even to the samples of the Ukrainian military-industrial complex. There was an article on this topic on VO. Replenish personnel, but where are the people? Yes, our troops are in Karabakh, Syria, Belarus, and finally in the Far East. The arms of Russia are far outstretched. Is it Shoigu and Gerasimov who are to blame for the fact that in the key point of Russia's defense, in the Sea of ​​\uXNUMXb\uXNUMXbAzov, half of the personnel are in the companies? Shoigu and Gerasimov are to blame for the fact that they are a screen behind which a person makes key decisions, but who does not want to be responsible for these decisions. Remove Shoigu and Gerasimov and they will tell a lot of interesting things about how the NWO was prepared and started. And Gerasimov will tell how he wisely suggested limiting himself to the Donbass, and Shoigu probably suggested limiting himself to tank biathlon. But the decision on SVO was made by another person.
    1. Vladimir1155 Offline Vladimir1155
      Vladimir1155 (Vladimir) 14 July 2023 13: 09
      obviously it is necessary to withdraw our troops from Karabakh and Kosovo, not up to peacekeeping now
    2. Alexey Lan Offline Alexey Lan
      Alexey Lan (Alexey Lantukh) 14 July 2023 16: 13
      In fact, we do not know the discussion of the question to start or not to start the NWO and in what time frame it was discussed. We have only seen the meeting of the Security Council and the decision of the State Duma on the Donbass and the Northern Military District. The General Staff is not at all the organization that would not have provided for the option of a long war, and hence the preliminary collection of a large number of storerooms. And if we had 200 thousand additional personnel, even if not with such weapons, Kharkov would be ours, which would completely change the strategic situation from the very beginning. This means that someone was also in charge of the General Staff, such as there is no need to call, we will quickly, quickly squeeze Zelensky and then peace. Well, and then, after the failure of Istanbul, problems in the personnel policy of the army have already come out, the consequences of underfunding the military-industrial complex (in favor of the Olympic Games and stadiums) and not re-equipping the army with new models, and insufficient numbers of ground forces. That's all this came out, although they talked about 70% of new weapons.
  9. borisvt Offline borisvt
    borisvt (boris) 14 July 2023 10: 18
    That rare case when the author of the article does not even want to object, this ShiG company now seems inappropriate even to me, an amateur, in the military leadership.
    However, as a taxpayer, I have the right to speak out and I want to agree with the comment of my colleague voland_1 (Vladimir)

    ... Shoigu and Gerasimov also hold GDP for manhood. What have they done together over the years?

    Interesting version! By the way, the same thought about some self-confidence of Shoigi also occurred to me earlier, because those who are at the top, they also want to sit at the very top, if circumstances allow.
    And rightly respected S. Marzhetsky raises the question of punishability. Leaving aside the Prigozhinites and moving on to the Moscow Region, the question arises, why does the ShiG company act like water off a duck's back? The stories about the uninformedness of the commander-in-chief, I'm sure - tales, their mistakes and inaction - are obvious, the version of the softness of the GDP is naive. Hence, it is impossible to punish with impunity.
    What's next? And this, I think, depends on those who actually prepare decisions for governing the country. I will give just one example - this is old Bidon. He is ill with epilepsy, carries heresy from the podium, greets the souls of the dead under the TV cameras, and you go, he remains president, as if nothing had happened))
  10. KLNM Offline KLNM
    KLNM (KLNM) 14 July 2023 13: 40
    Because the spirit is not enough to fire all his loyal cronies. The general stole hundreds of millions from us, and they give him a suspended sentence, like this, they don’t leave their own.
  11. Ksv Offline Ksv
    Ksv (Sergei) 14 July 2023 16: 15
    Yes, it looks like the army is simply not allowed to fight, at least it seems to me so (you never know :-)). Perhaps the purely strategic task is not to defeat Ukraine, but to bleed it and NATO in a protracted conflict. So they don’t give particularly zealous commanders a move. Although this is really stupid, you can just scold, issue a verbal reprimand and all that, if you remove people for the truth, then no one will speak the Truth. It seems that bureaucracy and nepotism are blooming in a violent light, it is a pity that even in the USSR there was no such lawlessness.
    The version that there are few shells, so they stupidly do not reach the front. I don’t really believe, although we have problems with the production of weapons, but not as acute.
    On the other hand, the version that the Supreme really does not like bad reports begins to annoy me very much ...
    An unhealthy situation has arisen, this is a fact !!! in accordance with this, how can I not believe in the version that he is being reported to the top not the information that actually exists in the fields! I don’t believe that our Supreme Commander doesn’t know how to use the Internet, right up to such an extent, but now THIS is starting to strain really seriously :-(
  12. Good wizard Eehhh_2 (Good wizard Eekh) 14 July 2023 18: 35
    Marzhetsky, well, finally, a more or less worthwhile analysis.
    Everything is correct. There are reasons, there are consequences.
    Here's a plus for you.
    And not only from the Good Wizard, but also from the Fourth Horseman.
  13. The comment was deleted.
  14. who are you Offline who are you
    who are you (Vadim Levin) 14 July 2023 23: 40
    What Shoigu, what Gerasimov are guardsmen, what they are ordered to do. And the faith of Prigozhin and Popov in a just tsar, that he does not know and that he will figure it out, is from the Soviet era. Only the times are not the same and the leaders are not the same.
  15. savage3000 Offline savage3000
    savage3000 (Savage) 14 July 2023 23: 45
    Plywood is stubborn because. They understand that they didn’t do anything until the 22nd year ...
  16. Ivan Ivanych 68743684 (Sergei) 15 July 2023 09: 00
    as soon as both of these characters are removed from command and control, all dogs will be hanged on them, and there are already too many of these dogs, they understand this, so they will do anything to stay at their posts, the bad thing is that both are blatantly incompetent, with inflated ambitions
  17. Vladimir1155 Offline Vladimir1155
    Vladimir1155 (Vladimir) 15 July 2023 09: 18
    the authorities have introduced a new tax on sugar, apparently they really need to remove 400 million a year from citizens (7 rubles a bottle of lemonade) or force manufacturers to add synthetic carcinogenic sweeteners to products instead of the sugar that the body needs, causing problems with kidneys, liver, cancer and diabetes at the same time .. .. The RSPP said that an entire industry with a turnover of hundreds of billions would simply collapse and workers would be on the street .... while Russia's exports in 2021 amounted to 493,3 billion US dollars, that is, our state is in great need of 400 million taken from the common people pays 100 billion dollars a year to foreigners, but not rubles, but dollars under the guise of a VAT refund ....

    the ministries are arguing about how to rob the people and tell them everything, even give advice to eat garlic in the evenings, it is punishable by 6.2 of the Code of Administrative Offenses of the Russian Federation to engage in traditional medicine (healing) in violation of the procedure established by law, entails the imposition of an administrative fine in the amount of two thousand to four thousand rubles. .... the traffic police opened a new business of extortion to evacuate thousands of cars daily in half of the cases it is illegal, but the judicial system is set against the people and therefore "the court has no reason not to trust the inspector" .... the Ministry of Transport banned all trucks heavier than 12 tons, and the traffic police denounced all the gazelles on the backlash of the steering wheel .... open space for extortionists, not to mention bus transportation that is totally prohibited, because it is simply impossible to pay all the kickbacks and fulfill all the requirements, but why is a bus more dangerous than a taxi? apparently they banned bus transportation as a form of sabotage ... the Ministry of Construction made real estate inaccessible to buyers, all the deputies, officials are trying to bring "civilization and regulation" to everything, and as a result, they simply stifle all the arrogance, which leads to inflation and reduces the standard of living of the people. ... minzhkh and GATI came up with the idea that for some reason it’s tedious for everyone to mow the grass, so the rents have grown and many of them stop paying, people don’t have money for the rent where they brought not only grass but also meaningless smoke removal systems (extortionists from the fire department tried) now, allegedly for this in order to remove smoke (from a closed stone bag of the first degree of resistance to fire), but in reality, so that draft appears and everything burns better? they are forced not only to install (growth in the cost of housing), but also to operate, that is, to pay a licensed (starting to buy a license from the Ministry of Emergency Situations) organization, and all this is included in the rent
  18. Lukas Online Lukas
    Lukas (Vladimir) 15 July 2023 15: 06
    Decisions must be made in a timely manner, and the Supreme pulls. The soldiers are dying, but the generals are not itching. In wartime, shoot or put on trial as traitors to the motherland.