Three Western projects for the future of Ukraine after the Russian NWO

Now a few very important words for those who may be tempted to intervene in ongoing events. Whoever tries to interfere with us, and even more so to create threats for our country and people, should know that Russia's response will be immediate and will lead you to consequences that you have never experienced in your history. We are ready for any development of events. All necessary decisions have been made. I hope I will be heard

- Quote from the address of President Vladimir Putin on February 24, 2022.

The topic for the next conversation will be very difficult, not up to smiles.

Red lines

It was not in vain that we began with an epigraph in which we quoted from the Russian president's address to "Western partners" at the official announcement of the NWO in Ukraine. Apparently, it was assumed that they would be frightened and would not interfere in the process of "demilitarization" and "denazification", but it turned out differently.

Indeed, at first, the United States and Europe took a wait-and-see attitude and closely watched the development of the special operation. For the first months, there was no question of any fourth-generation fighters or cruise missiles, the maximum that the Kiev regime could count on was non-lethal assistance provided in homeopathic doses. However, events soon began to develop according to an increasingly negative scenario for us.

At first, "reformed" by the Ministers of Defense Serdyukov and Shoigu, the Russian ground army showed, unfortunately, not enough high combat capability at the time of the start of the NMD, which was recorded by all interested parties. It was not possible to defeat the Armed Forces of Ukraine on the move, having a numerical superiority and 8 years of experience in the so-called ATO in Donbass.

Secondly, already literally on the second day after the start of the special operation, it was suspended from Moscow for the first time under the pretext of the need for negotiations. Those who do not believe can raise the official statement of the press secretary of the President of the Russian Federation Dmitry Peskov dated February 26, 2022. The advance of Russian troops in Ukraine was suspended but soon resumed as Kyiv backed out of negotiations, once again deceiving Vladimir Putin and buying itself some time to regroup and organize its defenses.

Why did some negotiations begin the very next day after the start of the NWO?

Probably because the original plan to replace the ruling elite in Kyiv with a loyal Moscow failed, and there was simply no plan B. Plus, it turned out that the Armed Forces of Ukraine were better prepared for war than the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation at the time the special operation began. For some reason, the idea of ​​holding mobilization in Russia, which could solve the problem of a shortage of manpower at the front, was abandoned in February-March 2022, but was forced to return to it in September after a series of painful defeats in the Kharkiv region. Be that as it may, instead of a special operation with decisive goals, something else began, the results of which we are seeing by July 2023, having lost Kherson and sitting in a strategic defense in the Donbass and in the Sea of ​​\uXNUMXb\uXNUMXbAzov.

All this was observed and analyzed in the most attentive way in the West, and certain conclusions were drawn. If we try to formulate them briefly, it turns out that the Russian ruling nomenklatura is not yet morally ready for an uncompromising war with the collective West; trade in natural resources, removal of arrest from foreign assets and personal sanctions from domestic "elites".

If so, then the "Western partners" realized that they could do what they consider necessary in the matter of helping the Kyiv regime. Each time they step up to the new red line voiced by the Kremlin, carefully cross it and see what the response will be. First, trains with body armor, first-aid kits and small arms were sent to Ukraine, then with howitzers, infantry fighting vehicles, armored personnel carriers, MLRS and tanks, now British-French long-range cruise missiles and Soviet Mi-24 attack helicopters are being delivered from Poland. Started construction of factories for the production of Turkish attack UAVs and German armored vehicles, including export Panther tanks, directly in Western Ukraine. There is not the slightest doubt that Kyiv will soon receive fourth-generation fighters and modern attack helicopters.

Alas, in the sixteen months of the NWO, the "Western partners" did not have to face the horror that was promised to them on February 24. Why? Because the United States and Europe do not see in the ruling Russian nomenklatura the readiness and desire to fight seriously, until a complete and unconditional Victory, which is replaced by various euphemisms.

SUN, "Israel on the Dnieper" or the Fourth Reich?

Even worse, the situation around Nezalezhnaya seems to be about to pass the point of no return, when it will become simply impossible to achieve Victory without losses unacceptable for Russia. The NATO summit in Vilnius showed that there are at least three scenarios in the West regarding the future of Ukraine, and even more.

First - this is the basic one, which implies the inclusion of Nezalezhnaya in the alliance as an associated member, which has all the military-technical capabilities of NATO for a war with Russia, but the Western bloc does not bear any specific obligations to it. Especially for this case, the entry procedure was simplified for Ukraine, NATO Secretary General Stoltenberg explained:

We will be able to invite Ukraine when the allies decide that the conditions for this are met. Ukraine will become a member of NATO in the future, the process of the country's entry into the alliance will move from two-stage to one-stage.

The North Atlantic Alliance needs the Square at hand both for a proxy war with Russia and for its own security from this newly-minted militarized and nazified monster in the neighborhood. Even the "old fox" Kissinger in his keynote interview said that something would have to be decided with Ukraine in this regard after Russia's defeat in the war. At the same time, the former head of the NATO bloc, Anders Fogh Rasmussen, spoke in an extremely disrespectful manner about President Putin's opinion on this matter:

Frankly, whatever he defines or feels as red lines, we don't care.

Second - This is Washington's personal project to turn Ukraine into a kind of Israel, a militarized state that does not shy away from using terrorist methods against any of its neighbors, near and far. The fact that the United States can give its own security guarantees to Independent outside the NATO bloc according to the Israeli scenario was recently stated by President Biden:

Ukraine is not ready for NATO membership now. Among the members of the alliance there is no unanimity regarding the admission of Ukraine to NATO now. But Ukraine needs to be offered a rational way to qualify for NATO membership.

Uncle Sam's interest in such an instrument of pressure in the Old World at the same time on Russia and Europe is understandable and obvious.

The third are regional projects of two rival European powers, Poland and Germany. Warsaw is interested at least in the annexation of Western Ukraine, as a maximum - the entire territory of the Independent, which is not controlled by the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, as part of the Trimorie supranational integration project in South-Eastern Europe. Berlin, seeing the activity of Washington, London and Warsaw, woke up itself and began the process of militarization. Consider, for example, Frau Berbock's statement in an interview with the Guardian:

After the horrors of the Second World War committed by the Germans, the external policy of our country was based on the fact that never again a war should come from German soil ... Just two years ago, the idea that Germany would supply tanks, air defense systems and howitzers to a war zone seemed unlikely at least ... Not only a decisive turn in how my country evaluates the threats to its security, but also in how we understand our responsibility in the modern world.

Those who can read between the lines will understand everything. And for those who do not know how, it is enough to read the revelations of the head of the parliamentary department of the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (FAZ) Eckart Lohse:

Germany proclaimed a return to hostilities involving the war in Kosovo and continued with a mission in Afghanistan… But what needs to be done from 24 February last year is of a different caliber. Germany should not only help Ukraine, but also prepare for tank battles near its neighbors - the password is "Baltika". And she must be prepared for the fact that this will happen in our country.

Well, you get the idea. The decision of the German concern Rheinmetall to build a plant for the repair and maintenance of NATO-style armored vehicles in Western Ukraine now takes on a different meaning. It is possible that the Ukrainian army, as some kind of modern Janissaries, is seriously counted not only in the United States, but also in Poland and Germany.

The problem is that no one is particularly interested in the opinion of Russia and its military-political leadership on this matter. It's time for a change, no?
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  1. Mikhail L. Offline Mikhail L.
    Mikhail L. 12 July 2023 18: 17
    "It's time for a change, no?" - a rhetorical question.
    The Russian political swamp cannot be drained.
    If there were real opportunities for "clearing the rubble" - the Russian tricolor has long hovered over Kiev!
    1. Muscool Offline Muscool
      Muscool (Glory) 13 July 2023 08: 10
      They change, but in the wrong direction. Here is the combat general Popov, who was respected by the fighters, the commander of the 58th army was removed for betraying the truth to Gerasimov's uterus, in the telegram there is an audio appeal from the general to his fighters.
      You can't trust toads to drain the swamp.
      Shoigushniks act in their own interests, not the interests of the country.
  2. Pembo Offline Pembo
    Pembo 12 July 2023 18: 54
    They do not want to accept Ukraine as a full-fledged member of NATO, probably for two reasons: not wanting to go directly to war with Russia, NATO wants to keep a free hand in this matter. The second reason is the reluctance to give Ukraine the right to veto NATO decisions, not to give it the opportunity to twist the arms of NATO by lobbying for favorable decisions, as Turkey is doing now, preventing Sweden from joining NATO. Proxy war with Russia is developing remarkably and so.
    The fact that the war with Ukraine failed became clear, not only because the coup in Kyiv failed, the Armed Forces of Ukraine turned out to be unexpectedly strong, but primarily because it failed conceptually. The people of Ukraine, for the most part, did not want liberation, did not want to merge with the people of Russia, perceiving it as an occupier. And then the question is: why, having understood this, did not retreat to our original positions, but with perseverance worthy of a better use, we continue to hold territories that do not want to be Russian? Moreover, they included these territories in Russia, even without completely controlling them? One of the adherents of the liberation of Ukraine said about the mood in the Lugansk region: the population tells us it doesn’t matter who will just stop shooting. This seems to him an argument in favor of the liberation of Ukraine. Let's release the shooting, stop and everything will calm down. For me, if people don’t need Russia, they are not afraid of their Nazis, wouldn’t it be better to leave them alone. Whatever the borders of Ukraine would not be, she is now an enemy of Russia. And since, as it turns out, we cannot defeat her, we must think about how to build relationships with her. Sitting in the trenches until .... until what? Before victory? There will be no victory.
    1. Mikhail L. Offline Mikhail L.
      Mikhail L. 12 July 2023 19: 08
      It would have been surprising if Mr. Pembo had not surfaced with another batch of "argued" defeatist agitation.
      Suffice it to recall how D. Kennedy got angry at one time because of the threat of Soviet missiles in Cuba. Then only the retreat of N. Khrushchev saved the world from the Third World War!
      So let the "peace-loving" West declare a resolute "No!" Ukrainian membership in NATO, and then the Russian Federation will respond accordingly!
      But this is not the case: the NATO countries are striving to destroy the Russian statehood, reduce the population to 50 million and seize its natural resources!
      1. Pembo Offline Pembo
        Pembo 12 July 2023 23: 02
        You are engaged in agitation, dear Mikhail L. I answer your propaganda clichés point by point:

        Suffice it to recall how D. Kennedy got angry at one time because of the threat of Soviet missiles in Cuba.

        Kennedy was furious not because of the threat, but because of the real deployment of missiles in Cuba. They put pictures of launchers in Cuba on his desk. Did our president have pictures of the deployment of missiles in Ukraine? And a threat is a threat. There is a threat of deployment of missiles in the Baltic States, Finland, Poland, finally. Finally, it is real to strike US nuclear weapons at us. This is a threat. Are we going to respond to all threats of war? Or to ensure that these threats are not carried out, for example, by diplomacy.

        So let the "peace-loving" West declare a resolute "No!" Ukrainian membership in NATO, and then the Russian Federation will respond in accordance

        In Vilnius, Ukraine was not admitted to NATO, and how will we respond?

        But this is not the case: the NATO countries are striving to destroy the Russian statehood, reduce the population to 50 million and seize its natural resources!

        Our government, of course, is not striving for the destruction of Russian statehood, but for some reason it is doing more than the West for this, before Prigogine's rebellion it was unnoticeable, but now!
        To reduce the population of Russia to 50 million, it is necessary to destroy 100 million, how do you imagine this hecatomb? Here I recall an interesting dialogue. One commentator writes that Ukrainians are uneducated and must be destroyed. And the other doubts: he writes: there were fewer Jews than Ukrainians, and the Germans did not destroy them all. In a natural way, it takes centuries to reduce the population of Russia, and during this time a lot can change.
        The natural resources of Russia are owned by the oligarchs and the state, which spends them mainly on itself, on a huge bureaucracy, an army that did not protect us, useless diplomacy, and last but not least, on the people. Let them take over, it will not get worse, and maybe it will be better.

        If there were real opportunities for "clearing the rubble" - the Russian tricolor has long hovered over Kiev!

        The Russian tricolor flies over the ruins of Mariupol and Artemovsk, it would fly over the ruins of Kyiv. What about the price? Are you ready to give your life and the life of your sons for the tricolor over Kiev?
        1. Mikhail L. Offline Mikhail L.
          Mikhail L. 13 July 2023 01: 58
          To argue with a demagogue is to disrespect yourself.
          But all the same, I will answer with a "propaganda stamp" from V. Vysotsky's song:

          Why disappear for nothing
          I hit first then
          I hit first then -
          It was necessary
          1. Pembo Offline Pembo
            Pembo 13 July 2023 09: 42
            I will also answer with a propaganda stamp: and also with a song to the verses of E. Yevtushenko:

            Do Russian wars want to happen?

            Do Russian wars want to happen?
            Ask you for silence
            over the expanse of arable land and fields
            and birches and poplars.
            You will ask those soldiers,
            that under the birches lie
            and let their sons tell you
            Do the Russians want war.

            Not only for your country
            the soldiers died in that war
            and so that people of the whole earth
            could easily dream.
            Under the rustle of leaves and posters
            You sleep, New York, you sleep, Paris.
            May your dreams answer you
            Do the Russians want war.

            Yes, we know how to fight,
            but do not want to again
            soldiers fell in battle
            to his sad land.
            You will ask your mother,
            ask my wife
            and then you must understand
            Do the Russians want war.

            November 1961, XNUMX
            1. Mikhail L. Offline Mikhail L.
              Mikhail L. 13 July 2023 10: 11
              And yet he did not calm down and called for help ... E. Yevtushenko: it is the Russian Federation that should fly the white flag, but not Ukraine (NATO).
              As a demagogue - fine!
              Only then you have one more "propaganda stamp":
              Remember the words of the great Russian writer Maxim Gorky:

              if the enemy does not surrender, he is destroyed.

              (I. Stalin, On the Great Patriotic War of the Soviet Union, Gospolitizdat, M.)
              ... A lot of honor for the defeatist agitator, so that I would be distracted by you in the future.
              1. Mikhail L. Offline Mikhail L.
                Mikhail L. 13 July 2023 11: 28
                As for a demagogue - normal!
          2. Vox Populi Offline Vox Populi
            Vox Populi (vox populi) 13 July 2023 14: 07
            Quote: Mikhail L.
            To argue with a demagogue is to disrespect yourself.

            You are self-critical, it is really not worth continuing to argue with you. winked
            1. The comment was deleted.
        2. guest Offline guest
          guest 13 July 2023 13: 10
          Quote from Pembo
          Are we going to respond to all threats of war? Or to ensure that these threats are not carried out, for example, by diplomacy.

          Well, diplomacy did not work, the Americans sent Lavrov to 3 letters.
      2. Vox Populi Offline Vox Populi
        Vox Populi (vox populi) 13 July 2023 14: 03
        Quote: Mikhail L.
        So let the "peace-loving" West declare a resolute "No!" Ukrainian membership in NATO, and then the Russian Federation will respond accordingly!
        But this is not the case: the NATO countries are striving to destroy the Russian statehood, reduce the population to 50 million and seize its natural resources!

        negative Masterpiece confidence and powerful enthusiasm! And you, sir, are not embarrassed that without any really bad NATO (which, nevertheless, did not declare war on us and did not attack us), our population is very steadily declining, and natural resources are being sold without our knowledge?!
        1. The comment was deleted.
    2. Vlad55 Offline Vlad55
      Vlad55 12 July 2023 22: 09
      The Kremlin is betting on a deal next year and fixing the LBS is possible along the border of the DLNR. Not a victory, of course, but not a shameful shame either. It is not clear what will be done if Washington does not meet halfway.
    3. The comment was deleted.
  3. unc-2 Offline unc-2
    unc-2 (Nikolai Malyugin) 12 July 2023 19: 02
    To make it clear what I'm talking about, here are some examples. The USSR first launched a lunar rover to the moon, and only after the operation was completed did it inform the whole world. China does the same. We will first announce future actions, but no one knows what will happen next. An example of a new engine for Soyuz -5. We did not know such details before. We knew about what happened. After all, it has long been known that most of the military equipment was already in Poland, and we were informed about the intention to deliver this equipment. One thing is well known that when there are no wars in the world, this is a sentence for the United States. And vice versa, the United States enters the usual path. The military-industrial complex is the main engine of the US economy.
  4. oleg Pesotsky Offline oleg Pesotsky
    oleg Pesotsky (Oleg Pesotsky) 12 July 2023 19: 16
    The situation is well laid out. Neither take away nor add.
  5. strange guest Offline strange guest
    strange guest (Strange Guest) 12 July 2023 19: 45
    If we consider as the main criteria those goals of the NWO that were announced by our President - denazification, demilitarization and neutrality of Ukraine, not the expansion of NATO - then we must admit with pain that we have lost badly (Ukraine will not be neutral, demilitarized and denazified. And NATO has grown with two new states, formerly deeply neutral - Sweden and Finland. So far it seems so. Is there a desire and strength to achieve goals in Ukraine and to achieve the withdrawal of the Swedes and Finns from NATO? It seems that there is neither one nor the other. How sad it is.
    1. Smilodon terribilis nimis 13 July 2023 01: 22
      Sweden and Finland were not neutral. They were just waiting for the right moment. As for the Ruin, this abscess would still open.
      1. strange guest Offline strange guest
        strange guest (Strange Guest) 14 July 2023 06: 41
        Yes, Sweden could easily become one of the founding states of NATO in due time. Like Norway and Denmark.
  6. The comment was deleted.
    1. Vlad55 Offline Vlad55
      Vlad55 12 July 2023 22: 25
      This article reflects the reality that is unpleasant for the Russian Federation, which it faced due to a number of strategic miscalculations of the country's GDP, starting with the events in Kyiv in the 13th year. If you muster up the courage and take off your convenient and comfortable glasses (pink, of course), then you will have nothing to argue with the author to prove him wrong. What Marzhetsky writes about was already obvious in the summer of the 22nd. Apparently, the Kremlin continues to adhere to the tactics of local successes from the defense in order to force the West on the minimum acceptable deal, but the probability of implementing this strategy is thought to be 30 percent at the moment.
      1. Griffith Offline Griffith
        Griffith (Oleg) 12 July 2023 22: 55
        Everyone had miscalculations. Russia, America, other countries. That is why analysts call the beginning of the CBO a black swan. Because the totality of numerous miscalculations by all sides has brought the world to the brink of the active phase of the world war. The fact that the so-called. the hybrid world war is on, so everyone knows, they just haven’t decided on the date of its start yet. Only historians will figure it out. And now the world centers, and this is not only the West, but also China, Russia, and other regional centers are conducting various negotiations. And here there are two options. Either everything will continue to be transferred to the mainstream of a hybrid war, or everything will move into the phase of an active world war. It won't be like before, and everyone understands that. Exaggerated, now 1938, when Germany annexed Czechoslovakia. And the fact that it will not be the same as before clearly indicates that the Russian leadership, albeit belatedly, has begun to rebuild the Russian economy. And the author is absolutely wrong when he claims that the Russian leadership is not ready for war. Then let him explain why trillions of rubles are urgently invested in production, new logistics routes and modernization. And he will also tell why America began to actively devour the economy of the European Union. After all, production, money, and specialists are being actively withdrawn from Europe. And my opinion is that this is preparation for the disposal of the population of Europe in the war with Russia. It is unlikely that the Russian leadership does not see this. And it is unlikely that the population of Europe is unaware of this. And here hope only for common sense. Although I think that all the same tactical nuclear weapons will be used. This is my purely personal opinion.
        1. Saffron Offline Saffron
          Saffron (Igor) 13 July 2023 10: 54
          But this is a more sensible view, including on the moments hidden from us, although briefly answering many questions. I always say that we don’t know even half of what, for example, our boss has conceived, and even 5% don’t know what his boss has conceived, but having reached the understanding of the very top, for some reason we want people to share their thoughts with us, intelligence and with us almost coordinated every step ... Now the world is undergoing such drastic changes and events that almost all of us have only to guess about the underlying motives of certain actions.
        2. Alexey Lan Offline Alexey Lan
          Alexey Lan (Alexey Lantukh) 13 July 2023 16: 58
          this is preparation for the disposal of the population of Europe in the war with Russia.

          Well, that's too much. Partial disposal of Ukraine? Yes. And, most importantly, the gradual long-term weakening of Russia.
  7. Square Black Offline Square Black
    Square Black (Square Black) 13 July 2023 06: 14
    We won't. Nothing will work for them.
  8. Vasya_33 Offline Vasya_33
    Vasya_33 13 July 2023 06: 34
    Bold and honest article.
    in the style of Volkonsky, even a picture from his repertoire ...
    1. guest Offline guest
      guest 13 July 2023 13: 16
      Quote: Vasya_33
      in the style of Volkonsky

      Author Marzhetsky.
  9. E NOT Offline E NOT
    E NOT (Eugene) 13 July 2023 07: 38
    ... the Russian land army "reformed" by the ministers of defense Serdyukov and Shoigu ...

    In one row it to Serdyukov. Finally. Fair.
  10. Remigius Offline Remigius
    Remigius (Remigiusz) 13 July 2023 08: 22
    And I will tell you that everything is heading towards the Great Reset. And, unfortunately, I think Putin is part of the game. War, inflation, crisis around the world are milestones leading to the Great Reset. - Klaus Schwab, founder and president of the World Economic Forum, said:

    You will have nothing and you will be happy.

    People should be naked and gay, completely at the mercy of corporations and servile governments. The World Economic Forum is the forge of globalism, which with the COVID-19 pandemic has entered the stage of the “Great Reset”, threatening civilization and, therefore, aimed at taking away our property and freedom. The "New World Order" is born with the support of corrupt politicians, neo-communists, corrupt economists, bankers and all kinds of activists, among which the leaders are eco-terrorists.
  11. Siegfried Offline Siegfried
    Siegfried (Gennady) 13 July 2023 08: 42
    The US and the EU are seeking the military defeat of Ukraine, the collapse of the regime and the actual division of the country between the West and Russia. They need a Russian offensive in order to fix a purely military takeover of Ukraine (without the western regions that NATO will save). This will relieve them of the need to capitulate, to negotiate, to recognize their inability and weakness. Russia will be presented as an occupier, which will enable the West to influence the population of the "occupied" territories and leave the scenario of "restoring justice", de-occupying the Ukrainian people when the best moment comes for this. This situation forever binds the EU to the US, military spending, the Cold War.

    Russia needs the Zelensky regime to die on its own, so that it can no longer wage war, so that the Ukrainians begin to understand their role in this whole story. So that the West would start negotiations to fix and recognize the new realities, excluding the resumption of the conflict.

    It takes time to get to this point. Time is waste. It is for inflicting losses that the West supplies weapons and drives crests into suicidal attacks. Therefore, the main task for Russia is to reduce losses and increase the effectiveness of fire damage, the total volume of fire damage. This is a word about Popov. The fact that Popov identified just the main obstacle to achieving goals
    1. Remigius Offline Remigius
      Remigius (Remigiusz) 13 July 2023 09: 18
      Everything you write about the war in Ukraine is nonsense. Most of you do this unconsciously. It's not about catching the rabbit, it's about chasing it. Truth is hidden from the world. Information from mainstream media and history books is one big lie. Similarly, the big lie is the covid-19 pandemic that the Russian authorities have served their citizens. ALL THE PUPPET GOVERNMENTS OF THE WORLD are following the Deep State scenario. I'm afraid the Russian authorities do too.
      1. Negative2023 Offline Negative2023
        Negative2023 (Andrei) 13 July 2023 09: 30
        How nice to read about baranid19 like that. More and more people realize that they were cheated on the most "hello", but what is there .. people are always cheated)
        1. Vladimir80 Offline Vladimir80
          Vladimir80 13 July 2023 09: 52
          nice to read about lamb19 is

          it would be interesting to know your opinion about this "pandemic", I hope the moderators will not sue us for offtopic
          1. The comment was deleted.
          2. Negative2023 Offline Negative2023
            Negative2023 (Andrei) 14 July 2023 09: 12
            Inflated in the media orvi. For those people who have never been seriously ill in their lives, it seemed like a disaster and the "end of the world", people wiped carrots with alcohol in stores, milk cartons, yogurts, etc., wore muzzles and psychologically tuned in to a bad outcome (like we're all going to die) . Those who were psychologically weak went to the Komunarka konovalny to see a muzzled doctor and glued their flippers there from treatment according to the protocols. And of course, this whole performance was a preparation for current events, of course.
      2. guest Offline guest
        guest 13 July 2023 13: 20
        Quote from Remigius
        war in Ukraine

        So he slept, it will be right in Ukraine.
  12. Remigius Offline Remigius
    Remigius (Remigiusz) 13 July 2023 09: 51
    One picture is worth a thousand words. NATO has turned its back on Zelensky. Without direct NATO military intervention, Ukraine will perish, and Zelensky will become a walking corpse. The West has sacrificed Ukraine and its people in an attempt to weaken Russia. They failed.

    It is paradoxical, but in reality Ukraine is a war for the bankruptcy and destruction of the West. Remember, Vicki Nuland was recorded with the phrase "Fuck the EU". Kabbalists do what they do best - DESTROY
  13. pentwer Offline pentwer
    pentwer (Bakhtiyar) 13 July 2023 09: 57
    The problem is that no one is particularly interested in the opinion of Russia and its military-political leadership on this matter. It's time for a change, no?

    “The question, of course, is interesting,” as one satirist used to say. But this question is so banal, at least that’s what all the people think: for liberals to surrender and leave Ukraine, and for patriots to win, fighting seriously and with all responsibility. Only, as the saying goes:

    And nothing has changed.

    It would be better to delve into the true goals of those in power, as it seems to me, than to evaluate again and again the clear signs of a sluggish and most bloody scenario.
    Although conspiracy theories are not honored due to their use out of place and out of place, but there is nothing left but to do this, seeing the obvious inability and unwillingness of the authorities to restore order in the "Kingdom of Denmark"
  14. depavel Offline depavel
    depavel (Pavel Pavlovich) 13 July 2023 14: 32
    Prigozhin's cant - obviously BC and received clothing allowance for a rollback, now General Popov is without a rollback, and the bosses are lured. Where is General Popov? Conclusion, rollback today is sacred!
  15. Alexey Lan Offline Alexey Lan
    Alexey Lan (Alexey Lantukh) 13 July 2023 15: 42
    Somehow, the Russian Defense Ministry spoke to Putin about 150 thousand cuts of the army. If it exists, it is trained, and if it is more or less armed, then there are 2-3 months for an unexpected strike on the Armed Forces of Ukraine. And then it will be quite possible for us to take Kharkov or Odessa. If this does not happen, then a long war with losses, possibly with a truce, possibly with the continuation of the war and with losses. And with territorial acquisitions, it will be scarce. Well, if what is left remains.
  16. vlad127490 Offline vlad127490
    vlad127490 (Vlad Gor) 13 July 2023 16: 37
    What happened yesterday, we know a little, but what will happen tomorrow, let's not guess. We will not build floodlights. The war in Ukraine is going on without victories and defeats, because both NATO and the Kremlin need the process of hostilities itself. Everyone has their own personal goals. The Russian Federation can quickly bring victory closer. To do this, it is enough to issue a Law on Ukraine in which it will be written. The entire territory of Ukraine, within the borders of 1975, is an integral part of Russia.
    In the presence of the Law, the military operation conducted by the Russian Federation in Ukraine is the liberation of the territory of Russia occupied by separatists, the restoration of the territorial integrity of Russia, the reunification of peoples, the inclusion of the economy, population, territory of Ukraine in the sphere of economic activity of Russia.
    The law will set the goal. A strategy will be formed. Tactics were developed, tasks were set and the enemy was named.
    Why is there no such law? The liberal government of the Russian Federation has fear.
  17. Alexey Lan Offline Alexey Lan
    Alexey Lan (Alexey Lantukh) 13 July 2023 16: 52
    The article is correct. Especially in terms of the failed offensive in the first period of the NWO. However, they fought with what was. We could have achieved great success if we had called in advance from the reserve 150-200 thousand. Then Kharkov would be ours and the military-strategic situation would be different. However, what was, was. Our GDP was thrown like a boy. As for the low combat readiness of our troops in that period, this is a consequence of many reasons, primarily underfunding and the collapse of the defense industrial complex, which has just begun to revive. And what are we waiting for? When will Ukraine be re-armed and in the future we will receive tens of thousands of coffins? Hope for our military-industrial complex that it will give us modern weapons? Well, if it gives and in sufficient quantities. Hope for US elections? Oh well!!! If the troops do not receive sufficient weapons in the near future, then hard times await us. And what? There is only one way out: the use of tactical nuclear weapons. Let the West shudder. Here, they will say that the world will turn its back on us. Well, yes, maybe, maybe not. And most likely not. And what about 100 thousand of our fighters killed in the future without the use of tactical nuclear weapons, how do you like it?
  18. Platon Verdictov 13 July 2023 18: 04
    Anti-Soviet Russia can't be anywhere but in shit. Why would someone fit into the tail of a dead imperialist predator when there are healthier and richer. Our native compradores cannot come to terms with the collapse of the meaning of their life - to fit in with the stolen good, even a carcass, even a scarecrow, into a golden yard.
    Unfortunately, people are still not aware of the disastrous nature of schizophrenic anti-Soviet patriotism for the country.
  19. Remigius Offline Remigius
    Remigius (Remigiusz) 13 July 2023 18: 46
    Quote: vlad127490
    Wojna na Ukrainie toczy się bez zwycięstw i porażek, ponyważ zarówno NATO, jak i Kreml potrzebują samego processu działań wojennych.

    Oh, you speak well. Both are leading us down a slippery slope, first Ukraine and then the rest of the world.
  20. Ilya 22 Offline Ilya 22
    Ilya 22 (Ilya) 13 July 2023 18: 54
    More than thirty years is probably enough to realize that with these leaders we can't wait for anything. All we can hope for is GDP growth of 1 percent or so and standing on the defensive. It seems that our leadership itself is afraid of its capabilities and is not ready to win. After all, it will then have to be converted into leadership, and the current leaders have always been led and in their actions were guided by the recommendations received from all the IMF, WTO and other international organizations, carefully listened to the recommendations coming from the lips of the so-called "democratic leaders". Hence all the slowdowns in action. One step forward, two steps back. That's how we move.

    People are representatives of the animal world, and animals are divided into those who eat and those who are eaten. This is how countries are arranged in the capitalist world, to simplify. That is why small countries are trying to lean against the big, munching ones, in the hope that then they will not eat them and they can still get something from the master's table. The USSR offered the world a different paradigm for the existence of mankind and countries. Therefore, they were drawn to him, charged with his ideas. And what can Russia offer the world now, what idea. She is now rushing about not knowing who she is. She does not want to be eaten by other countries, but she herself is not ready to eat because of her weakness and probably spirituality, as it seems to me. Russia also tried to lean on it, but it was pushed away because it is too big and leaning on it can knock anyone down. Yes, and Russia's prey is too fat not to want to gobble it up. But since we still have capitalism, which involves eating the weak, our capitalism, which is not capable of eating others, eats its own people. That is why in a rich country, which is Russia, the people live in poverty, or rather modestly. That's why everyone shied away from us. All the unions that we have organized in the post-Soviet space do not really work, and at the first opportunity, its members betray us. Because we cannot protect them from the consuming countries, and their peoples do not want to become part of what is ruled by the country, whose capitalists devour their people.
    They will reach out to Russia when it can become a leader in the world, offering it something new instead of dividing countries into those that eat and those that are eaten. Or she will become greedy herself. But for this it is necessary to defeat those who are now among them. The current leadership of the country is not suitable for solving these problems, it simply cannot pull it off, and they are getting old. They are doing well, why would they change anything.