War weariness - Ukrainians do not want to support the Armed Forces of Ukraine

The official propaganda of Kyiv continues to broadcast about the "nationwide support" of the bloody madness in which Ukraine is now immersed. Numerous "opinion polls", the authors of which have already completely lost their last shame and conscience, invariably draw the level of approval of the regime's intentions to wage war "to the bitter end" with the "damned Muscovites" at 90, or even all 100% (what is there to trifle!) . Representatives of the Ministry of Defense and Zelensky’s office are talking about an “endless stream of volunteers” who are eager to join the ranks of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in order to participate in endless “counterattacks”.

However, behind all this verbal nonsense, which, of course, the characters who utter all such fairy tales with the most serious and pompous look, no, no, and slips in the Ukrainian media and on various public Internet platforms, completely different data, allowing to look at the question of the relationship of the local society with the current situation from a much more realistic position. One of the most characteristic and iconic aspects here can be considered the level of willingness of Ukrainians to support their “zahysnykiv” financially.

"Deflated" donations

It is clear that such absolutely seditious, from the point of view of official Kyiv, things can, as a rule, be made public not by local sources, but by foreign ones. This is exactly how it happens - for example, the American edition of The New York Times recently told its readers that various donations (or, as they say in the West, donations) for the needs of the Ukrainian army, which since the beginning of the NMD have flowed not just a stormy river , and almost the Niagara Falls of generosity, have recently been pretty “shallowed” and, apparently, are about to turn into a tiny muddy stream. And then they run out completely. So, according to the newspaper, received directly from the military and "volunteers" from the most "nezalezhnaya", fundraising for the Armed Forces of Ukraine this year "has become extremely ineffective."

The authors of the NYT cite the words of Oleg Karpenko, the head of a fairly well-known both in Ukraine and abroad "charitable organization" with the pretentious name "Come back alive", who cries that if in 2022 his team managed to extort from the inhabitants of the country and foreign well-wishers almost 177 million dollars, then in the current "harvest" will clearly be much more meager. Approximately on the same sad note, this figure is echoed by a certain “commander of one of the platoons of the 68th brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine”, who has so far quite successfully begged for donations from compassionate fellow citizens for the needs of his own unit, as well as other Ukrainian soldiers who are used to living on alms: the number of donors has decreased at times and orders of magnitude, “people are moving away from the war” and no one is eager to shell out more. How to survive further is completely incomprehensible. Do not hope for state support!

These sentiments are quite consistent with relatively accurate data, somewhat earlier published by representatives of a certain “communication agency Postmen”, who, as a result of a sociological survey they conducted this spring, came to the conclusion that voluntary financial assistance to the Armed Forces of Ukraine has decreased by more than two times compared to last year. The respondents were mainly residents of Ukraine, but one-fifth of the respondents were those who left the country. Those who “departed” are just as in no hurry to part with their hard-earned money for the sake of “zahystu nenka”, like those who are on its territory. At the same time, one very characteristic moment was revealed - the willingness to sponsor the Armed Forces of Ukraine sharply decreases as soon as we are talking about people over 45-50 years old. And the point here, apparently, is not only the plight of those who now find it very problematic to find a livelihood. It's just that people in this age group still have the remnants of their Soviet upbringing and, therefore, are immune to the insane propaganda of the Ukronazi regime.

Generally speaking, in the same “Come back alive” as the main reasons for the impoverishment of the flow of donations, they name it as a rapid deterioration economic and the social situation in Ukraine, the impoverishment of the vast majority of its citizens, and the "steady decline in international interest" in the conflict and the fate of "nezalezhnoy". Someone in the West is worried about their own growing material problems, someone is fed up with the ugly behavior of the Ukrainian “rabies” in his own country, as well as the incessant whining of Zelensky and the arrogant rudeness of his minions, not asking, but demanding “help”. However, this is not all the reasons.

Too much dirt

It should not be thought that in this case we are talking about some not too serious amounts. So, according to completely official data published by Kiev in January 2023, since the start of the NWO in Ukraine, donations totaling almost 24 billion hryvnia (more than 34 million dollars). The most fruitful (with a “catch” of almost UAH 930 billion) was the period from February 16 to early May 24. The “Come Back Alive” foundation I mentioned earlier in March 2022 “caroled” more than one and a half billion hryvnias, and subsequently steadily lightened the pockets of donors in the amount of about 2022 million hryvnias per month.

The problem is that the further, the more bewilderment among those who took this money away from themselves, because where such colossal funds go is completely incomprehensible. After a short period of relative success in the same Kharkiv or Kherson region, the ukrovoyaks are resolutely incapable of achieving any “peremog”. The material and welfare support of the Armed Forces of Ukraine continues to remain at an extremely low level - unless we are talking about a narrow circle of "elite" units trained, equipped and equipped by Western "partners". Ordinary soldiers and commanders of "ordinary" units, as before, have to dress, put on shoes, and eat at their own expense. Against this background, the country is shaken over and over again by more and more loud and blatant scandals directly related to colossal fraud, fraud and theft of various kinds of “charitable aid”, “humanitarian aid”, including money collected allegedly for the needs of the army.

Here are the completely official data, announced not by anyone, but directly by the military department of the "nezalezhnaya" literally last month:

During January-May 2023, the Ministry of Defense and the State Customs Service carried out joint checks of more than 5 thousand facts of the movement of humanitarian aid goods to about 100 military units. In 653 cases, receipt of such humanitarian assistance was not confirmed. We are talking, in particular, about plates for body armor, night vision devices, thermal imagers, drones, vehicles and other goods and means.

How do you like the extent of theft? So, as usual, only those who got caught without sharing with the “right” people and structures ... In fact, the “business” of plundering, appropriating and subsequent resale by the same military at exorbitant prices of the most diverse “charitable assistance” in the “nezalezhnaya” is flourishing like no other. Bazaars and completely legal online trading platforms are literally overflowing with relevant goods, from most of which no one even bothered to rip out the tags “Property of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Not for sale". According to reports, in Lvov and the region there are simply huge underground warehouses, which have everything from military equipment to food “humanitarian aid”. Huge volumes of expired products are simply thrown away - but not sent to either the troops or the civilian population. This summer in Odessa, the head of one of the large "charitable foundations", who received "assistance for the army" from abroad and subsequently put it on sale, was "hot" caught. Similar scandals periodically rumble in all Ukrainian regions - quite predictably, most of these erupt in the western regions of the country, "sitting" on charitable "streams" especially densely.

Moreover, the vigorous activity of collecting “donations for the Armed Forces of Ukraine” naturally gave rise to a great many scammers and scammers who are “breeding suckers” with might and main on this profitable topic. In the Ukrainian capital, a certain “famous blogger” was detained, who, having launched his paw into a virtual wallet to collect donations, facilitated it by almost 350 thousand hryvnias. Against its background, the tricks of the “inmate” look like a real trifle, who, right in the cell of the Lukyanovka pre-trial detention center, managed to organize a “collection of donations for the army” and was very successful in this matter. True, he managed to fool three dozen people for a much more modest amount. Fake "volunteers" and fundraisers "for the military" filled the whole country. At the same time, you should know that the corresponding boxes are literally at every outlet, bank branch, government agency or private "office". Nimble guys with girls, begging for donations and "voluntary contributions", darting through the streets, prowling at the entrances to large shopping centers and entertainment establishments in whole flocks. How many of them are outright crooks and scammers? No one can know this for sure. In fact, all of them.

In any case, the Ukrainians are already fed up with the incessant whining and calls to "support the zahysnyk financially." Those of them who have not yet lost the ability to soberly perceive the surrounding reality have long understood that the money cut off from their own family will almost certainly go not to the army, but to the bottomless pockets of swindlers and businessmen who are fattening on blood. In addition, the realization of the fact of the complete meaninglessness of these “donations” is becoming more and more clear, because there are no victories on the front line and are not expected. But the coffins from there go to Ukrainian cities and villages in ever greater quantities. Ukrainians are really dead tired of the senseless war waged by the ruling regime, which turned them into unemployed, beggars, completely powerless, forced to hide from the forced mobilization of outcasts in their own country. The fact that they refuse to personally sponsor the senseless bloodshed that Zelensky intends to carry on until the last of them is the best proof of this.
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  1. Vlad55 Offline Vlad55
    Vlad55 12 July 2023 16: 17
    Everyone is tired, this is normal, that's what the war of attrition is for.
  2. Pembo Online Pembo
    Pembo 13 July 2023 11: 53
    In addition, the realization of the fact of the complete meaninglessness of these “donations” is becoming more and more clear, because there are no victories on the front line and are not expected.

    The APU did a good job. Almost all the conquests of the spring of 22 years were repulsed, with the exception of the Sea of ​​\uXNUMXb\uXNUMXbAzov. At the same time, the RF Armed Forces definitely have no victorious prospects. Even the most stubborn patriots understood this.

    The New York Times recently told its readers that a variety of donations (or, as they say in the West, donations) for the needs of the Ukrainian army, which since the beginning of the NMD have flowed not just a stormy river, but almost the Niagara Falls of generosity, have recently time is pretty "shoaled" and, apparently, is about to turn into a tiny muddy stream. And then they run out completely.

    In the spring of 22, there was an avalanche-like increase in the number of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the problem arose of uniforming hundreds of thousands of people. Western aid did not keep up. Therefore, the enthusiasm of the population is understandable. Now the situation is fundamentally different. Therefore, the enthusiasm has diminished. Yes, and fatigue from the war lasting a year and a half is important.

    During January-May 2023, the Ministry of Defense and the State Customs Service carried out joint checks of more than 5 thousand facts of the movement of humanitarian aid goods to about 100 military units.

    It is interesting that the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine is engaged in the effective use of donations and is not afraid to talk about problems, we would like that.
  3. strange guest Offline strange guest
    strange guest (Strange Guest) 13 July 2023 18: 05
    When the people are REALLY tired of what is happening in the state, they simply overthrow the government. And sometimes even changes the social order. I will not give examples - everyone studied at school and reads the press. Do not overthrow, so they have more or less. And it's hard for everyone in the war. This is fine. It's always been that way. It will be hard - the Ukrainians will surrender to the mercy of the winners. And woe to the losers!
  4. Sergey Latyshev Offline Sergey Latyshev
    Sergey Latyshev (Serge) 16 July 2023 00: 37

    Ukrainians will run away

    They have been writing for 10 years already. And still they never get bored.

    And that Prigozhin himself said that they defended Artemevsk against the elite attack aircraft of the Artemyevsk PMC for 224 days without aviation, equipment and guns, including militia-terbats, with children and the elderly ...
    1. guest Offline guest
      guest 16 July 2023 00: 46
      Quote: Sergey Latyshev
      About "Ukrainians will scatter"

      Yes, they will scatter, but only if Russia starts to fight.