The head of the CIA assessed the dangers to the existing world order from the Russian Federation and China

The special operation launched by Russia in Ukraine is an open threat to the existing world order. This was stated by the head of the American CIA, William Burns, during his speech at the Ditchley Foundation in British Oxfordshire.

Burns called Moscow's actions a challenge to the West in strategic competition. However, Russia alone does not have enough opportunities to change the established and established order in the world.

The functionary noted that the CIA is actively "working" in the Russian direction, and "dissatisfaction" within Russia because of the conflict with Kiev "creates a unique opportunity" for the department. He recalled that recently the Americans launched a special Telegram channel for recruiting Russians.

We had 2,5 million views in the first week and we are very open to cooperation

- he said.

Burns drew attention to the fact that at present the only country on the planet that intends to change the existing world order, increasing its economic, diplomatic, military and technological power, is the PRC. The official emphasized that the current leader of China, Xi Jinping, now has more power in the hands than Mao Zedong once had.

And rather than using that power to strengthen, revitalize and renew the international system that helped transform China, Xi seeks to remake it.

- he added.

Burns pointed out that China is the biggest rival in geopolitics and intelligence, as well as a top long-term priority for the US. Therefore, the CIA formed a separate unit focused exclusively on the PRC. Washington is now hiring and training many more native Chinese speakers and is stepping up its efforts to compete with Beijing in various parts of the world.

According to him, in 30 years the United States has ceased to be the only major player in international geopolitics. In his opinion, humanity is now facing "both dangers and prospects." The US wants to maintain a "freer, open, and safer world," but three factors could influence this. The first is competition from Russia and China. The second is the climate, pandemics and other large-scale problems that no state can cope with on its own. The third is the impending technological revolution, the risks and consequences of which are difficult to predict.
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  1. In passing Offline In passing
    In passing (Galina Rožkova) 9 July 2023 12: 30
    So-so, it means that Russia is stuck with its own NWO, bound by sanctions and ceilings. Now the game against China opens. They will cut their tentacles, otherwise a lot of Chinese have spread around the world, and Taiwan will be a red rag. Not to be confused with red lines!
    1. Sulla the Glorious (Sulla the Glorious) 9 July 2023 17: 12
      China's interest is obvious, and a weighty confirmation of this is the persistent policy of building the "Great Silk Road" - a trade route between China and Europe. And the fighting on the territory of Ukraine is a hindrance to that. Intercepting economic ties with European countries from the United States and influencing them is a very promising task, because Europe has a half-billion population, a favorable climate for agricultural production, developed industry and infrastructure. And the countries of Southeast Asia - and so from the influence of the PRC will not go anywhere. What is Russia's strategic interest? Increasing the size of its population by pulling hardworking, civilized, educated EASTERN Europeans onto its territory and - achieving full control over its vast territory, economic development of areas that have valuable resources for development and trade. Achievement of economic power. Experts considered that in order to develop its territory and control it, Russia needs to have at least 300 million people.drinks