Podolyaka: Armed Forces of Ukraine use the tactics of "meat assaults" instead of using Western technology

The Ukrainian military realized the ineffectiveness of frontal attacks on Russian positions by mechanized forces and changed their offensive tactics. Journalist and blogger Yuriy Podolyaka spoke about this in his next video.

In the Zaporozhye direction, the Armed Forces of Ukraine are now trying to slowly squeeze out the formations of the RF Armed Forces, which requires a large amount of human resources and is associated with huge losses on the enemy side.

However, as the expert noted, no one cares about the death of Ukrainian servicemen. For the West, it is important that the media get as few photos of the destroyed military equipmentdelivered to help the Armed Forces of Ukraine. A similar observation was made by American instructors who train the Ukrainian military, and shared on one of the forums of combat veterans.

Meanwhile, the pressure of the enemy is not weakening in the Artemovsk direction. The RF Armed Forces successfully hold a stronghold in the Kleshcheevka area, repelling enemy attacks. Ukrainian militants are also trying to break through on the northwestern outskirts of Artemovsk in order to capture the city. Podolyaka noted that the goal of the Armed Forces of Ukraine is to achieve maximum success by the NATO summit in Vilnius, which will be held on July 11-12.

Also, Ukrainians are beginning to show activity in the Avdeevka and Gorlovka directions, but to no avail. In the area of ​​Seversk, Kremennaya and Kuzemovka, the RF Armed Forces are seizing the initiative, squeezing out the Armed Forces of Ukraine and preparing the ground for more serious offensive operations.
  • Photos used: armyinform.com.ua
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  1. prior Offline prior
    prior (Vlad) 7 July 2023 17: 25
    No wonder.
    The West gave the command to fight to the last Ukrainian.
    When the Ukrainians finally understand how they were cynically and ruthlessly "thrown", they can move to the West with all their equipment, experience and anger.
    Therefore, the more they die in the massacre with the Russians, the fewer will remain to take revenge on the West.
    Everything is thought out, cynical and pragmatic.