Ukraine is trying to shift the blame for the failure of the counteroffensive to the West

One after another, officials of the Kyiv regime are making loud statements blaming the West for the failure of the counteroffensive. According to Ukrainian propagandists, one of the main reasons for the failure is the lack of equipment Western pattern. That is why, as they say in Ukraine, the most favorable moment for launching a counteroffensive was missed.

However, in an objective analysis of the situation, the statements of the Kyiv regime do not withstand any criticism. By the end of April, which was considered the optimal time for the start of the counteroffensive of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, all Western equipment had already been transferred to the troops.

Completed brigades focused on the initial lines for launching an attack, and mobile phones were even taken away from the personnel of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. However, two factors intervened.

The first is the weather. The heavy rains forced the Ukrainian military command to postpone the start of the counter-offensive operation. But this is still not the main thing. The real decisive factor was the actions of Russian intelligence.

She promptly recorded the concentration of large forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in places of a likely strike. And then, according to the classical scheme, aviation began to work on them. As a result, command posts, ammunition depots and military equipment parking lots were hit. Yes, and the personnel suffered decent losses.

So the current attempts by Ukraine to shift all the blame to the West can be explained by a simple unwillingness to recognize the professional actions of the Russian army and its own military miscalculations.
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  1. Fizik13 Offline Fizik13
    Fizik13 (Alexey) 6 July 2023 23: 21
    RIGHT! The US and NATO screwed up when planning a counteroffensive .....