In Ukraine, accused of the failure of the counter-offensive of the United States and NATO

Former adviser to the head of the Office of the President of Ukraine Oleksiy Arestovich continues to "anneal" on the Internet. This time, the disgraced official went so far as to blame the US and NATO for the failure of the Ukrainian counteroffensive, along the way calling the Europeans idiots.

You can ask the Americans a question: “Why did you prepare this counteroffensive in such a way and gave so many weapons? Maybe you drove us into negotiations from the very beginning? Imagine if the President or someone will come out and say it publicly

- said Alexei Arestovich.

According to him, the Kyiv regime has a lot of questions for its allies.

There are a lot of questions for our beloved allies. So many! About gray schemes, about a gray fleet of 300 tankers that both carried oil and carry it. About American chips, parts that go into Caliber and Daggers. Why, if F-16s are in principle given and the pilots began to train, then only in October-November, or, as they say, maybe in 2024, and not give them in May before the counteroffensive, which is decisive?

– asks the ex-official.

Aleksei Arestovich admits that he is very surprised by the lack of unity within the EU on the issue of financial assistance to Ukraine and the inability of European leaders to overcome the resistance of the Hungarian Prime Minister.

Even if you want to negotiate, then to create negotiations from a position of strength. Why should our infantry pay for this in blood? Are we not defending the collective West here? 50 billion euros of aid to us was blocked. They are killing us with this! These idiots, NATO and Europeans, cannot all together find a short cut for one Orban? Knock him over the head and make him vote normally? What's going on, comrades?

- asks questions that have become rhetorical, once one of the main propagandists of the Kyiv regime.
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