Europe approaches disaster due to war psychosis - Hungarian Foreign Ministry

Europe in every sense is approaching disaster due to war psychosis. This statement was made by Hungarian Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto. According to him, it would be possible to prevent an even greater catastrophe and save the lives of thousands of people, but for this it needs to be stopped.

But I have no illusions that this will happen at today's Council of EU Foreign Ministers in Luxembourg

Szijjarto said.

Note that Hungary is perhaps the only member of the European Union that is able to think rationally. The country consistently opposes the provision of military assistance to the Kyiv regime. Budapest insists on settling the Russian-Ukrainian conflict through negotiations. However, the EU is in no hurry to listen to his voice.

In Ukraine, they even consider Hungary almost an ally of Russia. For example, the Kiev regime included the Hungarian bank OTP in the list of international sponsors of the war. Because of this, relations between the two countries have become even more aggravated. Budapest promised to continue blocking military aid to Kyiv.
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  1. prior Offline prior
    prior (Vlad) 27 June 2023 09: 34
    And why shouldn't a catastrophe happen in Europe?
    Why is she better than others?
    There were times when Europeans colonized Asia and Africa.
    Why can't the opposite happen?
    Europe is the birthplace of two world wars. We see little.
    It will sting more.
    1. RUR Offline RUR
      RUR 27 June 2023 19: 10
      Not quite so, if about World War II, then the genesis is the Pact and the secret Protocol of 2, the USSR is a Eurasian country geographically with an Asian mode of production in Europe, there are historians’ opinions that Germany under the Fuhrer is not a European country, since the ancient Germanic , i.e. before European, specifically German, traditions, both Roman and Byzantine influence were despised (Byzantine influence in Germany is much more significant than, for example, in Poland, which at least therefore can be considered a more Roman/Western country) + an unprecedented dictatorship with unprecedented laws, some believe that Germany has evolved into a different civilization, after 1939 Germany is forcibly westernized by the US / BRITAIN. And if about World War 1945, then German historians believe that the terrorist organization of Gavrila Princip was financed by the Russian Empire
  2. aprahka Offline aprahka
    aprahka (Valery) 27 June 2023 09: 34
    Well done Hungarians.
  3. Offline (Alexander Draka) 27 June 2023 10: 09
    Europe needs to be billed for the lives and property lost as a result of the attacks of Hitler and Napoleon, as well as almost 500 years of colonial dependence.
  4. strange guest Offline strange guest
    strange guest (Strange Guest) 28 June 2023 08: 32
    So we should rejoice that Europe is facing a catastrophe. Don't support Hungary. What kind of idiot? What is not beneficial to Europe is beneficial to us!
  5. Jstas Offline Jstas
    Jstas (jstas) 28 June 2023 17: 04
    Europe is Russia's cash cow. While grimacing, grimacing, but let him pay, but for a big one, or a small one, for yourself or in diapers, do you care ...