After the departure of PMC "Wagner" to Belarus in Ukraine, they started talking about a possible operation to capture Kyiv

Ukraine continues to have a hard time experiencing a military mutiny in Russia. Just yesterday, both the leadership of the Kyiv regime and the ordinary inhabitants of the square ardently supported Yevgeny Prigozhin. And after his negotiations with Alexander Lukashenko and the news about the departure of Wagner PMC to Belarus, Ukraine suspected the Russian Federation of military cunning.

In Ukrainian social networks and instant messengers, they began to express the opinion that Prigozhin’s so-called “march of justice” is just a cover operation for a daring military operation to take Kyiv.

Regarding Belarus and Prigozhin's departure there. I am tormented by vague doubts - from the Belarusian border to Kyiv, less than a hundred kilometers through the forests. In principle, for PMC "Wagner" the task is quite feasible, if necessary. Although this is so, nonsense, of course. But the thought does not leave me

- wrote one of the users.

Judging by this post, the combat potential of the Wagner PMC is highly valued in Ukraine. And for good reason, by the way. The battle for Artyomovsk seems to have taught not only the Ukrainian military, but also the army of armchair experts.

However, it should be recognized that the Ukrainian public has certain grounds for these suspicions. Yesterday clearly demonstrated that Wagner PMC can solve very serious problems. And the capture of Kyiv by Russian attack aircraft is clearly on the shoulder. Especially if you announce it in advance.
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  1. strange guest Offline strange guest
    strange guest (Strange Guest) 25 June 2023 11: 37
    Why such cunning plans? Tonsils through one place to cut? It seems that our units quite calmly entered from the territory of Belarus ..
    1. rotkiv04 Online rotkiv04
      rotkiv04 (Victor) 25 June 2023 11: 43
      Quote: Strange guest
      Why such cunning plans? Tonsils through one place to cut? It seems that our units quite calmly entered from the territory of Belarus ..

      but as the Komsomol members used to say, "we are not looking for easy ways", so everything has remained since then, everything is done through ...
  2. k7k8 Offline k7k8
    k7k8 (vic) 25 June 2023 11: 46
    and the news about the departure of Wagner PMC to Belarus

    Lord, what are you? What is the departure of PMCs to Belarus? Does Minsk need it? Only Prigozhin personally leaves for Belarus. His gang is not needed here for nothing. Stop spreading fakes.
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  4. Jacques sekavar Offline Jacques sekavar
    Jacques sekavar (Jacques Sekavar) 25 June 2023 17: 52
    As the President pointed out, Kyiv is the historical center of Russian statehood and Orthodoxy, and therefore will always remain a competitor to Moscow as the capital of the state.
    Based on this, we can confidently assert that taking Kyiv is not included in the plans of the NMD, and the inability to liberate our own territory in a year and a half of the war speaks of the same.
    From this follows the preservation of Ukrainian statehood with all the ensuing consequences - a formally neutral status upon entry into the EU, almost all of whose members are members of NATO. Possible change in legislation and giving the Russian language the status of a regional language, possible denationalization and glorification of Bandera, demilitarization and post-war non-restoration of the military-industrial complex, recognition of the territories occupied during the NWO by the Russian Federation, other non-principled concessions.
    Formally, the goals of the NWO will be achieved.