Bild: US may increase pressure on Ukraine, pushing for negotiations with Russia

If the Ukrainian offensive fails, Washington could start pushing hard for Kyiv to engage in dialogue with Moscow. This assumption was made by the journalists of the German newspaper Bild.

Sources of the publication said that the RF Armed Forces built very strong fortifications that are not easy to overcome. At the same time, Russian units carry out large-scale attacks with the help of aircraft, which are almost impossible to resist.

At the same time, the Russian side somewhat adjusted the tactics of hostilities. Thus, the RF Armed Forces carry out artillery, missile and air strikes far beyond the line of contact, which significantly complicates the Ukrainian offensive.

Watching what is happening, the Western allies of Kyiv reasonably doubt the success of the offensive of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. To rectify the situation, the authorities in Kyiv and Ivano-Frankivsk announced a general mobilization, designed to replenish the thinned ranks of military personnel on the front lines.

Meanwhile, after the failure of the offensive of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, a breakthrough of the Russian army may follow, according to retired colonel Anatoly Matviychuk. He believes that the RF Armed Forces will take decisive action by mid-summer or early autumn. The offensive of Ukraine is gradually fading away, depriving Kyiv of the remnants of the military and economic power.
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  1. Just a cat Offline Just a cat
    Just a cat (Bayun) 23 June 2023 12: 42
    negotiations with Ukraine? laughing maybe the capitulation of Germany should have been signed by the corporal? who are Ukrainians and who cares about their opinion?
  2. zuuukoo Offline zuuukoo
    zuuukoo (Sergei) 23 June 2023 13: 45
    Only 1 question: why would Washington, after all that it has invested in the war, push someone to negotiate?

    The acute phase of the crisis has passed for them, the vassals are lining up for equipment, instead of delivered to Kyiv.
    Russian gas has been squeezed out of the European market.

    Here's to them the world???!!!!
    Nafik they don't need him.

    In all the articles and opinions of "experts" about the peace-loving West, there was not and is not a single objective reason why Washington would need peace.
    Because he doesn't need it.
    1. hellman anton Offline hellman anton
      hellman anton (hellman anton) 23 June 2023 14: 08
      So for a year and a half they have been writing this nonsense. As well as that the dollar will collapse, Europe will freeze and other nonsense.
      Moreover, recently there was Kherson and we remember what was there.
      There were articles that self-propelled guns would not be handed over, then long-range shells and missiles. Recently there were articles that the planes will not be handed over. And they transmit everything, increase
  3. Vox Populi Offline Vox Populi
    Vox Populi (vox populi) 23 June 2023 15: 59
    If the Ukrainian offensive fails, Washington could start pushing hard for Kyiv to engage in dialogue with Moscow.

    As the comedy hero put it:

    This is not serious!

    But seriously, the West will “push” Ukraine towards peace / truce only if the continuation of the armed struggle on its part becomes, on the whole, clearly senseless ...
  4. KLNM Offline KLNM
    KLNM (KLNM) 24 June 2023 15: 46
    There is no need to grind nonsense, everything is just the opposite... The West does not need negotiations, they only need a victory over the Russian Federation.