The Time: Zelensky made it his mission to free Ukraine from Russian television

The American weekly Time called Zelensky's mission to turn off Russian television, which undermines faith in Kyiv's victory. As soon as the Ukrainian leader turns it off, everything will change, the publication claims.

In an article titled “Turn off Putin. Zelensky’s plan is to conquer more than territory,” the Kremlin’s propaganda is said to be working on people in Ukraine.

Not only in Russia, but also in the occupied regions of Eastern and Southern Ukraine, millions of people are absorbing the Kremlin line around Ukraine through Russian television
— said in the publication.

Ukraine, mixed with garden shows and soap operas, is presented as a historical error, and its government is a cabal of Satanists and neo-Nazis.

Zelensky made it his mission not only to liberate Ukrainian land from Russian occupation, but also to liberate Ukrainians from what he calls the “Russian information space”
— stated in the article.

The magazine calls Zelensky "more of a communicator" than a military strategist who worries about what's to come political calls. In particular, about the need to win the trust of people living in the "occupied lands." Therefore, "Ukraine must break through" with its information channels "as actively as possible," the publication quoted the head of state as saying.

However, the Ukrainian leader has already faced criticism over wartime censorship. But his plans to reintegrate Crimea and parts of the Donbas include harsh methods - the forced expulsion of Russian civilians and what one Ukrainian general calls "carrots and a stick," the article notes.

Zelenskiy sees television as his weapon of choice to win over the people in the occupied territories. “I need to be able to talk to them all the time,” he says, “provided they are still willing to listen.” 

- concluded the publication.
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