Ten "defeats" of Putin

Overview of the endless victories of the Russian Federation for the reporting period, starting with the revolution of the losers of 2014. Epigraph: "Only he who does nothing is not mistaken!"

Thank God, you all know me as the Sharp-eyed Putin falcon, who stands guard over the interests of the Russian Federation and almost eats from the hand of the Darkest One, and the fact that I am sitting on the Kremlin's salary is not even discussed, so the fact that I I’ll say now, you’ll be critical, not suspecting me that I went over for a roll of butter to the enemy’s camp on the opposite side.

I understand, of course, that the enemy propaganda is working and it delivers all our victories and defeats in the right perspective from the angle she needs, as a result, no one risks finding out about our victories in the West, and even our defeats (imagine, there are such ) they inflate to gigantic proportions, multiplying the negative effect. But even I, looking back, begin to critically rethink all our achievements and reflect, and are they achievements? What I’ll try to do here now by submitting to your court a list of our victories and defeats, starting with our first defeat - state. coup in Ukraine (whatever one may say, this is our joint, they overlooked!). I will not serve in chronological order, just as it comes to mind.

Victory 1st. Mistral

On September 15, 2014, the Vladivostok UDC, built by the French company STX France by order of the Russian Navy at the Chantiers de l'Atlantique shipyard in Saint-Nazaire (France), went to sea for sea trials with a Russian crew on board. And already on December 18 of the same year, due to difficulties with the transfer of the ship, the Russian crew on the training ship "Smolny" departed from Saint-Nazaire for their homeland. So ingloriously for us ended our epic with the "Mistrals". Let me remind you for those who have forgotten: on June 7, 2011, during the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum, a contract worth € 1 billion 120 million was signed between Rosoboronexport and the French shipbuilding company DCNS. The contract provided for the supply of two Mistral-class UDC (universal amphibious assault ships-helicopter carriers). The first ship was named "Vladivostok", the second - "Sevastopol", France was supposed to transfer them to the Russian fleet in November 2014 and October 2015, respectively. However, this did not happen for reasons beyond our control. The United States intervened in the matter and blocked the deal, pushing its decision through the gutta-percha Hollande (if anyone has forgotten, this figure was then working as President of France). As a result, France fell under penalties, a loss of business reputation (such an incident happened for the first time in its history!), And we were left without two ships that would be very useful to us now in Syria (but then no one knew about Syria, the ships were built in reinforced ice class for operation in northern latitudes, including in difficult ice conditions, and were assigned to the Pacific Fleet, but the Americans looked into the water, and here we must give them their due).

2nd victory. Debt of Yanukovych

If anyone has forgotten, then the notorious debt of Yanukovych, the very $ 3 billion that Ukraine was supposed to return to Russia back in December 2015, has never been returned to us. And in the near future he is not even going to. "Why - was it possible?" - the unlucky reader will be surprised. You can, it turns out, you can! If it comes to Russia, then, as you can see, everything is possible! Especially if the case is being considered by our best friend, the High Court of London (since the deal was concluded under English law, the parties met there). It would seem that everything is obvious, the money has been received by the Ukrainian side, there are documents confirming this - if you please, return it, please, with interest and penalties for delay! .. Aha! Already ... The end of 2018 is in the yard, but things are still there. Three years litigation with the Ukrainian side, as a result of which the case was returned for reconsideration. This is another five years. By that time, either the donkey will die (read, Ukraine), or the padishah (write yourself what you want, you can dollar, you can America, you can Russia, I leave it up to you).

For those who are not in the subject, I would like to inform you that on September 14, 2018, the Court of Appeal of England and Wales upheld the appeal of Ukraine against the verdict of the High Court of London in the case of $ 3 billion not paid by Ukraine to Russia in December 2015. As a result, the case, which has been going on since February 2016, in which everything is clear, like two or two, is directed to a reconsideration of the High English Court, this time not under the accelerated procedure, as it was before, but under the full program within the framework of the classic legal proceedings with considering all political moments in the case. As a result, the case runs the risk of dragging on for another five years. For those who did not understand what happened after that, I am translating from legal to public - the judge of the Court of Appeal decided that the first instance court mistakenly did not consider the arguments of the Ukrainian side, so now the case will be heard within the framework of a full-fledged procedure, which will postpone the possibility of recovery debt in favor of the Russian Federation for at least another period of the aforementioned legal proceedings. Andestend? Three years of ships down the drain! Only the lawyers from both sides involved in the process got rich (moreover, both the plaintiff and the defendant are represented by English legal campaigns, which is understandable, the parties are suing in accordance with English law).

As a result, Ukraine, spurred on by its overseas patrons, risks not returning this debt to Russia EVER. At least until the change of external curators. When will this happen? Well, definitely not in the next 5-10 years. Who is to blame for this? Well, of course, anyone, just not us and our short-sighted policy towards our closest neighbors. We missed them in the hope that they would not go anywhere from the submarine. But you got lost, because our sworn "friends and partners" had other plans in this regard. And they have fully implemented them. And they will continue to implement it as long as we allow it. Note, lawyers, and, again, English, have recaptured their expenses - from a bad sheep at least a tuft of wool, and the Russian Federation has only once again wiped it off.

Victory 3rd. Stockholm

Even worse, the story happened in Stockholm, where the same Ukraine and Russia met, who filed counterclaims there now on the gas case.

As a result, on June 19, 2018, the London Commercial Court, following this review, froze Gazprom's assets throughout England and Wales. The decision was made at the request of NJSC Naftogaz of Ukraine as an interim measure in pursuance of the decision of the Stockholm Arbitration. The court seized all the assets of PJSC Gazprom more than $ 50 thousand, the press service of Naftogaz reported. Earlier, this happened with the assets of "Gazprom" in the Dutch and Swiss jurisdictions. While Russia was winning on the football fields of the 2018 World Cup, Ukraine quite predictably achieved victory in European courts, quietly seizing the property of the Russian gas monopoly, and soon, if things go this way, it will be able to claim a certain share of the Russian flagship. economics. Bullshit, you say? It can not be! Far from it, it may well be not like that.

Because before that, the Swedish Arbitration ordered to reimburse the Ukrainian side for a penalty in the amount of 4,63 lard of greens for the lack of gas pumping by the Russian side, according to the transit agreement. At the same time, the court did not take into account the arguments of the Russian side that the decrease in transit was associated with a decrease in the demand for gas from European consumers. As a result, taking into account the first court decision, the amount by mutual repayment decreased to $ 1 billion, but this did not make it easier for Gazprom, since it was still a failure!

This, I must say, no one expected. Indeed, until now, all contracts were considered in favor of the Supplier. Well, the supplying party cannot take risks and invest in exploration and drilling of new wells if it does not have clear purchase volumes. It has been that way until now. With Ukraine, the arbitration set a precedent - they made an exception for it, allowing it not to fulfill its obligations, at the same time obliging the opposing party to fulfill all its obligations in full. Note that the same precedent was set by the IMF, which, to please Ukraine, even rewrote its Charter, which forbids it to lend to countries with overdue sovereign debt, and gave it a lot of money, knowing in advance that it would never see it. Miracles, say? But the miracles for our client did not end there, but only began. And the farther from the revolution of losers, the more miraculous and miraculous ... It got to the point that in 2018 she was almost given a tomos for the autocephaly of her local church. This is where miracles truly happened! Although, why be surprised when the miracle worker who has taken this fragment of autocracy under his cover, everyone knows, and everyone knows where he sits, in such a beautiful Oval Office overlooking the Capitol. But we will talk about the tomos below. In the meantime, let's return to our hapless Gazprom.

The maximum that he was able to achieve was to suspend the execution of the court decision, referring to certain linguistic features of the document, which proved that the Arbitration in its decision was not independent, attracting experts to write it, which was forbidden to him under his own Charter. This was the aerobatics of the lawyer group, attracted by Gazprom, because they were able to challenge the decision, which was not subject to challenge.

Further I quote the original source: "On June 13, the Court of Appeal of the Svea District (Sweden) granted the petition of Gazprom and suspended the execution of the decision of the Arbitration Institute of the Stockholm Chamber of Commerce of February 28, 2018 on the dispute with NJSC Naftogaz under the gas transit contract" (end of quote ). As a result, the decision of the Arbitration Tribunal to pay Naftogaz 4,63 yards of greenery was suspended, which does not prevent Gazprom from demanding from Naftogaz to repay 2,018 yards of greenery according to the 1st court decision, plus those very fine 600 thousand dollars per day, which continue to drip since December 22, 2017. Gazprom did not challenge the court's decision, it is final and this is a fact - it challenged the procedure, appealed at the place of residence of the Stockholm Chamber of Commerce in the Svea District and won the case.

It is quite rare for an appellate court to suspend an arbitration award. The appeal allows Gazprom to at least delay the time and postpone the payment of $ 2,6 billion to Ukraine. The proceedings, during which the decision of the Stockholm Arbitration Court was suspended, could drag on for at least several months. Most likely, additional independent linguistic expertise will be carried out. And if it turns out that the decision was really not written by the arbitration judges, it may well be declared invalid and canceled. This, of course, is not a victory, but it is not a defeat either. Theoretically, Naftogaz may try to continue the process of seizing Gazprom's foreign assets (which it did recently by seizing the assets of Nord Stream and Nord Stream 2), but after the suspension of the decision, the Russian gas monopoly has additional arguments to fight off these attempts. And he will use them, you can be sure!

4th victory. Downed Boeing

Unfortunately, this did not work out with the downed Malaysian Boeing 777. For the reasons I will discuss below. What was there, I will not retell, the story is known to everyone and pretty boring to everyone. In fact, there is a clumsy work of special services trying to manipulate public opinion in a desire to pull facts onto the globe, which, however, they do not succeed very much. At the same time, WHAT really happened is no longer so important, it is important how and what is said about it on TV. An endless soap opera with a postponed ending, when the villain is initially known to everyone and no one has a desire to watch until the end. The case has been dragging on since July 2014. So what? What's the bottom line? After all, everyone knows everything - vile separatists, not without the help of even more vile Russia, shot down an innocent civilian Boeing of Malaysian Airlines. 298 innocent souls have died! And after all, everyone understands who is to blame, the villain was appointed initially. Of course, this is Putin (and who else?). But something has been dragging on for a long time, for 4 whole years, Putin resists, dodges, does not want to confess, and then, with facts and documents, proves that it was not he, but Ukraine who did it. “How so, Ukraine? - the one who already knew IT ALL is surprised. - Why on earth? Nope, we didn't agree so! The sanctions have already been included, the screws have been tightened, it cannot be canceled, really? And who, besides Putin himself, still knows about this when we have all the microphones? Nope, didn't hear anything. Yes, what are you saying, is it really Ukraine? We won't believe in life! "...

It got to the point that even if tomorrow Shoigu proves that Poroshenko personally controlled Buk, and there is video evidence of that, then nothing will change either. Nothing at all! And "the whole world" will not even know about it! But he learns that Skripal was killed personally by Putin, and he personally poisoned the Syrian children with chlorine (together with Assad, he personally threw them off the plane!). About interference in the American elections, British Brexit and the Austrian colonel, personally recruited by the future president of the Russian Federation, the whole world already knows everything and resignedly believes in this nonsense. Of course, this indefatigable Putin, he's just the devil in the flesh! And his agents GRU - so they finally can on every corner and under every bed. If it comes out that Putin also spied on Merkel, while simultaneously eavesdropping on Hollande and Macron, no one would be surprised. They will only be glad that Putin did not overhear them personally and the Pope. Although, who knows? You can expect everything from Putin! Putin - he is! Here I have given you only a small fraction of the possible consequences of the cognitive war unleashed against us by the collective West, the first act of which was the episode with the downed Boeing.

I may repeat the common truth, but the truth will not change from this - who owns information flows, he owns the world. Agree, it's stupid to play cards with a card sharper when he has all the decks marked and each has 5 aces. And our sharper owns not only information flows, but also financial ones. And in order to win against him, playing by his rules, we will probably have to turn the table of cards. There's just no other way! Because the game has already gone out of bounds. Well, if so, then we'll turn the table over. "Why do we need a world in which we are not?" (from). Do you know the author of these words? Will you check ?!

Victory 5th. Tomos

However, our sworn "partners" did not intend to stop at this. After biting the bit, twig! Now our existential enemy has encroached on something sacred - Orthodoxy! It would seem that the Ecumenical Patriarch is His Divine All-Holiness Archbishop of Constantinople (New Rome) Bartholomew I, in the world of Dimitrios Archondonis, an elderly man, like, 78 years old, it would seem it is time to think about the soul. No, no! I want, he says, to be the Pope of New Rome (Constantinople), I don't want, he says, to be the first among equals, but I want to be equal among the first ... I and the Pope! .. And whip Orthodoxy on your knee! Whose American ears stick out because of the figure of a flimsy patriarch, I, perhaps, will not say anything (who stimulated and financed this "project", and so everyone knows, and who does not know, he guesses). And it’s not 3 yards of greenery that you can’t return, and don’t be accused of attempted murder of a non-existent Salisbury boy (where, by the way, is the boy? Who saw him last?). This game has gone big! The split in Orthodoxy is fraught with religious wars, from which Western Europe perished throughout the Middle Ages. And what, now again ?!

But there is nothing unexpected in the actions of Bartholomew. The entire history of the 20th century in the relationship between the Russian Orthodox Church and its mother church only confirms this. Throughout the past century, the predecessors of Bartholomew according to the Ecumenical Patriarchate (at the beginning of the century) and he (already at the end) did not abandon attempts to bite off a piece of the Russian Orthodox Church afterwards, taking advantage of the historical faults that our Motherland then fell into (the collapse of the Russian Empire in 1917- m and the collapse of the Union in 1991). And now, the rapid return of Russia as a player to the world chessboard, its role in protecting the values ​​traditional for Orthodoxy and the related change in the status of the Russian Orthodox Church in world Orthodoxy have caused a predictable reaction in Constantinople, which has resulted in steps aimed at secession from it Ukrainian Orthodox Church in the guise of a crusade declared against the Russian Federation as a collective West.

You can observe the result in real time without leaving your TV. Yes, hard times have come for Orthodoxy in Ukraine. In the coming year, we risk seeing everything there, from overt pressure on priests from politicians and special services, to threats and real physical reprisal from their “ideological” helpers, in and without embroideries, from betrayal and treachery of former “comrades-in-arms” to the clergy, Attempts to seize and redistribute church property by its new owners. We will see tantrums about the “lack of eggs” among the representatives of the Russian Orthodox Church, we will see mutual anathema and talk that everything is too late. But as a result, the Russian Orthodox Church will come out of this split as a stronger, undisputed leader of the Orthodox World, and the Patriarch of Constantinople, instead of the desired title of “king of the hill”, risks becoming just a sandbox plowman.

What benefits the Director of the Chocolate Factory will have from this, and whether, at all, the same as, and who is using whom, Poroshenko Bartholomew or vice versa, let their future biographers and historians figure it out. For us, in fact, it makes no difference whether the tail twists the dog or the mad Ukrainian dog twists the tail, mad dogs are shot anyway. Why Putin did not “shoot” this conditional mad dog in 2014, I do not know why he recognized the legitimacy of the bloody junta and did not use the permission of the Federation Council of the Russian Federation to send troops and restore the constitutional order at the request of its legally elected President Yanukovych, too. History, unfortunately, has no subjunctive mood, and we will not know what would have happened if it had been done differently. But exactly then I would not consider now the option of autocephaly for the Ukrainian Church with a hypothetical threat of a split in world Orthodoxy. Putin thought to limit himself to a little blood? It didn't work out! The Amers went to the end. Until the complete and final end! If Putin has not calculated this, then this is his jamb! Let's go back to 2014.

Victory 6th. Krymnash

Yes, Russia has solved our Crimea and the strategic task of its national security. But what did you gain in return? In addition to increasing the sense of national self-awareness and pride of the Russians, the Russian Federation, along with the joined Crimea, also received colossal hemorrhoids, which even after almost 5 years can not figure it out. Only, it seemed, the tail pulled out, as the head gets stuck. They just solved the problem of logistics and energy supply, how do new old problems arise with water supply, the environment, thieving officials, general lawlessness, lack of jobs, infrastructure problems that we inherited from the previous owners. And these are millions and millions of our money, which we ourselves lack. As one famous politician in narrow circles said: “There is no money, but you hold on!” Crimeans hold on, and what to do? .. Where could it be swinging all over Ukraine, when we cannot even digest Crimea. And there Donbass still waits, will not wait. And, it seems, he already understood this.

Yes, I agree, Krymnash, but what is the victory, someone will explain to me? Yes, we didn’t let amers into our ancestral territory, defended our naval base and forced ourselves to respect, I agree. And what is the victory here? But I don’t need to sing songs about the “Russian world” that we have defended. Look, the "Russian world" in Donbass is with outstretched hand, why is it worse ?! Maybe he shed little blood to be considered Russian. Yes, maybe Crimean will be! And what? Nothing to say? But we'll talk about the Donbass, let's first deal with Crimea. As I understand it, we were interested, first of all, in the territory, the very one - strategic. An unsinkable aircraft carrier, pushed into the Black Sea and overhanging the entire Mediterranean, from where we can control this entire perimeter, and with which the Americans cannot do anything (they cannot yet! The construction of bases in Odessa and Ochakov in the Nikolaev region is in full swing, that they are there will be placed, only God knows ?!). And people are an appendage to the territory that still needs to be fed. That is why other people from Donbass are crowding in the dressing room as soon as 5 years in anticipation of joyful News for yourself. So far, I have no good news for them. But we will return to them later. But the joy of the Russians, I think, would be much greater if the entire South-East of Ukraine returned to them along with Crimea, especially since there was such an opportunity, the permission of the Federation Council to help the "brotherly people" at the request of his legally elected The President was received (let me remind you, this was before the Crimea!), Why Putin did not use him, question ?! I think the sanctions from this would be no less than those already available, but there would be no Boeing, no Tomos, no Bandera on our borders, no stinking Confectioner demanding us to punish all our mortal sins, no litigation for the Ukrovskaya GTS (she would have partially become ours, and if they wanted, then completely), and most importantly, I would not put the words "brotherly people" in quotation marks, because we would actually show that we are not interested in territories, albeit strategic ones, and people. Those same Russian people. By spirit and way of thinking, not by nationality. And then I would say - yes, this is our VICTORY, a big and real victory, and not what we have now. But Krymnash and we are going to rake for it for a long time. Yes, I do not mind, but I would like to rake it out, if it is already rake it out, then for the whole Ukraine, and once and for all close this issue.

Victory 7th. Donbass

About Donbass I don't even know what to say? It doesn't even smell like victory! This is our undisguised defeat, a stain of shame that will darken our consciousness for a long time to come. No, I understand everything perfectly well, it was not Putin who initiated Donbass, he was simply ripping out the consequences of the actions of individual citizens of the Russian Federation (and not only the Russian Federation) who misinterpreted the “party policy” for themselves and decided to defend the right of “blood brothers” with the help of weapons, to speak their native language. We know how it ended for them and for the “blood brothers”. Putin, playing already the second number, in fact had to take over control and transfer the situation to the stage of a frozen conflict. Which he did, creating an anti-Ukraine on the territory of the LPNR, which only by the fact of its existence became a thorn in the eye of the state that came as a result. the coup to power of the Kiev junta and the justification of all its problems. So who has benefited from this? It seems that only the Americans and the Director of the Chocolate Factory and his comrades, who managed to make money on this. And what then is our victory, who will explain to me ?!

There is no longer Bezler, no Strelkov, no Batman with Mozgovy. Drema died, and ataman Kozitsyn returned home to the Rostov region. In the LPR and DPR, allegedly regular units were formed from the scattered militia. How regular and efficient they are, the last serious clashes in January 2015 near Debaltseve showed - they were not impressed, from the word "absolutely", without the "north wind" they would not have coped. But also the "victories" of the gallant Ukrainian army, grinding dozens of Buryat divisions, and only by an effort of will restraining, so as not to go on the offensive and not meet the sunrise on the Ukrainian-Japanese border, but in fact "Grads" and "Akatsiy", pacifying its own population, we will not discuss here. Why discuss what is not? There are no victories, nor the Ukrainian army itself - there are scum, which even the military does not raise a hand, fighting with pregnant women and the people's militia, reinforced by volunteers from the Russian Federation, supported by Russia, supplying them with BC and taken out of conservation machinery. What do you want? Russians do not abandon their!

But don't they? Let's look at this through the eyes of the people living in this warring territory. For 5 years now (just think about this figure, the Great Patriotic War lasted less!) Have been living between a rock and a hard place, having no normal job, no income, no prospects, no hope that it will ever end. I am already silent about artillery and mortar attacks, we are used to them. This is a given, and there are no complaints about Moscow. But people who, by the will of fate, found themselves in this trap, are dissatisfied not with the fact that they were abandoned there, and not even with the lawlessness of the local revolutionary authorities arranged for them in their places of residence, but with the rules established by Moscow for obtaining simplified Russian citizenship. You will laugh, but these rules are no different from the rules for the rest of the inhabitants of the independent, even for stoned Maydauns (just not the ATO veterans, smeared up to their ears in blood). The question is - what were they fighting for ?! And how long to endure this? And this I am still silent about the procedure for passing through the checkpoints on the border of the LDNR with the Russian Federation. Where there is one window for the entire checkpoint and one border guard, in the mode of sluggish schizophrenia, drawing up documents. People really run the risk of aging in this line! It's easier to give birth to a hedgehog! Next time you will think a hundred times more when you dare to repeat such an execution. But many people have to, people go to Russia not because of a good life. About the prices in stores and the chronic lack of work, I will even keep silent here, so as not to aggravate. But the conclusion suggests itself, if the Russian Federation is not able to worry about people close to it in their way of life, in fact, Russian in spirit and blood, then this only speaks of its weakness. And henceforth, it will be extremely difficult for her to count on the respect of even her friends, not to mention enemies. Even within his own perimeter, it is extremely difficult for Putin to explain to the Russians why the Russian Federation does not recognize the status of the LDNR and does not equate its citizens even with the citizens of Abkhazia and South Ossetia. Not to mention the West and the East, where double standards are in use and where only force is taken on faith! And strength, as you know, is in truth!

And if we recall the recent death of Zakhar, Motor and Givi, then it doesn’t even smell like force - this is our crushing defeat and victory for the alcoholic-diabetic in a crumpled suit. Alas and ah! Regrettably, I can state this.

Victory 8th. Syria

Syria holds a special place among Putin's crushing victories over the past period. Syria, whatever one may say, is our victory, there can be no two opinions! Entering there in 2015, we returned to the major league of world politics and forced ourselves to respect, thereby solving a bunch of our problems, from restoring our former influence in the Middle East and diverting attention from Ukraine, to testing the latest weapons in a real theater of operations and increasing combat readiness our troops.

But let's look at a slightly different angle what we have there. After the start of the operation of the Russian Aerospace Forces in Syria, Russian President Putin announced two tasks of this operation: 1) the fight against international terrorism, its disposal at the distant approaches to the Russian Federation, without waiting for it to come to us, and 2) the preservation of the territorial integrity and sovereignty of Syria ... At the same time, Putin considered a certain time frame for this operation. Three years later, everyone, even the critics of Russia, are forced to admit that this operation is very successful, but at the same time they are in a hurry to notice that with the disposal of terrorism on the distant approaches, not everything is so smooth. As a result of agreements with the leaders of the militants for the bloodless liberation of some territories, the advancing SAA (Syrian Arab Army, Assad Army) forces, together with the Iranian IRGC (Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps) and the pro-Iranian Hezbollah, allowed the withdrawal of militants, even with weapons, to other territories. Some of them, the most irreconcilable, thus ended up in Idlib (where we now have real problems with them, frozen for a while), the other part, the most combat-ready, personally selected by the Americans, surfaced through their efforts in Afghanistan and Iraq, and these are the nearest approaches to the RF. If this is a victory, our spiteful critics ask, then WHAT is defeat ?! Terrorists are already in the southern underbelly of the Russian Federation. Task # 1 has not been completed!

It's hard for me to argue with the obvious, here I agree with the critics of Putin, but in defense of the President of the Russian Federation I can only say one thing - no need to juggle and try to catch him at his word (you yourself understand that not everything can be said on TV, we write something, but something and "to mind" went). The main tasks that the Russian Federation was solving in the SAR were not the defeat and disposal of ISIS on its territory and not a small victorious war in order to wipe America's nose, as some "experts" suggest. The Russian Federation has never set such tasks for itself. The main task was not to defeat ISIS, but to make it impossible to defeat Assad. Do you feel the difference ?! As a result, the task was completed. And this is a fact! And everything else is details that pale in front of a solved global problem.

One lightning-fast operation was enough for Putin to demolish, scattering all the players, the chess table set there, and declare that Russia is regaining its lost zones of influence. At the same time, everyone understands that the Russian Federation is not going to stop at this, but will continue to expand them into zones that were not previously such. What is happening now. The balance of power in the Middle East is changing, and American influence is being replaced by Russian one slowly but surely. As a result of this difficult operation, the Russian Federation solved its main task - tore apart the international isolation that had developed around it, reduced the degree of interest in events in Ukraine, forced the States to return to direct contacts (and not only at the level of military headquarters) and radically changed the balance of power around Syria and in the Middle East in general. Therefore, here we have our unequivocal victory, which I gladly admit! And by the way, not only me, but also our sworn enemies.

As the authoritative American magazine Military Review points out, "Russia's entry into the conflict in Syria allowed there to radically expand the direction and nature of military operations." And, despite the fact that a limited contingent of Russian troops involved in it, writes Military Review, “had to conduct combat work in a remote theater of operations with a lack of experience in expeditionary operations, in the face of limited capabilities for long-distance supply, provision and use of local infrastructure, the main task assigned to him was solved. Moreover, it was resolved without involving the Russian Federation in a long-term campaign. ” (This sounds especially piquant, taking into account the unsuccessful experience of Western countries during such expeditionary campaigns in the Middle East and their own sad experience of the Afghan war, in which the USSR was bogged down for as long as 10 years). Everything, with Syria finished, move on to potential and existing allies. There, too, not everyone is okay.

Victory 9th. Allies

I'll start right away with the fact that we have no allies. Alas and ah! Nothing has changed since the time of Alexander III, when our only allies were our army and our navy. Over these 125 years, nothing has changed, as soon as our VKS were added to them. But that's not scary. Because the phrase attributed to Churchill that Great Britain has no permanent friends and permanent enemies, but only permanent interests, is relevant to us. The Russian Federation has only permanent interests around the world, arising from its economic interests and the interests of its national security. Whom did you consider to be your ally before? Turkey? Belarus? Kazakhstan? Or maybe China or India? Mind you, I don't even ask about Ukraine. Aren't you funny yourself?

Look at what America is doing with its allies now. She really breaks them through the knee. And I’m not even talking about Europe, which has long lost its right to vote, but look at how the Yankees behave with their long-standing and reliable partners - the countries of the British Commonwealth. They don't stand on ceremony with them either. But these are their loyal friends - Great Britain, Canada, Australia, New Zealand (there are now 54 countries, mostly former British colonies, which India and South Africa have forgotten, given their current situation, I don’t know, but they are also listed there ). But there are no such loyal friends who could not be betrayed when it comes to their own interests. So the United States is being betrayed. Because in the world now the moment has come when only one can survive. The strongest. But, at the expense of others. And the United States quite rightly in this situation proceeds primarily from its own interests. And everyone would have done so in their place.

Therefore, one should not be surprised at the behavior of the President of Belarus Lukashenko, in this situation he is no better than Erdogan, and even worse, because we have a blood brother and we had the right to count on him. In some ways, the dad and the sultan are even twin brothers, Lukashenko is a mirror copy of Erdogan, they have the same psychotype, they are both very impulsive, ambitious and reflective, which simplifies manipulating them if desired, turning them into victims of reflexive control, because their reactions are easy miscalculated and they can be controlled by clicking on a button in time. That Vladimir Vladimirovich is sometimes brilliant and demonstrates. But Lukashenko is not our main problem at all, because the Lukashenka come and go, but the people of Belarus remain. Like the people of Kazakhstan, although we have fewer complaints about Nazarbayev. But here is another sadness - Nazarbayev, alas, is not eternal. We have nothing in common with the Turks, only common interests, which now temporarily coincided. As with China. But here we don’t need to deceive ourselves, we are China’s friend, as long as he needs us in the confrontation with America, and so far he needs our resources, but he won’t fight for us. And you need to know! On the contrary, it can always take advantage of our weakness to eat us.

Therefore, we have no right to be weak never, under any circumstances. And a reasonable balancing on the opposition of other interests, in the presence of our own obvious force and resource factor, for the access to which our "partners" will seek and protection, can do us a real good service. And it already serves that the recent successes of our Foreign Ministry are demonstrating, even if for some it is not obvious.

I will put an end to this here, because allies are a short-term and unreliable thing, any country has problems with them, therefore it is always and in everything it is better to rely only on ourselves, which we are doing now. And the stronger we are, the less problems we will have in this area. Let's move on to the last victory of the Russian Federation. The main one!

Victory 10th, main. Putin

Not so long ago, Vladimir Vladimirovich flew to Baku, on the eve of the CIS summit in Dushanbe, where he had a short-term meeting with Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev. The weather was frankly not flying, the wind was so strong that the carpet lined to meet the dear guest on the runway had to be bolted to the concrete with pan-sized bolts. Baku transferred all the boards to other alternate airfields, board No. 1 of the Russian Federation sat down where it was going. It is clear that he is served by the aces, it is clear that others are not kept in the special flight unit "Russia", but imagine for a second what would have happened if, God forbid, pah-pah-pah, a thousand times and knocked on a tree if board # 1 crashed. It's even scary to think that! I understand that the joy of our enemies would have no limit, this is their crystal dream, with which they lie down and wake up, this is what all their forces are thrown into and so far, thank God, to no avail, but they do not lose hope, they work in in this direction, be calm (although the days are already counting until 2024, the year when the powers of the GDP expire). But what would we do? Question?! All our processes are now fixated on Putin. Without him, we are like no hands! He is our everything! But who can replace him, God forbid what? Medvedev? According to the Constitution, he. But it's not even funny. And so far, no worthy successor is in sight. But this is not normal - in such a large country there are no worthy people, this does not happen! But so far we have.

Therefore, Putin is our binary problem! This is our victory, but also our impending defeat, if he fails to start the mechanism so that even in his absence, even after the end of his powers, everything goes by itself in automatic mode. For once we were lucky with the ruler, but this does not mean at all that this will continue to be so. The copy is always worse than the original. Therefore, the problem of a successor, the problem of 2024, hangs over us, not going anywhere, and let's hope that Putin will be able to solve it.

On this review ended, sorry if anyone is tired.
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  1. Valentine Offline Valentine
    Valentine (Valentin) 23 November 2018 11: 51
    Everything is correct, Vladimir, everything is in essence. Our president would have had more courage, but away from his "oligarch brothers", you see, Russia would have risen in our eyes, and the people would have breathed freely .... " hit first ..... "- words, words .....
  2. av58 Offline av58
    av58 (Andrei) 23 November 2018 13: 23
    I'll start right away with the fact that we do not have allies. Alas and ah!

    I'll start with the banal: as Zhvanetsky once said, "to write, as well as to write, is necessary when it is already unbearable" laughing
    If we sum up everything that someone under the name "Vladimir Volkonsky" scribbled in his opus, then the main defeat is, of course, "Putin himself.
    However, Putin cannot be a defeat for himself, which V. Volkonsky himself confirms in the last paragraph: "Therefore, Putin is OUR binary problem!"
    By the way, I didn't understand what a "binary problem" is in relation to Volkonsky's theme. Until now, the "binary problem" has been considered only in mathematics (the binary Goldbach problem, those who wish will find it), so the topic Volkonsky, declared by him, at least not fully disclosed laughing
    1. Volkonsky Offline Volkonsky
      Volkonsky (Vladimir) 23 November 2018 16: 19
      It is better to remain silent and seem like a fool than to speak and dispel all doubts. (Mark Twain)

      I advise the comrade, hiding under the guise of av58, to re-read Samuel Clemens (better known by the name of Mark Twain) more often before engaging in discussions about things about which he has no idea. The binary problem is translated into the language of downs, which were not taught mathematics at school, as a double problem. As for the rest of the claims, this is not to me, but to the psychiatrist, the comrade has obvious problems with the perception of the printed text, in the best case, the block responsible for tracking cause-effect relationships is damaged

      Where the mind is lacking - everything is lacking ... (Savile Halifax George)
      1. demiks demiks Offline demiks demiks
        demiks demiks (demiks demiks) 6 February 2021 15: 47
        Well done !!!!
    2. Pishenkov Offline Pishenkov
      Pishenkov (Alexey) 24 November 2018 15: 11
      Anything binary is in two parts. In my opinion, it is quite simply written. And about Putin here, too, everything "binary" is quite clear. You don't even have to bother with Goldbach, unless, of course, you want to seem too smart ...
    3. Man with a gun Offline Man with a gun
      Man with a gun (Man with a gun) 18 July 2020 17: 37
      If you endure, every time to the last, then your health will be shaken!
    4. businessv Offline businessv
      businessv (Vadim) 11 September 2020 20: 27
      Quote: av58
      I'll start with the banal:

      I will do the same and also start with the banal: keep it simple and people will be drawn to you! This, in fact, is all. hi
  3. Ishenko Gennady Vladimirovich 23 November 2018 13: 33
    In the latter they wrote nonsense. Putin is the same oligarch as his friends, a layman in economics and government. All his appointments are guided not by business qualities, intelligence and knowledge of personnel, but by their personal devotion. With him there will be neither economic growth, nor civil liberties, nor social support of the state, nor cardinal strengthening of defense. It’s a pity that we have a little dumb people, who still have little tapped on the head, who still believes Putin. Nothing, EP and Gaidar in the government will soon fix it.
    1. businessv Offline businessv
      businessv (Vadim) 23 November 2018 19: 58
      Quote: Ischenko Gennady Vladimirovich
      With him there will be neither economic growth, nor civil liberties, nor social support of the state, nor cardinal strengthening of defense. It’s a pity that we have a little stupid people who haven’t been hit on the head yet, who still believes Putin

      Gennady Vladimirovich, and who do you personally believe? Drunk EBN? Who drank, squandered and almost ruined our country completely? Or Apple’s grant-eaters? Maybe Kudrin, who doesn’t take a step without a pointer from across the ocean? I agree with you about the illiteracy of most government officials and with the passage about loyalty. I also agree that more than done is unlikely to be expected from the Guarantor, but he did a lot! Regarding the people: Will you yourself be someone? If you are broadcasting from behind a hillock, then it’s not your dog’s business, what kind of people we have, but if of ours, then I’m sorry, they themselves stated their position, they themselves proved it! hi
      1. Man with a gun Offline Man with a gun
        Man with a gun (Man with a gun) 18 July 2020 17: 54
        As long as there is someone like Putin, no one will appear who could become a leader, he will be crushed physically. We need those who need the most, who are not indifferent to other people's interests, who is the smartest, who is not afraid to go all the way, for whom there are no two truths, but the truth is equal to the truth, so among them we must look for a leader!
        1. Elena Ushkova Offline Elena Ushkova
          Elena Ushkova (Elena Ushkova) 27 November 2020 20: 11
          Perhaps this is the author himself and Khodorkovsky.
    2. Astronaut Offline Astronaut
      Astronaut (San Sanych) 24 November 2018 14: 49
      It’s a pity that we have a little dumb people,

      Judging by what you write, I have to agree with this!
    3. Pishenkov Offline Pishenkov
      Pishenkov (Alexey) 24 November 2018 15: 16
      Agree, no one is perfect. But if you know about someone living on Earth now, who, even theoretically, could be better than GDP in the post of the head of our state, please let us know. Today I do not see such people in the Russian Federation. And if our people still "little knocked on the head", as you put it, then show me also which people in its history were knocked on much more ??? I think there will be few of these
      1. demiks demiks Offline demiks demiks
        demiks demiks (demiks demiks) 6 February 2021 15: 50
        Pretty boy!!!!!
    4. Nick Offline Nick
      Nick (Nikolai) 27 November 2018 20: 50
      Quote: Ischenko Gennady Vladimirovich
      In the latter they wrote nonsense. Putin is the same oligarch as his friends, a layman in economics and government.

      You are obviously a great specialist in economics and government, if you can give an assessment of the work of the President. Just why aren't you president? Do you have enough competencies?
      If you give an assessment, be able to argue for it, otherwise it is demagoguery, which analysts who little know the subject of assessment suffer! The author does not shine either. For example, he is hacked to death by the Mistrals, and when President Medvedev (not Putin) concluded an agreement, the entire "progressive" public spat, proceeding from diarrhea from tension, proving that we did not need these troughs at all. By the way, Oland Putin returned all the money for the mistrals, and even paid the penalty. This is Putin's real Victory! And so on all counts.
      1. Oleg9999 Offline Oleg9999
        Oleg9999 (Oleg) 28 November 2018 21: 06
        This is not Putin’s victory, this is a culture of fulfilling the treaty. Victory would be to overcome the Mistals and not pay.
    5. Alekcandr Sokolenko (Alekcandr Sokolenko) 19 September 2019 07: 42
      "Trust Putin" - TV, because the monopoly (whose? - the question is obvious, after the defeat of the USSR) - and this TV creates (allegedly) an opinion in pictures for himself and Putin himself, and fools in the country are running out, fewer and fewer people go to us " choice "without choice, and this speaks more honestly about the attitude than some kind of abstract" faith. " Karabas Barabas decides everything with the repertoire, and not the Gauleiters - the overseers.
    6. Alex zoloto Offline Alex zoloto
      Alex zoloto (Alex Zoloto) 4 December 2019 18: 41
      Our country is good, but the people are not suitable (classic) - like you, I would crush like cockroaches. And I wouldn’t look back.
  4. Cat Basilio Offline Cat Basilio
    Cat Basilio (Cat Basilio) 23 November 2018 13: 57
    In nature, he was tired, a boltologist.
    1. Volkonsky Offline Volkonsky
      Volkonsky (Vladimir) 23 November 2018 16: 26
      Read the alphabet, there is less bukoff!
      1. Nick Offline Nick
        Nick (Nikolai) 27 November 2018 21: 00
        Quote: Wolf 1
        Read the alphabet, there is less bukoff!

        Not all, unlike you, look for familiar letters in texts. Some understand the meaning of what is written. And within the meaning of Volkonsky's article is boltology. Because the facts can be interpreted in different ways. And he is trying to interpret them in a clearly and unambiguously negative light. The author does not have enough binary thinking, however ...
    2. businessv Offline businessv
      businessv (Vadim) 23 November 2018 20: 06
      Quote: Basilio the Cat
      In nature, he was tired, a boltologist.

      Cats are better off doing mice rather than reading! yes
  5. Monster_Fat Offline Monster_Fat
    Monster_Fat (What's the difference) 23 November 2018 14: 27
    ABOUT! In the stream of verbal flow of sycophants of the "sun" of all stripes, who piously believed in the KSP, the article of the author - "a voice crying in the desert" .... Respect!
    1. businessv Offline businessv
      businessv (Vadim) 23 November 2018 20: 04
      Quote: Monster_Fat
      The author's article - "a voice crying in the desert" .... Respect!

      I agree! Greetings, colleague! I haven’t heard you for a long time! Managed to miss your comments! hi
  6. Yuri Simonov Offline Yuri Simonov
    Yuri Simonov (Yuri Simonov) 23 November 2018 17: 34
    The author glides on the surface. But there is no problem of Putin’s turnover. Is a change to Putin should come from among those that flickers on the screen and is visible to everyone? Did the country see Putin before B.N. Yeltsin first appointed him director of the FSB, and then prime minister and, most importantly, acting the president? Yeltsin laid a good and reliable tradition in the legal change of the highest authority in Russia. I am sure that Putin himself will use it. There is already a worthy man of about the same age that Putin was when Yeltsin brought him to the highest power in the country. He has been successfully serving as governor for more than a year. And how can it be that in such a highly developed country as Russia, among millions of smart peasants, there is not one capable of becoming a worthy head of the country ?!
    1. Volkonsky Offline Volkonsky
      Volkonsky (Vladimir) 23 November 2018 18: 27
      https://www.proza.ru/2018/07/24/249 - тут тоже об этом писал, но найти не могу, дал ссылку на Прозу
    2. Valentine Offline Valentine
      Valentine (Valentin) 24 November 2018 21: 17
      If you are talking about Alexei Dyumin, then I agree with you all 100, but before the deal, oh, how far away, and everything can change instantly.
  7. denart50 Offline denart50
    denart50 (Denis) 23 November 2018 17: 38
    We have nothing in common with the Turks, only common interests, which now temporarily coincided. As with China. But there’s no need to deceive ourselves, China is our friend, while he needs us in the confrontation with America, and while he needs our resources, but he will not go to war for us. And you need to know! On the contrary can always take advantage of our weakness to eat us...

    The truth is spoken by the author ... good hi
    And then many agree to the point that almost tomorrow China and Russia will overwhelm the stars and stripes "partner" together ...
    Yes, not in life !!! And even if this happens in some crazy-fantastic dream, then after the collapse of the USA, China will immediately become Russia's first enemy ...
  8. businessv Offline businessv
    businessv (Vadim) 23 November 2018 19: 48
    Bravo author! It is well written, with humor, but upon reading the taste is bitter! Perhaps I agree with everything, I am sure that there are so many "little things" about which I should have written and discussed that it was hardly possible to cope with it before the New Year! But:

    And while a worthy successor is not visible. But this is not normal - in such a large country there are no worthy people, it doesn’t! But so far with us.

    - I do not agree with this. We are a talented people, worthy and competent people in bulk, but the current elite is unlikely to like any of them, so the phrase should sound IMHO like this:

    And while a worthy successor in our first generation elite is not visible. But this is not normal - in such a large country, among the "elite" there are no worthy candidates, patriots, socially responsible and oriented towards the development of our country, competent, not corrupt and responsible for their own actions and their "team" of people? It doesn't work that way! But in our country, so far, because those in power are those who could get in there, who amassed capital on the seizure of state and private property in the 90s, as well as agents of influence fed by stars and striped friends who will not take a step without a team of owners!

    Forgive me the author for a free interpretation of the ending of his wonderful creations! hi smile
    1. Monster_Fat Offline Monster_Fat
      Monster_Fat (What's the difference) 24 November 2018 12: 04
      We agree that our country is full of worthy people. Of course, if you squeeze all worthy people out of politics, surround yourself with low-quality sycophants, then yes, you can say that there is no one more worthy. I am amused by clowns like mantras repeating the "Kremlin speech": "GDP is our everything .... there is no one to replace it .... all the rest are even worse .... not Navalny, or Zhirinovsky, .... anyway nothing will change .... we will choose another - it will only get worse ... you want it to be like in Ukraine .... you want to return to the 90s .... "I just want to ask, what is it in Russia not like in Ukraine? Just replace the word "young fascists" with "guardsmen-siloviks" and you will get the same picture as in Ukraine, only that Ukraine is still a parliamentary republic and even though the parliament there looks a lot funny, but the interests of the people are really represented there - its different parts and Pig is forced to reckon with him, and in Russia there is a "presidential republic" where the Tsar does not reckon with anyone except his homies, but pretends that "this is all, not he" is "a bad government and parliament." And about "it will be worse with others" I would like to ask, "have you tried? First try, and then say ... under the same Yeltsin, at the end of his reign, the economy grew by 6-8%, and now this economy is deep ass, moreover, in a hopeless ass, and at the same time, someone else there says that without GDP it will be worse. Much "worse" - and so "bottom".
      1. Astronaut Offline Astronaut
        Astronaut (San Sanych) 24 November 2018 14: 56
        with the same Yeltsin, at the end of his reign, the economy grew by 6-8%

        The economy grew because after the fall of 98, oil began to grow, and since more than half of industrial enterprises were destroyed during the EBN, naturally the improvement of the economy in oil companies led to an improvement in the entire economy in Russia
      2. Pishenkov Offline Pishenkov
        Pishenkov (Alexey) 24 November 2018 15: 28
        I would start and end by saying that if someone allowed himself to be “squeezed out” of politics, as you say, then such a person is no longer a priori able to manage a state like ours. Those who were “squeezed out” in this way may be “worthy people” in various terms of this phrase, but at the same time they absolutely do not fit the role of political and state leaders. If they allowed themselves to be "squeezed out" inside us, then what would such "leaders" do against, for example, the US president with all his political machine, China, the EU, etc.?
        1. Volkonsky Offline Volkonsky
          Volkonsky (Vladimir) 24 November 2018 16: 07
          I don’t understand, Lesha, with whom are you arguing? To whom do you answer? I completely agree with what you said.
          1. Pishenkov Offline Pishenkov
            Pishenkov (Alexey) 24 November 2018 16: 41
            Quote: Monster_Fat
            Of course, if you squeeze out all the worthy from politics, surround yourself with base sneaks

            and so on - this is not a comment on the article, Wolf, this is an answer to the comment already written above
      3. Valentine Offline Valentine
        Valentine (Valentin) 24 November 2018 21: 31
        The economy grew by 6-8%

        and where did you, my friend, have such data? About the fact that Yeltsin with one stroke of a pen in Viskuly deprived 30 million Russian people of their homeland, I know about 17 million Russians who died prematurely from unemployment, poverty and hopelessness, I know about 75% of unemployment, I know that these your Gaidars, Chubais and Kudrins sold and drank all of Russia with its people, I know, so where did the economic growth of 6-8% come from then in the plundered and destroyed country?
      4. Valentine Offline Valentine
        Valentine (Valentin) 24 November 2018 21: 36
        You should at least consult with your head when you write something.
  9. Pishenkov Offline Pishenkov
    Pishenkov (Alexey) 24 November 2018 15: 07
    If at first I still (a little) doubted, then after the "roll with butter" doubts about the authorship disappeared :-). I also leave the name of the author for the end when I finish reading. Good article, as usual, Vladimir. Even there is nothing to argue with! I will not write a commentary, just serious topics and a lot of them at once, and it would be stupid to write shortly and about nothing, but in detail - it would be just a continuation of the same article and in a similar volume. As usual, I was pleased with the style - it's easy about the serious. The material is large, but therefore readable enough. He embraced the immense - almost everything in one bottle and intelligibly and correctly. And the conclusions are all adequate. Thank you for the article.
    1. Oleg9999 Offline Oleg9999
      Oleg9999 (Oleg) 25 November 2018 13: 10
      A cuckoo praises a rooster for praising a cuckoo - something like that in a classic
      1. Volkonsky Offline Volkonsky
        Volkonsky (Vladimir) 25 November 2018 19: 07
        And Oleg scolds the cockerel and scolds the cuckoo, as is common among ordinary people. Offset! Maladie!
  10. Radikal Offline Radikal
    Radikal 24 November 2018 15: 45
    Therefore, Putin is our binary problem! This is our victory, but also our impending defeat, if he fails to start the mechanism so that even in his absence, even after the end of his powers, everything will go automatically.

    If, after the end of his powers, everything (as the author wishes) continues to move on its own in an automatic mode, a quick and sad end awaits us! sad
    1. Pishenkov Offline Pishenkov
      Pishenkov (Alexey) 24 November 2018 15: 57
      And you personally, Radical, what alternative and direction would you see? This is not a joke and not a provocation, but a real question. I'm really curious. I know the liberal proposals, based on your avatar, you have a different opinion, what would you suggest?
  11. Volkonsky Offline Volkonsky
    Volkonsky (Vladimir) 24 November 2018 16: 03
    Quote: Monster_Fat
    only now Ukraine is still a parliamentary republic and even though the parliament there looks a lot funny, but the interests of the people are really represented there - its various parts and Pig is forced to reckon with him, and in Russia there is a "presidential republic" where the Tsar does not take into account anyone but his own homies

    I have never heard anything dumber! Come to my Ukraine, uncle, and you will find out what a parliamentary republic is, where Ukrainians are not even represented in the parliament, where in the upcoming presidential elections I don’t even have anyone to vote for. Everything is stripped to zero. All opposition is either pocket Peci or Kremlin agents and are in prison. He doesn’t like Putin, you see the dictator! You haven’t seen real dictators yet, you would have sat under your bench and not croaked, because it would be scary!
    1. Valentine Offline Valentine
      Valentine (Valentin) 24 November 2018 21: 38
      This is a pathology.
    2. Oleg9999 Offline Oleg9999
      Oleg9999 (Oleg) 25 November 2018 13: 15
      So there’s nothing to sit here to pierce the keys and wait for you to carry a handsome politician on a platter. I think you and the Maidan only saw on TV. Here, in general, all such kitchen politicians have gathered that the authors are commentators.
      1. Volkonsky Offline Volkonsky
        Volkonsky (Vladimir) 25 November 2018 19: 13
        But you must have fought without leaving your couch, a connoisseur of horseradish technology!
        1. Oleg9999 Offline Oleg9999
          Oleg9999 (Oleg) 26 November 2018 11: 01
          And what is it that a person from Ukraine in general is fighting here without sparing his stomach, sort of like discussing Russian interests? There is a lot of free time or just like that, neighbors help advice?
          1. Volkonsky Offline Volkonsky
            Volkonsky (Vladimir) 26 November 2018 18: 03
            Russia is not a foreign country to me and I earned the right to discuss its problems as early as in the DRA in 1983-85, and I have no less credit for it, or maybe even more of yours! And since we are sitting in the same boat, the problems are common. Which hand will be nicer to you - right or left? For me both! And you already refused the left.
            1. Oleg9999 Offline Oleg9999
              Oleg9999 (Oleg) 27 November 2018 12: 25
              I respect your fighting past, but this past. And the USSR has long since rested. You can’t enter the same river twice and nostalgia is pointless here. Most likely, post-war syndrome affects.
  12. Galar Offline Galar
    Galar (Timur) 24 November 2018 21: 04
    what is the darkest is the devil?
  13. Sergey Latyshev Offline Sergey Latyshev
    Sergey Latyshev (Serge) 25 November 2018 01: 26
    A sweet couple was not mentioned. Which sports nutrition sells, being almost Heroes of Russia.
    And similar cases
  14. Oleg9999 Offline Oleg9999
    Oleg9999 (Oleg) 26 November 2018 11: 22
    The meaning of the article and most of the comments boils down to one thing: based on GDP, there is no one brighter in the world, there are mistakes, but they are not critical, and in general people crave spectacles more than bread. Meanwhile, these same commentators are well aware that the country is slowing down - where are you leading us, Susanin, ”asked the Poles, feeling bad. We are on the right track, only Susanin knows the right path, ”commentators reassured. And if Susanin turned into Lenin, or even worse, Vlasov, where would the long-suffering paths of history lead our long-suffering country. What is good for one, the second is not ice. The trouble is that no one wants to compromise, and even potentially.
    1. Volkonsky Offline Volkonsky
      Volkonsky (Vladimir) 26 November 2018 18: 10
      Those. Putin is not your hero? Who did you vote for? For Sobchak or for Grudinin? Or maybe Zhirik is your hero? Have you been washing boots in the English Channel for a long time? About Baburin, Suraikin and Yavlinsky do not even ask. Only he who does nothing is not mistaken! But you would certainly do better.
      1. Oleg9999 Offline Oleg9999
        Oleg9999 (Oleg) 27 November 2018 00: 16
        And I won't baptize children with you, why are you so excited? The body craves a strong hand? Masochism is straightforward, but in between "we can repeat".
        1. Volkonsky Offline Volkonsky
          Volkonsky (Vladimir) 27 November 2018 03: 32
          Tovarisch, who are you talking to right now? What are you going to repeat during the breaks? You do not like Putin, what claims to me? Choose another after 6 years. Putin is not Pushkin to love him, and not a dollar so that everyone likes.
          1. Oleg9999 Offline Oleg9999
            Oleg9999 (Oleg) 27 November 2018 08: 44
            I can’t sleep, age .... I understand, but it’s not for me
  15. Oleg9999 Offline Oleg9999
    Oleg9999 (Oleg) 26 November 2018 12: 18
    Yes, Susanin led the Poles, but who will they lead to?
  16. Oh_ho_ho Offline Oh_ho_ho
    Oh_ho_ho (Victor) 13 December 2018 17: 34
    Quote: “Continuous exposure of shortcomings has nothing to do with the desire to restore order.”
  17. Oh_ho_ho Offline Oh_ho_ho
    Oh_ho_ho (Victor) 13 December 2018 18: 05
    What was the author chasing? Denigrate everything that happens under Putin and blame Putin for it.
    Vladimir Volkonsky, with whose hands do you feed?
    1. The comment was deleted.
  18. opaopaopapa gyga 11 January 2019 15: 13
    Bravo, author! I even registered on the site to express my admiration for the analysis of the current global party. My general conclusion suggests itself (upon reading the first five points) - why did I study international law (international rules of conduct) at the university. He is not there. All the rules and canons, and laws, and practice with precedents - all this can change at the click of the powerful .... naive
  19. Serega9172 Offline Serega9172
    Serega9172 (Serega9172) April 5 2019 17: 09
    The author is burning. The level of development of kamikaze. Gritting his brain read the text. The next all-rounder, like a liberal, is just a different writing style. And why? And therefore, if the author had spread his brain and realized that the Boeing was not shot down in order to conduct an investigation. Get Ukrainians to the black box faster or shooting more precisely with art at the crash site, removing traces. Everything would be much sadder and even God himself could not do anything. And the fact that we were the first to take ChN and began to investigate and cooperate, which confused them. This is a masterfully reflected direct hit. These PJs will be declassified and published when the West plays enough with Ukrainians and merges, accusing them of all mortal sins.
    I believe that the Ukrainians needed Crimea to dictate anything to us with their cruise missiles. Remember everything that happened in 2014. Odessa, buses burned, murders on national grounds. As the Crimeans said, we’ll survive together. Not to mention the base of the Black Sea Fleet. Crimea was taken without 1 shot. Isn’t this a success, is it not a victory? What is more important for the author, a bone from the West, with the opportunity to kiss the boots of the western master, or to let our people live together, but having received sanctions? Won Maduro generally stripped to a goal. Do we have a food crisis? Inflation of 146% per day? I would continue to paint a couple of points. But I do not want a comment to do more of the article.
    1. The comment was deleted.
  20. Anatoly Korovchenko (Anatoly Korovchenko) 26 October 2019 08: 51
    From the top of the past years and the experience of military and civil service for the good of the USSR and Russia - Holy Russia, I will allow myself to speak about the author of this article, Vladimir Volkonsky. Let's turn the time back to the USSR. What a talented party political worker has been lost by GlavPur of the Soviet Army and Navy, the political administration of military districts, armies and political divisions of divisions! What is the value of such a party politician as V. Volkonsky? Yes, in that, cutting a stick of sausage with one stroke of a knife, he, at his will, and sooner according to the OVTSU above the standing comrade, instantly turns one half of the stick of sausage into a piece of stinking shit, and rolls the other half into a thick layer of chocolate! What is success - this is a chain of failures and failures overcome in work, and it is difficult to calculate what the price of what was accomplished will result in, remember the "Pyrrhic" victory! The higher the position, the more difficult the activity, and the assessment of the official activity often cannot be high. Let us recall how the congresses of the CPSU gave an assessment to the Central Committee of the CPSU and the government - "consider the activity satisfactory!"
  21. Oh_ho_ho Offline Oh_ho_ho
    Oh_ho_ho (Victor) 6 November 2019 14: 50
    The purpose of the author of the article? To discredit everything? - I see ... And in the end, all the arrows should be transferred to Putin ...
    So he opened his face, "sitting on the Kremlin's salary."
  22. Smirnoff Offline Smirnoff
    Smirnoff (Victor) April 4 2020 21: 50
    Vladimir Putin has NO LOSS! ONE VICTORY !!!
    We thank Vladimir Putin for the valiant work to the glory of Russia and our multinational people.
  23. Vasily Kozlov Offline Vasily Kozlov
    Vasily Kozlov (Vasily Kozlov) 19 June 2020 07: 31
    Bravo to the author, a good article turned out.
  24. Nikolay Offline Nikolay
    Nikolay (Vasya Vasin) 3 August 2020 06: 57
    The author very subtly enters the minds of those who are for Putin. No, he does not persuade him - he complains, as it were, that not everything is going smoothly with Putin, giving rise to doubts in the minds of his followers about his successful work.
    My opinion: the article is aimed at undermining the trust of Putin's supporters in his work, i.e. the author works for foreign liver.
    The only thing precisely noted by the author is that

    ... that in order to win against him, playing by his rules, we will probably have to turn the table of cards. There is simply no other way! ... ".

    And then the author changed the subject.
    I see a continuation of this theme: once A. Macedonsky cut Gordeev's knot, so we need to hit the ears (teeth, etc., etc.) with a foreign country. Otherwise, they won't leave Russia alone.
  25. max_i Offline max_i
    max_i (Igor Alexandrovich) 31 August 2020 22: 55
    The article is so-so. Like Zhirik - what the People hear. Question about Ukraine. My father drove Bandera, I served in Czechoslovakia with the guys from Z-Ukraine and worked in Siberia and on the mainland. The question is very ambiguous. There are normal guys, and there were people with inherent hatred from their parents towards the Union and Muscovites. It's in their blood. This cannot be fixed. The mistake was the annexation of the West (pro-Polish and Austro-Hungarian) to the Slavic territory. This is now a very difficult problem to be solved and it cannot be solved overnight. "They got theirs." Why in quotes? So they said back in the 70s. And we have been successful.
  26. lena.buylova.49mail.ru (Elena Builova) 31 October 2020 15: 07
    Yes, this is a bitter truth, the trouble is that Putin did not believe the Ukrainians, I don’t know from whom and who informed him, but I remember Putin’s words in 14, in order to accept Crimea into Russia, he conducted an unofficial survey and received confirmation. that 80% are in favor, in Donbass he also conducted a survey and it turned out 50-50% and his words: "I don't want the soldiers to be shot in the back."
    So Donbass itself is to blame, and even now how many of them work for Ukraine as provocateurs, explosives, spies, and the authorities of the DPR and Lugansk have turned into the nouveau riche and do not want to unite into a single Donbass and resist purely mechanically, and are themselves ready to surrender if they are guaranteed immunity ...
    To enter Ukraine, do not be ridiculous, my military acquaintances in the same Odessa in '14 said that if Russia enters Ukraine, we will take weapons and fight against it, do you really think that Putin did not know this.
  27. Eugene Offline Eugene
    Eugene (Evgenii) 2 November 2020 13: 13
    A freak, you are my friend, and nothing more. You are just a starving student, so you are talking nonsense.
  28. Galina T. Offline Galina T.
    Galina T. (Galina Tretyakova) 3 November 2020 21: 13
    THANKS!!! Great article !!! Only I would not write "defeats". Putin accepted the country in a state of complete collapse - 1999, after the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991 !! And today we have restored the army, the navy, with the industry a little worse, but we are restoring !! With Ukraine, yes, we were not ready at that time, the army is now 85 percent ready, it seems to me, I can, of course, be wrong, not an expert, but for a tough answer, you need to be 100 percent ready !! Are we ready now ???
  29. Elena Ushkova Offline Elena Ushkova
    Elena Ushkova (Elena Ushkova) 27 November 2020 20: 08
    What a wonderful self-exposure of the author.
  30. Nikolay Dubatovsky (Nikolay Dubatovsky) 16 January 2021 14: 09
    I read your entire article, thanks for the work, but I disagree with some points:

    1 "Victory 1st. Mistral" I believe that this is not a defeat, but even a success, because they did not give money to France, they received compensation, including the drawings that helped us in the development and construction of a more powerful ship of the "surf" type, also 2 pcs, and also for the Black Sea Fleet and Pacific Fleet, and most importantly domestic, which were laid in the same Crimea and gave work and places, and most importantly money! these shipyards.

    2 Well, since I started about Crimea then perhaps I will agree, I agree there are problems, but they are not as critical as you described them, I was in the Crimea 4 times (Alupka, Sevastopol, Yalta, Sudak) every year it gets better, then I agree with you, but you said about the workers space, or rather their lack, I immediately had a question for you, have you ever been to Crimea at least once? Many residents have their own business and rent housing at such prices that they provide 2 more generations with money, so it's stupid to complain that they are poor and have no job, especially since I have friends who have moved there and they have problems with jobs. did not arise. You also said that billions are going and spent there, but they are being spent, but we must remember that Crimea is a resort that they want to make a pearl, and resorts also bring huge profits, especially with such a large territory and so many attractions. And I personally like Crimea much more than the same Adler or Sochi. Therefore, Crimea cannot be called a loss. As for the water, I am sure that it will be corrected exactly within 5 years, but what did you think? we got the whole peninsula.

    3 "Yanukovych's debt" Whoever's cow mooing, Ukraine did not give us 3 billion, what a scoundrel, and at that time we ourselves did not give 50 billion for Yukos ... so it is not for us to talk about debts.

    4 "Tomos" since when did it become a problem at all, I don't know, in my opinion let them do whatever they want.

    5 "Victory 7th. Donbass" What's wrong with him? Since when was the goal different? everything that happened in the Donbass was clearly thought out in Moscow, no one was engaged in independence, if not for Russia, then there was no LDNR in the bud, as for the standard of living there, here I agree he is not so hot there, but in Ukraine it is not better , but they were given a passport so that they could move to us, which is easy to do if desired, you also mentioned the difficulty of leaving the DNR, here I do not agree, I spoke with people who moved to us, and they had no difficulties. There have been no shelling in Donetsk since 2016, only on the outskirts, everything is calm in the city itself. Zakhar Givi and Motor are ordinary political pawns, they come and go, they have already played their role, so there is no problem, Donbass is, first of all, anti-Ukraine and our buffer zone, the only failure here is that Kharkiv was not able to do it, but this is the only failure.

    6 "Allies" Here I will agree that Russia has its own armed forces as allies, and the rest only according to the situation, and you said about China "China is our friend, as long as it needs us in the confrontation with America, and while it needs our resources, but it does not fight for us And you need to know that! On the contrary, he can always take advantage of our weakness to eat us. " First of all, they will not fight for us, but at the same time they will fight against the United States, because if Russia is toppled, then China will have no chance against the United States (Russia is militarily stronger than the PRC everywhere except the fleet), only together is it possible resist, if suddenly the United States overwhelms, then I agree with you here, we will become the first enemy of the PRC. well and the last

    7. Who will be Putin's successor. I think Putin knows, it seems to me that Volodin is just starting to tell him everywhere.

    I would be glad if the author reads and answers.
  31. bzbo Offline bzbo
    bzbo (Black doctor) 7 February 2021 13: 46
    I would like to read that the "respected" author is able to write about Ukraine. In general, it's nice to watch Russophobic wolves degenerate into Russophobic jackals.
  32. Alexander Sevastyanov (Alexander Nikitich Sevastyanov) April 19 2021 11: 23
    The article is weak. The author is clearly not familiar with the basics of ethnopolitics, judging by his interpretation of the situation in Crimea and Novorossiya.
    1. Galina Snytko Offline Galina Snytko
      Galina Snytko (Galina Snytko) 3 May 2021 00: 59
      I agree with you, the assessment of the article is unambiguous: "Everyone imagines himself a strategist, seeing the battle from the outside." This is at its best. But, in my opinion, the author's goal is to form an anti-Putin position, to persuade the reader to destructive opposition, misleading an uninformed person. Such chants of this author will have a stronger effect than the loud statements of Navalny. The author very subtly promotes anti-state ideology, deliberately distorting the events of the past years. Be carefull!
  33. Alexander Markov (Alexander Markov) 17 May 2021 20: 22
    What kind of victories? They have done everything to the fullest. Ask the people, no one believes this talking head, but with the stubbornness of a maniac, he continues to mutter something. It came to what it came to that the Donetsk and Lugansk republics began to be called ORDLO, ugh what an abomination they invented, and after all, not the Ukrainians, but the tenants of the Kremlin.
  34. Manpartia Offline Manpartia
    Manpartia (Jack) 3 September 2021 22: 54
    Life-giving text, facts.
  35. WowochkaWaldemar Moj-Kaftan 9 January 2022 02: 56
    BB Putin has enough courage and it is not necessary to persecute him on his people, let's deal with the United States, this nation gathered all the murderers, bandits, thieves and embezzlers, at a time when Britain was strong and deported these people to Australia for a life-long settlement. they left for North America and created a bandit state there and the main one was "COLLET", and he solved everything without problems, then "WINCHESTER" and many people were killed, but that was not enough for the bandits, they legally introduced "LINE OF COURT", that's when and moral humiliation began with death in the noose ... cowboy on farms, on a ranch ..., everyone killed and hanged, everyone had a Colt, Winchester and a lasso, to kill people, the United States boast of their democracy, but they themselves killed their first President Abraham Lincoln and are establishing their own system of murderers and inhumans , turn them on words about democracy. And every year it gets worse, how many wars the United States has fought and honestly won none of them, they always harness someone and create gendarmes in the NATO world, they threaten everyone. But Putin ran out of patience and he decided to negotiate politically with the United States and NATO, in order to solve everything without war. But who is "stupid as a tree and was born a baobab" cannot understand simple, if nuclear weapons will be used. disintegration, he does not spare anyone, and if they think about a preventive nuclear strike, then everything will work automatically and will not be saved, neither the Europeans, nor the Americans and no one else, there will be a black silence for millions of years, so they need to be immediately blocked, but there is still time for a dialogue with a parity outcome, it is better to come to an agreement for a month than one day of a nuclear catastrophe, which is being pushed by the US and the EU, where the German Defense Ministry calls for the use of NATO troops and nuclear weapons against Russia Yes, and American Pro killers are rattling off a nuclear arsenal, of which Russia is full.
  36. The comment was deleted.